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  1. Jazz

    Blueshield Buff

    What about a custom set of krav maga specially designed for and only for blueshields, that spawns either as custom, new sprite gloves or just knowledge they spawn with. It'll be slightly nerfed to avoid validhunting hate (although I totally agree with @Landerlow, validhunting is possible with literally almost any role as it is).
  2. Jazz

    Blueshield Buff

    Most community wanted items are shut down anyways. Believe me I've tried.
  3. Jazz

    Blueshield Buff

    https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/10908 done
  4. done https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/10896
  5. I totally agree that RnD has a slightly lesser of a job since the recent medbay nerf, but I don't think that loss of 10 seconds of walking into medbay and clicking on the sleepers is removing anything from RnD. I would like to note, however, that the sleepers were the most notable upgrade that RnD could give (next to IMSs).
  6. Slime enhancer allows for re-use of used extracts. Also, in regards to the slime mutator being able to be used in the slime console, HELL TO THE YEA. Since It's an easy code I'll probably get a PR up for this suggestion pretty soon (super busy). As a fat xenobio enthusiast I would love to see this get added!
  7. Because I like being a scientist, and you can stack materials needed to get more than 1 diamond per shot. Also I get this is insanely out of role play, so any future comments saying so I am am telling you now I agree with you. Anyways, @Scrat once I started constructing the quantum pad network every single round I kept coming up with more efficient methods of getting materials necessary. The most obvious was going mining then switching to scientist, but this was a massive gamble and pain in the ass so I switched to all access borgo and that was pretty good up until RnD never had the levels. Fastest way to get bs crystals for the quantum pad network is xenobi btw. That entire anecdote is related to your comment because the moral is mining is slow, even if your the one doing it.
  8. K so you know how mining never gets diamonds and RnD has to turn down everybody who wants crap and can't print quad caps/femtos/bs bins? Well, with kudzu being the only other option than mining, I looked a lot into kudzu farming and got it down to an efficient science. It has got to be the hardest most annoying friggen thing to do on the station, so basically RnD is screwed without mining. So I wanted to think of another way for RnD to get diamonds. Immediately I knew any attempt at this and I would receive relentless hate from the developer community, as does any buff to this game receive. They'd shoot me down saying it would remove departmental reliance between mining and science and give science, and the most overpowered department on the station, a farther buff. So here's my counter to the inevitable oppression. Departments involved in the diamond maker machine (please comment a better name): RnD, Toxins, Xenobiology, Botany, Command, Cargo, Engineering (possibly), Chef, Medbay, and the friggen CLOWN (possibly). In order to make the diamond maker thingy, one must order the circuit board from cargo, achieve engineering 7, toxins 7, and power 7 to print the necessary parts, as well as get glowcaps from botany, charged slime cores from xenobio, and other misc garbage stock parts. If yall want this, I could also make it so that engineering has to build a special room for this to be able to be constructed (kinda like the DNA machine but mandatory). Once it's built, one must insert 50 sheets of metal, 10 sheets of bluespace mesh, a brain burger (to crush the carbon from the brain into diamonds), a charged slime core, and 50 glass per diamond. Once you load up all your junk in (you can load multiple at a time for multiple diamonds per creation) the captain must swipe their ID to authorize the machine, then the god damn clown has to honk their horn to make it work (alright that's a stretch probably not actually do that), then a massive explosion happens forcing the activator to have to retreat to medbay, and possibly blow a whole the ship (also requiring engineering to build a separate blast proof room or like I said a required special one). I wouldn't make it big enough to go through reinforced floor tiles though, so chemical research testing chamber should work fine. Since I'd be the one coding this, and there is no way in hell anybody could argue it's overpowered, why not add it? Comment below suggestions/changes, and if you find a loophole to somehow call it overpowered fight me.
  9. I got @Ionward to draw them thanks for trying!
  10. @Pckables Bluespace Bone setter (or whatever you wanna call it names are subjective nothing is finite) is coded.
  11. Everything is 32x32 by default (one tile), and if the item turns while its being moved (like the ambulance trolley) then it would need different versions for each direction (although I doubt we'll need that for these items). Animation is 12fps (pretty sure) so if your using piskel its the default setting, and there is no make # of frames.
  12. So fun fact, that item was actually in this post originally but I removed it since the devs would never let that fly and would argue the IMS is enough already. HOWEVER I'll probably code it and you guys can fight for it on the PR.
  13. This also enables you to right-click byond in your taskbar to launch paradise (drag your desktop icon to your taskbar) as well as run it (WITHOUT BYOND BEING OPEN) from your desktop. All you gotta do is right click your desktop -> New -> Shortcut. Set the destination to byond://geo.nanotrasen.se:6666/ and your done. Also if you haven't already pin byond to your taskbar and paradise should come up now in the right click menu.