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  1. Well, Navera is kinda a mixed bag for me, on one hand i can appear anywhere with a door. On the other, i`m more sedentary than a dead vox. Moral (Thought Music) Stand together (QueenMeteor) Rightfull Hate (Reznyck) Think these fit, being the strangely grey in the moral compass guy.
  2. Another round, another day in medbay Being a surgeon, i quickly grab my usual gear and set up an OR with ease, handing off my defib to a paramedic and acquiring two medkits for some reason..... Now, over comms, i quickly hear some chatter from my fellow doctors, turns out one of them, a fellow named Jean, wants to become a surgeon apprentice. I quickly volunteer (as the only) surgeon, CMO gets him reassigned to me, where i quickly see Jean is essentially a greytider but in medical clothes. No really, bald, black eyes, but thankfully very talkative and open minded, lovely fellow. I acquire him some red surgical scrubs, to differentiate him from my blue scrubs, and get him to put on a mask and gloves, then wash hands, afterwards, i acquire us a humanized monkey. I teach him the very basics, cut, clamp, retract, then continue with the other steps, such as drilling, sawing and cauterizing. He`s very open-minded, quickly doing what i show him. A guy i presume decided to jump from a tall ledge without a parachute, rolls into medbay, every damm bone broken. I shove the monkey aside and start preparing to fix his.... well, everything. I explain everything i do to Jean and let him do the bone repair steps, gel, set, gel, then patch the patient up. We do this to two of his seven affected body parts before we see he`s gone SSD. Another fella waltzes in, IB, i shove off the SSD fella and begin. I let Jean do it this time, cut, clamp, retract, then show him the fix-o-vein, unfortunatly we didnt put the patient under, so Jean fails a few times, damaging the patient, he grows anxious from it, thinking i`ll judge, which i dont, because he was a newbie, i let a borg do it instead. The shift goes on, after a few, less severe cases, where i`ve let Jean do the steps, RND delivers the fancy IMS surgery tools. Jean is amazed and confused, never having seen those before. When he finds out the IMS essentially does the first three steps of any surgery FOR him, he`s sold. With it, he patches up more patients, doing better and faster each time. A guy that wants to be implanted comes in, we agree, and i teach Jean about implants and how you put them in. After he`s done, having done everything according to my instructions, i decide i have taught him enough and get him promoted from "Assistant Surgeon" to "Surgeon". He`s overjoyed, so am i, we highfive and cheer, before returning to medbay to get back to work. At this point, im tired, but happy, i say goodbye, hand him the IMS and head to cryo. ..... It`s shifts like these that draw you to the game, at least for me. And to Jean? If he reads this, i`m bloody proud of ya.
  3. If IPCs were like that one in that picture, i would start carrying makeshift guns more often. Also, all of that fanart is pretty!
  4. Perhaps offer more incentive to do their job? Like the quite amusing safety checks of departments? And so on, really, ive had those briefcase carrying gremlins nag me for every bloody thing.
  5. What the absolute vox is going on there
  6. The mug perfectly describes his situation. Poor Jenkins, the laughing stock of NT and followed by a lovesick beast that can obliterate him just by staring.
  7. I can already see myself paying a contractor to build the ultimate IPC killing machine. Or, you know, a EMP grenade but I'm too shy to ask for one, I mean, why do you think I wear a goddamm balaclava. I don't hate IPCs, but they tend to always be my targets, that, or vox, but I can point a suspicious flashlight at them too and "fix" them.
  8. Considering the fact the agent abductor has surgically grafted armor on them, I doubt they will just waltz it off as a grey. I would much rather prefer having their ship and gear upgraded a bit. The ship lacks the essentials every other tator with a ship has huge stashes of, particularly meds. And for gear? A proper monitor to keep track of all the peeps you've experimented on, as well as a view of their goals so you could potentially steer clear/assist them. Some fancy alien medithing for healing the agent when metanerds inevitably starts robusting everyone "by accident" to find him. Perhaps a floormounted medibeam projector? An alien medkit? The spaceship itself has healing chems in it's air supply? Who knows!
  9. Shut up, it`s romantic and therefore SERP if we say so!
  10. My IRL dummy is pretty basic, can do basic work, but it's pretty stupid otherwise. I mean, come on, it didn't even come with proper lenses, so I can't see a bloody thing we're it not for the Glasses DLC. God EA has ruined the market with it's pay for everything policy
  11. Jenkins loved the wrong woman(?) It seems. The stakes are also much higher than just a simple break-up also deergirls when