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  1. depends, unathi : hiss Kidan : Clack IPC : Beep but really I would be hella confused and most likely die by being spaced
  2. now I wonder.. do the bubbles mess with his gills?
  3. it's a cargo hat i bet, cargonia leads the way
  4. personally I want objective two. but perhaps you should add a poll
  5. not really because exploration is always dangerous so look at the real world. people still go to the arctic and people want to go to the moon and/or mars. nobody in their right mind wants ringworms
  6. borers have 0 rp. it's just give meme chems to keep your host alive. also no one should want a brain slug in their head taking over their brain
  7. i think you should need metal to weld over vents. like you are putting a plate over the vent
  8. Taac

    mech nerf?

    if this thread is going to devolve into called blob players stupid or players against blob players stupid can we please just close the threat. I posted this for civil discussion not to insult eachother.
  9. Taac

    mech nerf?

    I can say I have never seen a mech get fastmosed. ever. plus they have built in air tanks
  10. Taac

    mech nerf?

    then do you have an idea to buff blob, terror and xenos so mechs don't curb stomp them?
  11. Taac

    mech nerf?

    in my 1000+ hours playing para i have seen a mech die to a blob twice
  12. Taac

    mech nerf?

    the problem is mechs are powerful and honestly they are very easy to build.
  13. Taac

    mech nerf?

    I believe mechs may need a nerf. Especially in maint. if there is a midround terror/xeno/blob and there are mechs 9 times out of 10 they will be dead within 5 mins. I believe mechs should move slower in maint tunnels and possibly have trouble navigating. possibly not even go into the maint tunnels unless someone tears walls down. because mechs are meant to be massive robots. I for one believe NT wouldn't make maint tunnels large enough for massive robots to walk down. possibly an upgrade to allow them in maints in exchange for one of their weapon slots possibly. or a new weaker mech that is smaller than the others so they can go into maints but not be as powerful? I'm just spitballing here honestly TL:DR Mechs in maints are bad I'll clean this up once I get some caffeine in me and stop being a morning zombie
  14. what? No to become not shadow person go to genetics, get your UE UI, make sm, then get blood from someone of your old race, turn into them, inject UE UI, boom you're back to normal