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  1. yea I was actually wondering which ones would be legal or not
  2. Current Name: Crangus Pagaria Possible Ideas (I'm trying to get a feel for how legal these are, don't know whats acceptable and what's not so I thought I'd post some crazy and semi crazy ones to see what the border is (I know yall can be picky): Blumpo Springdoodle Camel T. Oesworth Splingus Creamhungus Hans Inmapans Falpel Shrapnel Gumbo Scallops Fappus Maximus Hoop La Coof Koosamooma Ligma B. Allmighty Xarius Hohonono Preece L. Igma Take your best pick or comment your own.
  3. Yup just found that in a comment in the code
  4. I can't get the mass-spectrometer
  5. How about the teleporter in the teleporter room...
  6. I have never once ever seen it been thrown away personally, and I've teleported onto the bridge as a nukie multiple times.
  7. Yea there are incredible, I mean absolutely insane shortcuts for chemistry that I think this guide touches on. I personally have figured out how to make cryox in I think close to 7 seconds, charcoal in roughly 5 seconds, Calomel in like 7 seconds, and sabutamol in like quick ish idk, and black powder in 10. Definitely going to make some suggestions to this post... Chem_Gifs.zip
  8. I can host a private server with forced nukie rounds and everybody's name on the admin list if anybody want's to get their feet wet. (I personally have tried incredible strategies that nobody would ever do in real rounds, having a private server your admin on can really help discover insane garbage that might be fun in the real thing.)
  9. Have you ever wanted to try some gnarly strategies but never get the role or the opportunity? Discord me @ Jazz#0001 and I'll host a private server with your name on the admin list! I can change code to force nukie rounds, have wizard duels, or any other unlikely/impossible nonsense that you never get the chance to do. I am happy to host for any curious nanotrasen employees!
  10. Connect the disposals system at cargo to itself and send the disc on an infinite round trip across the station. By the time they figured it out they'll die of old age.
  11. This is a quick trick that hardly anybody knows about, and I personally have successfully used this strategy (kinda) for a swift victory as a nuclear operative. This guide assumes you know how to work a teleporter and how to play basic nukie (use jetpack etc). The main takeaway is you can now freely teleport onto the bridge. This video goes way farther than that, but if your fellow nukies are complaining the best you could do is just get a free pass to the bridge. Camera bug highly recommended. How to win as nukie in under 9 minutes solo with 1 TC
  12. Go to any disposals system ever, engage, turn off the pump, then put a packaged-wrapped locker full of bodies into it for it to never be found for the rest of the round, no matter what disposals unit it is. I have never once failed to hide contraband using this method.
  13. Jazz

    How to rebind any key

    It's only temporary no Idea
  14. Click on the SS13 icon in the top left, go to client -> edit skin. Open the file called "skin.dmf" and look for the text "macro "hotkeymode" (line 672). All the stuff below that is what your looking for. I have no idea what the +REP does, but besides that it's all intuitive. If you want to know what random things like NORTHEAST do, go to the paradise station github page and do a search for the text (just look at the code and take a wild guess at what it does. I actually couldn't tell from the code what NORTHEAST does, but knowing that X swaps your hands and that's the command that's fired when you press X (elem "HKMODE-X") I'm assuming that's what it does). You must reconnect to the server for changes to apply. If this is illegal somebody please reply to this thread, besides that happy doing something that should be default!