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  1. Weapon permits are assigned to your ID card by the Head of Personnel. All of security and all Heads start with one. Functionally, it doesn't do a lot. However the magistrate can get your ID card checked to see if you have one.
  2. Pageking is actually something from Facepunch Forums. First poster is always 'page king' and usually has to post something decent. Just a little sub-culture thing I picked up. Anyway, here's some more stupid tips that you'll never use but can impress your friends with. You can change your scaling settings from various filter settings in the drop down menus. Toy around with them and see what's best for your monitor's resolution! Speaking of scaling, you can zoom in your game for easier robusting, or for better screencaps in the same menu! IPC's can choose 'prosthetics' for their heads & other limbs, and can sometimes take regular human hair as well depending on their choices. It's like a shitty build-a-bear workshop, except it's intelligent robots from the future in a game running on an engine from 1999. Yeah! Did you know revenants aren't actually damaged by salt? Yeah the only way to kill them is to manually robust them. And no, the Chaplain doesn't do extra damage to them. The Chaplain however does do extra damage to shadowlings if they take the whip variant of the nullrod. They also get some neat and silly flavor text! (Please don't valid the thralls) You can crash the server with instruments if you try hard enough. Seriously they're terribly coded. You escape item & grab delay with hotkeys & macros. As a stealth op, you can change your appearance at the mirror in the nukie shuttle. With the brand new surgical duffel the area spawns with, you can also effectively change your appearance properly. Just make sure to delete everyone's security records for maximum confusion on the station. Sometimes, poor communication is better than no communication. Have someone steal security comms and call false nukie positions while the rest of the team gets the job done. Spears, when thrown, have a very very high change to impale in the victim and cause internal bleeding. If you have a weapon permit, holding that there green chainsaw is technically legal. It's not contraband! The red variant, aka the syndicate variant is. Books that haven't been updated to just link the poorly maintained wiki page via bad HTML are likely outdated. However you can argue old bad space law IC because no one updated it, and that's technically an IC issue. Take that wiki-nerds. (Please update the books) If you flip a table southward and rest on the same tile, you're practically invisible! You can't even be seen by people with thermals due to the way overlays work. More of a CM survivor trick, but hey, you can use it to hide from ascended shadowlings! (Or Terror-Spiders, etc) Food with proper nutriment can actually heal you! So if you're down to your last limbs, munch on the chefs food. Meat items are a good call for this. That's all I've got for now. I've got benos to shoot.
  3. That is stupidly silly, and I love it.
  4. I'm probably mistaken! I've mostly been on TG as of late, but I think this is actually a goon feature, maybe a blessing. Unsure. Edit: Oh dear, it appears I'm page king, er... you've probably heard this one, but if you adjust a shower's temperature down to it's minimum you can drink cryoxadone and get the same benefits as a cryocell. Same works for being spaced! Oxygen damage starts to cause brain damage at a certain threshold, and the medicine in oxy-kits is pretty hard to OD on, combine with epinephrine to keep a really critical patient stable and not brain-dead pre-flatline. If you see someone wearing a feminine black jumpsuit... Traitor! It's only available via the Chameleon jumpsuit or admin intervention. Igniters interact with objects at 1000C, as in the sparks they make are treated as if they were 1000C. Lit welders at 750C, and sparks from the RPD/Lights at 100C. This doesn't apply to heating objects though, and is mostly for atmos and assembly code. Drinks from the hot drinks machines can make for budget beakers. I doubt a searching officer will confiscate your chicken soup or coffee cup (Assuming you've filled them with nasty chemicals) Turret controls work like APCs, so one turret control in the hallway will control all turrets in that hall. In theory you could make turrets in maintenance, and control them from a secret maintenance room with none the wiser. You can make 'minicaps' (1,2,4 & 0,1,2 respectively) out of an igniter + signaling device assembly and any sort of handheld atmospherics canister. I'll leave the mixing and experimenting to you! However, I will let you know that these can be more effective than traitor atmospherics grenades, and can be made without access to atmospherics or toxins because of the way the code is written. Go wild! (But don't get banned, that'd do papa Triio sad) With enough effort, you can break anything with an emergency oxygen canister. Toddlers can be put on your back. Toddlers can be put in pneumatic cannons. GAR Mesons (Kitchen knives for the masses and mining) can also be put in pneumatic cannons. Now that the lore team is defunct, your OC canon is as canon as pneumatic cannons. There is no visual difference between a shielded hardsuit and a regular nukie hardsuit. The gloves of the northstar are a lot more robust than you think they are. In fact, they remove all click delay when it comes to clicking, your punches will track your target so long as you clicked them on a previous tile. Combine with hulk for ultimate robusting. (They're fast enough to kill/crit someone who's been slipped) Spamming resist (hotkey B) does make you stand up just a bit faster than usual when slipped. Electrodes are a projectile, but they don't deal stamina damage. Smoke cigarettes to both be cool and avoid getting cuffed. You'll need to add extra stims to avoid full cuff time though! Each pack of Syndicate playing cards has the potential to deal 540 total damage. You can scoop peoples brains out with syndicate playing cards, GAR Mesons, shards of glass, etc. Since there is no % failure chance. Just make sure the head is not attached to the body for optimal results. Most common surgical tools can be replaced with a 90% effective budget one, sterilization and standards be damned. Carry a hatchet and some cable coil to replace the two most critical tools (Saw & hemostat). Use a fork to remove organs.
  5. My only complaint about zipties is that they share the same generic sprite with cable cuffs, however, anyone with photoshop and 20 minutes on their hands could fix this. But of course, since that's just a super minor QOL thing it doesn't REALLY matter in the long run. I'd agree with Fox, cuffs are in a good place, everything is sort of covered. However, regarding QOL, dark cuffs really should get their own destroyed variant for when you finally bust out of em. Or of course none at all, the only distinction between them and zipties is the actual naming schema, so you have to shift, right, or alt click to figure out if those busted cuffs are from cultists or silly beepsky victims.
  6. Rezadone and Cryoxadone removes the disfigured flag from your face, even if the damage isn't genetic. In regards to that, the disfigured flag (fer yer' face ya dingus) is activated by dealing 50 brute, burn, or sharp (yeah apparently sharp damage is a thing? Also fun fact so is shame damage, which is only dealt by the Unreal Sord). So five toolboxes to be unknown, or a few lit welder hits. I recommend you take the welder damage to be unknown since it won't break your bones, and burns are easy to heal, and don't bleed. The benefit to being unknown, is that you won't need a voice changer as an antag, the code just sees the disfigured flag and skips right over real_name and grabs one from your PDA or ID. If you speak without a mask, it'll be Unknown(as Bob Ross), which is easier to pull off than Billy Robs(As Bob Ross). To add to the gimmick and be a slippery snake with security, make sure you shift up your hairstyles at a mirror in the bathroom, same with facial hair. So long as you don't undergo facial reconstruction surgery (plastic now), or get into a cryo-cell, you'll remain an unknown despite looking normal. However the game will get your mob's real_name but still say X(as), so it'd be Bob Ross(As Bob Ross). Plus you can just roleplay being horribly disfigured as a non-antag gimmick. (Could be fun, who knows?) In regards to voice gimmicks, now that NTSL has been trashed, voice changers work over open comms, and you won't be an unknown from the manifest speaking on comms, so go wild! (So long as the job-titles option isn't enabled on the NTTC console) The most effective way to combo being a traitor HOP with a laptop with the ID computer program (or an agent ID) (Also I bet you didn't know you can buy an ingame laptop and load it with a cardreader + download the ID modification software, bar HOP (get it?) away!) is with a hardsuit or spacesuit, since those fully hide your identity and only ever check for your ID or PDA name. Also if you have no ID, it'll take the name from your PDA in special circumstances that I can't really understand because I'm not that great at reading code. Speaking of which, wounds are considered open (bleeding, like internal bleeding) at 20 brute damage, and bones from feet and hands break at 15 brute. The amount of open wounds stacks, so cut open their entire body while unconscious for some external bleeding. Though if you're doing that to someone unconscious you probably need to kill them anyway, so, instead, drag that feller over to the pool and suplex slap them into a choke hold. The water will halve the time it'll take for the oxygen damage to be fatal. Fun fact suplexing is actually a thing if you've been blessed with martial arts by the gods. Just grab someone into an aggressive (blue) grab, and use the *flip emote. You'll both be stunned and take a bit of damage. If you're targeting a hand, you have a chance to miss your intended target and slap somewhere else on their body. Perfect for robust melee combat when you want to disable them and fuck up the rest of the body. Just make sure you don't cut the limb off, because then you'll stop swingin'. The nerds all say target the hands, yes, but having played a lot of CM (as a beno), the meta is to target the groin since this (if I'm not mistaken, and maybe I'm just insane) has the highest chance to miss and slap other limbs. Speaking of which, targeting the upper arm or leg is just as good as disabling the hand, and usually people try to splint their hands first, and not their upper arm/leg. A cut off leg seems to slow you more than a cut off foot (maybe I'm just crazy). IB in both feet, no time for surgery or medical blew up? You can waddle on stumps. Amputate your feet. Do it, no balls. Vox boxes are actually quite easy, same with plasmameme boxes. Just seal off the room entirely, and have the entrance handled by two disposals inlets. They don't process atmosphere. If you can't get the CE to re-blueprint the room or give you a building permit, just get an atmospherics automation board from science, make the console, and override the air-alarm settings with an AAC script for the vents and scrubbers in the box. Alternatively, convert a small room into your box, like tool storage, emergency tool storage, the emergency closet, medical secondary storage.
  7. And now some useful, useless, and wait what, tips The traitor bola stuns and slows the target on hit, while a crafted bola and energy-bola just slow you down on hit. It is very robust. Prowling maints? Wear a hoodie with the hood up. If you get kidnapped and stripped, they'll have to remove the hoodie first to remove the hood to remove your headset(s). Use the extra time to call for help. Headset sprites disappear if you put an item in the alternate ear sprite. An ID in your PDA in your PDA slot will still grant door access, but you'll show as unknown on sechud. The security dispatch uniform looks identical to the blue polo undershirt option + tan pants. No one suspects the pen uplink. Wear it in your ear GAR Mesons act identically to a kitchen knife, perfect for stealthy cultists with whetstones. They also make for budget throwing stars. (very budget) NTSL 1.0 & 2.0 working real funky with voice changers and agent IDs. Have the voice changer active when talking in person, disable it when talking on comms, and whisper so no one sees your talking as your fake ID (Unless you're wearing a hardsuit,). Genetically mute players and the mime don't whisper when cult communing. You can't cult commune when cuffed. However, you can use intercoms, prep a message starting with :i and a cry for teleport from your fellow cultists. Send the message when a foolish officer drags you within tile range of an intercom in the brig. This has gotten me teleported out numerous times safely. When scrubbing off runes, clean the floor, not the rune. Cult whispers can be heard up to two tiles away, unlike one with regular whispering. You can convert the T-Comms sat to a cult base fairly easily. Throwing the beacon into space will get invading sec killed. Each map has a different camera network. Box only has SS13 and AISAT, Delta has SS13, AISAT, Engineering, etc. One for each dept. Sorta irrelevant with multi-cam mode now, but more useful in the past. All space ruins have magical infinite power (but not atmos!). Cult bases in places like the syndicate listening post (not DJ outpost) are great calls. As a nuke-op, to save time on T-Comms, only destroy the processing units, T-Comms will become garbled and useless, plus it'll clog up chat and prevent more people from seeing your combat actions. EMP flashlights have 4 charges, cost 2 TC, and recharge overtime. They instantly kill IPCs, disable borgs, disable headsets & drain baton batteries. They also unlock locked lockers without evidence. For 3 TC, (EMP light & toolbox) you have some nice gloves, a full toolkit, a toolbox that does as much damage as a circular saw, and the same abilities as an EMAG in regards to door-opening and locker theft. An EMP flashlight will also drain all security equipment on someone and completely level the playing field, you just need to get close and personal. Don't use the taser setting on the hybrid taser. Use the disabler beam. Stamina damage is MUCH more effective than stuns, and much more energy-efficient. You can keep someone down indefinitely with repeated disable shots once they're already down with no change for repercussions. Even if they have adrenals they'll stand back up (but only at walk speed) Bio-suits are , in practice, useless in regards to viruses. Please stop wearing them, you just look silly. Bomb-suits make for decent budget armor during nukeops and you need to save your own skin as non-sec. Hot chocolate & a firesuit with helmet make you space proof. All of delta is fully simulated, Box is not. Meaning you can deconstruct all the shuttles (including the nuke-ops shuttle) with the right tools on delta. On Box you cannot. Screwdrivers & surgical drills when targeted at the eyes cause immense damage and blinding (like a flash). But if the person has any sort of eye protection you won't even attack them. Bridge access gets you access to cryo, keep an eye on cryo as a head-of-staff antag for security or scientists going to sleep, they usually have good equipment on them. A white jumpsuit, a random bank ID number, and a science labcoat is usually enough to fool any HOP into giving you a replacement ID. You can tell a lot about a man by what shoes they wear. Fancy sandals (from loadout) change color according to your ID. Spider toxins? Can't make it to medbay? Chug the shit out of duke-purple-tea. It'll offset the toxins til you can get proper treatment or until they flush through your body. Skrell don't actually have a no-breath DNA flag, the check for breathing underwater is an if-statement in the water tiles code. So uh, do with that what you will. Black jumpsuits are fire-retardant. But since unlike TG, we don't have burning/melting of items, this is mostly useless. The bible is just a box with a different skin. Real cultists stick their cult tome into said bible. Plasma windows burn and explode, reinforced ones are fireproof. You can pipe anything and everything with backpressure from the holding tanks and a passive vent. The tanks never stop pumping, even if power is out. (They also like to just break a lot.) As a simple mob, vent crawl and then exit the vent for permanent meson vision. (Bug that no one can figure out) On Delta, if you have the steal 28 moles of plasma objective, you can just fill an extended emergency oxygen tank in the incinerator room. It starts with a plasma canister and has no cameras. Free objective. Alternatively, on other maps, go to medical secondary storage and steal the spare plasmaman internals. No one is going to miss them, and sec likely won't take them from you if you get searched. Don't want to be staff but want to have a cool name color on the discord? Contribute to the codebase, become depressing faded paper yellow. It's a lifestyle. For hijack-atmos techs, grab some spare metal, make a bunch of canisters and using the relabel button in the NanoUI window make them look like regular station air canisters. Fill them with frozen plasma, and replace the backup tanks in maintenance. From there you can open the valves into distro. The CE and sec will scramble to atmos only to find nothing amiss. You can shoot frozen N20 out of flamethrowers. One tap bonebreak threshold for feet and hands is 15 brute. Pickaxe, sus toolbox, circular saw, & surgical drill will all do the trick. Surgical drill has no inhand sprite. Invisible robusting. You can stab anyone with any pen, it'll give the same message as a sleepy pen. Reset expiration date on dead bodies by defibbing them letting them die, and defibbing again. When medical is busy and cloning is busted, you can keep people on the brink until a cryo-cell or sleeper is ready. Officer Pingsky will stun anyone in space if spaced, because the poorly written AI thinks that all of space is the AI-SAT. Simple mob robots are immune to inertia and can move about empty space freely. You can heal the brain by doing organ manipulation on the eyes or mouth with a trauma kit. No need to cut the head open. Is sec onto you? Just find a mirror and change your hair style and color to something outlandish, then back to normal when spotted again. If you have an agent ID and can change jumpsuits, none will usually be the wiser. This works in reverse for undercover sec officers. Teleprods will stun and teleport people 15 tiles away, if you prod yourself you'll move 40 tiles away. The teleprod can only be gotten via admeme magic. Chaplain & cultists have a different prayer color in a-logs so they're easier to spot and respond to. You can remove your secret documents from the secret document folder, and put some other documents in it. It'll look the same, screw over your fellow traitor at the swap. Remove the secret documents from the obvious folder and stick them in a less obvious one. Make a bunch of papers with the same name and put them in said folder. Security is unlikely to remove and check each document for the real one. Let alone check a folder. Rarely, you can get yellow secret documents in a specific space ruin. Vodka & other alcohol works as a budget anesthetic and spaceacillian alternative. No one questions the chemist in maints so long as you say you're fungus hunting. You can macro item specific pickups. The holy baguette, when used near the clown, will make the clown go color blind briefly. Skrell have livers, they just don't work in a gameplay sense. They can go septic and everything. Internal organs have a check in the code for them to not rot/get infected (rotting and infections are the same thing) so long as they are in a freezer type container. However legs and arms don't. So leave the legs and arms on the monkey in the back so they don't go bad. Corazone and epinephrine is usually enough to offset a septic heart causing non-stop heart attacks. Combine with the occasional defib and you can keep someone alive. As a hijack atmos tech, wire a TEG directly into the grid to dust/gib/burn anyone near APCs or doors that are shocked. Be immune with insulateds and or an engineering hardsuit. Roboticists have access to tech storage, but so do atmos techs. Grab insulateds before the robo-nerds do. Take a flash if you're feeling meta. A pAI in your back pocket is both annoying, and useful when being kidnapped by an antag. The only trade off for that protection is having to entertain said pAI. If I'm incorrect on any of these, do correct me, I haven't been on the server in 3 months, so my view is a bit outdated atm.
  8. If you use a visual git editor (Kraken, Source Tree, etc), leave it checked out on the master branch of paradise to make it look like you're actually a CS major to your roommates. And not just some weirdo who makes sprites for a exceptionally niche game. You can mix chemicals on peoples head by smashing bottles with the components on em. Napalm works very well. And I can confirm tiles and metal rods make for robust throwing weapons, syndicate playing cards are the best of this, with 10 thrown brute, leading to a smashing potential 540 brute damage.
  9. Adding onto that, lockers have a defined volume of 200 liters, meaning that if you can wrangle atmospherics into updating the tile and the contents of the locker, you can space yourself safely in a locker without a suit. Out of 4 attempts, I have only managed to space myself in an atmos filled locker once and survive without my own internals.
  10. You can stuff cult talismans (or any paper really, but talismans would be the most useful) into an unscrewed unary or passive vent, amusingly this will also duplicate the vent fitting. You smother people with the damp rag the bartender gets, this however, while amusing to see in chat, doesn't actually transfer the reagents to the persons blood stream it rather applies them to their face. So uh, 5u of acid I guess might do something.
  11. Hot Chocolate breaks down into sugar while providing stun resistance anyway, making it the better reagent. Righto, my bad. Also useless tip in line with the KA and Shotgun, you can label beakers for anyone that might observe them without science goggles.
  12. If someone's chest / head isn't broken before hand, post organ manipulation (be it implanting, pulling their eyes out, shoving the clown's stamp into the head cavity) you can instead quick mend (Scapel in active, cautery in in-active) to seal the incisions and skip over the entire bone mending process. The bones will not be broken. You can also do this to avoid retracting the skin and cauterizing on other organ manipulation surgeries targeting places that are not the head or chest. You will be unable to quick mend if you use the re-tractors to close the skull/ribcage/incision. If you're using a scapel/drill/saw as a weapon, you'll often be prompted to start a surgery while trying to slice someone up while they're downed. Switch to harm or disarm to keep murderizing. Tesla Revolver's will not back shock you if they arc to another target, fire into groups. Wearing insulateds, contrary to popular belief, does not make you immune to the arcs (nor does it reduce damage). They also have a range of as far as you can click. The Tesla Revolver runs on an internal cell battery much like a stun prod (So does a taser actually) however it cannot be modified without admin intervention. Get abussed for infinite Tesla fun. People laying down (be it resting, kill intent, knocked out) in the pool or regular water tiles will begin to drown. This deals more oxygen damage then a no pressure area and continues to cause oxygen damage even once they get out of the area. The have to cough up all the water first. Harm intent someone in the pool for an exceptionally quick choke out. Cigarettes can be both dipped (as mentioned earlier) and injected with chemicals, and mechanically work like IV lines at 0.2u reagents injected per cycle. Cigarettes by default start with 15u Nicotine (a decent anti-stun) in them. Infusing the cigarette with 5u Coffee and 10u Hot Chocolate reduces stun times by a significantly large amount (We're talking better than CNS rebooter at times effective). Each reagent in the cigarette is injected at 0.2u while lit (individually) so the more chems, the more stun resist. The reagents are gone when you get the message "Your cigarette loses flavor" RPD sparks are gameplay functional and can start fires. The suspicious toolbox is as robust as a surgical saw. So is a pickaxe. A bottle to the head does 15 initial damage, and 9 while broken. Spam bottles to people's heads for annoyingly dangerous take downs. You can throw a kinetic crusher at someone in no pressure and impale them (This wall cause internal bleeding and a really nasty status message, you monster) The TEG heat exchanges are considered normal pipes DO NOT RECYCLE THEM. You can insulate reinforced floors with plasteel to make burn chambers that let no heat escape, combo with HE pipes to break thermo dynamics. You can see a back pressure surge as an atmos tech about 5 minutes before the announcement. Distro will begin to steadily climb from 3333 kPa to around 6000 before releasing into the scrubbers net. (However the event is basically non gameplay functional since no harmful gasses are every released) You can shift click windows and walls to see what step is needed next to deconstruct, or reconstruct them (Does not work on regular walls). Wall rot never gets treated. Left clicking a wall with wall rot will instantly make the plating turn into metal. Use this to get into secure areas that are infected, and or cause breaches like a knobhead. On Nations no one knows what IAA is a part of since Nations never gets played, use your all access, or near all access ID to steal everything, anything, and make Commandstotska great again. There's a code check that prevents the supply shuttle from being sent when a player mob is on board (even soulless dead bodies). Do not be afraid of getting shipped to CentComm by a shitter QM. You can vend traitor chemicals from the vendors in medical if hacked. Cryocells, even without beakers, will still keep a person alive so long as they stay in the cell (They're frozen you see) If making a TEG, sometimes your gas coolers can be TOO efficient, as they suck in gas to cool it and only release it when it reaches the designated temperature, don't set it too low otherwise you'll have a terrible cold loop inlet kPa. Military jackets (The loadout and autodrobe ones) can hold weapons, internals, and cigars/cigarettes, giving them more storage utility than regular armor or a jacket. However they have no armor. A military jacket does however exist in code with armor and the same functionality of the spawn ones. See if you can trade your sec armor for it via prayer or ahelp. IAA jackets and suit jackets can hold internals. The Plague Doctor uniform has 75% bio resist. Laser Tag helmets are almost as good as hardhats, hardhats are almost as good as sec hats. The tacticool turtlenecks have no armor, tactical turtlenecks do (10 brute resist). The Mad Scientist Labcoat is a fully functional labcoat, meaning it can hold all science and medical items on suit storage. Being blind doesn't actually give you flash resist, sorry. Revenants aren't actually stopped by salt or holy water. Their EMP also instantly E-Mags all borgs caught in the blast. A leather wallet doesn't make you an unknown sechud, it straight removes any ID indicator entirely. Retinal Overlays and robotic eyes can be tracked by the AI even in areas without cameras (Bug, not feature, but still gameplay relevant) Holobadges, despite requiring access to swipe, don't act as a backup ID if you get murderboned and looted. Don't wear one, or wear one, it doesn't matter at all. There is no difference between the warden's jackets armor or coverage, dress however you please. However, the HOS trenchcoats cover different areas. The CE and Firefighter helmets are space proof. They're also armored. The armored top hat, in fact, has no armor. Despite what the wiki says, getting DAC+ or 080 for genetics blocks doesn't matter at all. Only the first value of each block matters. Atmospheric pipes are the last thing to shut off when losing power, if power totally fails you can replace the gas mixer and pumps for distro with passive gates set to the right kPa ratio. You can screwdriver open vents and enable AAC access, renaming the vent breaks the pipenet (Don't do that). The AAC can be used to nullify or automate anything about atmospherics. The computer board can be made at R&D for 125 glass. The AAC is exceptionally powerful if used correctly. The Brig Physicians jumpsuit is better than the HOS or Warden jumpsuit in that it supplies both brute & bio resist. Snazzy. You can mix drinks inside of other players (Or chemicals). Guitars deal very robust stamina damage, apply generously. C20 ammunition deals 65 stamina damage per hit, two bullets and you'll be in stamina crit and bleeding out. Despite being in the description of the weapon, it's often overlooked by Nuke ops. Slot machines are more immovable than immovable rods. This is more meta, but, Heather Somna makes two virus sets, one for general population and one for security, if you can ever blood sample security, gives yourself the better virus. Medical Hyposprays can be emagged to use all chemicals instead of just healing chems. Jenkem has a non gameplay functional overdose threshold and makes people moan and drool. Use to fake brain damage, combine with toilet water grenades for escape shuttle antics. Budget insulated gloves have the chance to be fully insulated, or not at all. Depends on your luck. Despite popular belief, latex gloves leave fingerprints and fibers. Only Nitrile, Black, Combat, and White gloves prevent fingerprints. EMPing the CMO defib makes it combat capable, EMPing regular defibs makes them defib through hardsuits. (Not 100% sure about this one tbh) Anything with cold protection (see hardsuits, spacesuits, and surprisingly security armor) prevents cryo from working. Strip people before you cryo them. Put pens into foam force darts for lethal rounds. Voice analyzers pickup sound based emotes (*clap, *snap, etc) make a grenade assembly with a voice analyzer to work around mutestings and handcuffs. Oh and lastly, Skrell headpockets can be vended out of cryosleep storage. On that note, anyone with (I think it's bridge access, all heads can do it) vend out any item from cryosleep storage. Use as an antag head when a sec officer cryos for a free taser.
  13. "CLUWNES ARE NOT CREW, STOP DRAGGING THEM TO MEDICAL!" Headpockets can be non-surgically removed via cryosleep. God why
  14. I was everyone's favorite Cargonia Chadwick Dunlop, except I was IAA. I managed to get the Captain, myself, and the Clown all fired in one fax to CC. After some loafing around and loitering in front of HoP (30 minutes of loitering, turns out HoP was also fired by CC in an unrelated incident, so we had no Captain, or Acting Captain, and no one to make ID's for the next person on Chain of Command, so eventually NTrep was made Acting Captain by CC) I got demoted, and got another greytider to go into the gateway with me. Acting Captain tells me that, since I'm mind-shielded, I'm to do the NSS Cyberiad proud, and act in NT interests. We storm the gateway armed with sec provided laser guns, shoot some Russians, loot some bodies, etc. Usual gateway stuff. I get a cargo crate and start dragging it around. I bust open all the sec lockers gateway side and suit up in full security gear, before getting shot by a Russian and stumbling back to the station, then getting picked up by the paramedic. I was revived, and I went straight back. I get shot again as the shuttle comes in to dock, and stumble back out of the gateway with punctured lungs. As I step out the gateway room door, I notice half the bloody station seems to be gone. A lone vox atmos tech sees me, says he'll take me to an escape pod. He asks me about the security gear, in which I reply I got it from the gateway "I'm not security bro". This changes things, the vox drags me to cargo, where a cult conversion rune awaits. I play it cool, ask them if they are going to convert me (A cargo technician showed up, I assumed correctly he was also cult). As they place me on the rune (unrestrained, with a mind-shield remember), I bust out the stun baton, beat them both down, take a few steps back and magdump into the vox. The technician loiters at the warehouse blastdoor as I empty my mag, before charging me with a welder. Harmbaton vs welder. Harmbaton eventually wins. As I took a sidestep to flank him in cargobay as we fought, I passed out, getting one last hit in on him. He collapses right after me. I start to fade (Remember, my lungs have been punctured this entire time with IB). I manage to outlast the technician and the round end before finally dying an unsung hero. The round end screen pops up, turns out I had just robusted and killed the last two cultists in the game. It was a good shift.