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  1. it also makes each ore give more material.
  2. maybe once you emag the white ship it can only go there once the shuttle has been called and it's a one way trip? idk
  3. i mean.. the hard part is the ship can't move without the board. maybe if you e-mag the board you can go to the nukie base with the white ship and that counts?
  4. i don't think that is admemes. pretty sure that is just a grey
  5. i think chocolate should be poison to vulp again..
  6. other than the fact that sec pod pilot almost never actually flies their pod anymore
  7. honestly. i'm just a player so my opinion doesn't mean much but this is a big fat no from me. if we add more karma jobs i want more unique jobs. not just another job that is gonna end up being sec pod pilot where they are just a fancy officer 99% of the time. why not have the current sec pod pilot also teach people? this seems like a massive waste of job space.
  8. honestly i don't see this as super useful. the vet players should teach the new players. having a specific job for it is a bit silly, and what will the instructor do if all the sec players know what they are doing?
  9. Taac

    B Y O S

    what... is this? I am so confused
  10. i mean other than being super slow there is no downside to being hungry so.. the event will boil down to a bunch of newer players dying from ants and older players just putting up with being slow.
  11. 5 atmos techs "accidentally" flooding the bridge with N2O
  12. 13 people complaining the hop won't give them all access after talking about black russians
  13. 16 people cry because they didn't roll antag
  14. 7 non vox laughing as they throw a voxxygen tank to eachother as a vox chases them.