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  1. Me? A black humour infused nerd with glasses, neckbeard included. Thankfully far from fat and fedora-wearing. Navere Reach (Para): Moustached neer-ne-do-well, loves hacking things, being a thief and a good cigar. (I despise smokers IRL, no stache either) Albert Reach (CM): Follows the same general pattern as Navere, but aimed at acting like the practical sergeant. Off course command, we will gladly destroy that hive for you, no command, we cant rush to aid of "Insert high ranking moron" because of "Insert thing that would easily snap us in half". Generally the type to not be afraid to throw obscenities at command. Conall Giles (Aurora): Kind hearted, fragile as snow redhead with an obvious Welsh influence. Gets along with anyone, even giant ant people. Alfred Reach (Bay): Looks exactly like Albert, own story being they are twin brothers. Practical and pragmatical, cold and cynical as a traitor, always trying to exploit info to their fullest. Currently my proudest work.
  2. 5 minute sentence for the greytider, the warden actually follows the law.