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  1. fun fact. rocket plays on para. and it is based off ss13
  2. We can't get TWO seconds without any. a day is out of the question.
  3. iiiii ttttthhhhhiiiiinnnnnkkkkk ttttthhhhhiiiiisssss iiiiisssss stupid. also 5
  4. honestly i would like this as a karma race. give people who already have everything something else to get. and some really good rp could come out of it. would shadow people have anything if shadowlings happen?
  5. on*sob* the first day of *sob* spacemas my true love gave to me.. A bleeding and beaten corgi. don't hurt me admins
  6. I go to college, talk to friends, and cry awaiting the heat death of the universe. and sometimes I play a gay lizard. Uh.. i'm pretty boring.
  7. problem with that is then it makes the already pretty hard task of killing the AI even harder. realistically yes the AI would be more protected, but on the flipside the antags are players too and if you make it too hard then it isn't fun anymore.
  8. traitor clown gets a massive wooden mallet that he can active, looks like a banana until it is active, once active he slows to almost a walk and if dropped he slowly loses life but anyone hit by it is instagibbed. also tazer resistance