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  1. Jokes aside, the IPC featured in the image is N.A.T.H.A.N, my one and only one of the two characters i use to play the game.
  2. Okay, so. About the second strike thing. I was just mildly upset my telearmor got yeeted by some tator, so i wrote that in. Some traitor had an objective to steal my telearmor. I got EMP'd with a flashlight. Tator stole telearmor. Salt ensued.
  3. I don't see why not. J'eff's translator synthesizes a beep.
  4. John_bigless


    Yes, but only if they can make funny noises and be f l u f f y .
  5. I propose to make a change to the way an IPC in crit works. Due to the fact that IPCs do not feel pain, i belive it's illogical for then to immediatedly pass out once reaching 0 health. Upon reaching Soft Crit, an IPC wouldn't pass out, but be immobilized and speak with a stutter. Soft Crit would be (0 health) between (-50 health) Upon surpassing Soft Crit, and reaching Deep Crit (Beyond -50 health), an IPC would lose conciousness as usual. That is all.
  6. An antagonist could just. Disable the speaker, and posibrains don't have comms. On the post, i agree with it. I've seen many newbie roboticists remove IPC brains wihout turning on the speaker. This way, you could guide the nerd on how to fix your mangled corpse, being a learning opprutunity for new players.
  7. All my yes on this. Assasinating an IPC shouldn't be as easy as getting a flashlight for 2 TC, using it in front of like 3 other people, and then spacing the target's corpse. Leave out the last step if all you want to do is loot them. Killing someone, anyone shouldn't be this easy.
  8. Instead of using ordinary power cells, make a special, more expensive, harder to get type of cell. This would guarantee that Security would have large or more plentiful laser weapon power cells much later into the round, as oppososed to rushing Science for hyper-capacity power cells when they reach all 5 tech levels excluding Toxins.
  9. oh boy, didn't know this subforum exsisted > Round start. Playing as N.A.T.H.A.N, Research Director > Other scientists decided to do R&D, so i don't need to do it myself. > Head to tool storage for Emergency IPC Kit. > Get that > Head to Bridge for Chain > Pet Wolf o' Shaw > He is not amused. > Get Chain of Command > Hang around the bridge for a little longer > Messing around with Graynt > Realize N.A.T.H.A.N has Graynt listed as "Despised" in his Character Info > Will fix later > I get telearmor'd by Graynt into the bridge window > Suddenly, nukies > Oh no > Get rescued by a civvie from bridge window > Get shot by a nukie > Telearmor teleports me to the Bridge > Thanks, telearmor > An engi borg carrying around an open plasma container breaks in > Borgs rogue? > All of command rushes trough the Conference Room to escape > I rush the engiborg >Succesfully flash him >Apparently was a syndicate borg in disguise >Suddenly, plasmafire >Drag it to conference room wish flash and telebaton in hand >Beat it into a pulp >Goteem >Make my escape trough the Conference Room window >Find the Captain and Magistrate in Robotics >"The emergency shuttle has been called." > Get to tha shit ship > Escape with disk > Round end, NanoTrasen Major Victory
  10. Here's how i generally handle antags. If it's some harmless antag who is minding his own business and not endangering you in any way (IPC with a Vampire), just ignore them. You can talk to them if you're feel like it won't go horribly wrong. If your life is being threatened, bail out of there. Maybe apply a banana peel or two to help with evading the pursuit. If they're threatening the life and well-being of another colleague/friend, or you're unable to escape, then use a bit of force. Do not overdo it, however.
  11. The one problem is the while it takes for the Main Character name to update. Also, yeah. The inability to make custom names. This doesn't really bother me, but maybe it will others.