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  1. This will make a fine addition to my collection.
  2. Either the Mafia or Trade Union. Yeah. And also.
  3. Added Nydia and a couple other missing relationships. Updated picture.
  4. I'm hanging around Medbay and Research currently, but going Security again couldn't hurt.
  5. First Name: N.A.T.H.A.N Last Name: N/A Gender: Male Orientation: Heterosexual Nicknames/Alias: Nathan Picture: Organic age: 22 Chassis age: 2 Months Organic Date of Birth: 7.9.2542 First Bootup (Date during wich N.A.T.H.A.N became an IPC.): 14.10.2561 Place of Birth: Canada, Washington Place of First Bootup: NBS Anasi Home location: 18th Avenue Southwest, White Center, Seattle Species: Integrated Postironic Chassis (MMI), (-2) to General Survivability. Blood Type: N/A, Oil Alignment: Lawfull Neutral Affiliation: Nanotrasen Favorite Food: N/A, Cannot eat Favorite Drink: Synth n' Soda/Whisky Cola Religious Beliefs: The space gods Motto: "Survival is always a way, one or another." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Childhood: Canadian Adulthood: Nanotrasen Crewmember ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance: 6 foot 3 inches tall with a black paint job and a monitor on wich is a command prompt. Alternative Appearance: Same exept with Xion Manufacturing Group parts. Alternative Appearance 2: Bright green monitor, bright green antennas, pAI Drone charger at the top of his monitor. Personality: He's a nice person who never leaves his friends hanging, but he'll deal with assholes the way they deserve it. Character Voice ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Background (WIP) N.A.T.H.A.N used to be a human, with human problems. After becoming friends with U.S.S.R and having a talk, Nathan discovered that it is infact possible to go from flesh to synthetic. He decided to accept, but there is still a way back if he so chooses to with his original body stored at NBS Anasi. Timeline (Very WIP) 7.9.2542 - Nathan Sanford is born somewhere in Canada. X.X.XXXX - Now loading year 2557... X.X.2557 - Nathan Sanford joins NanoTrasen. X.X.2557 - Nathan Sanford begins working on NSS Destiny. 7.7.2561 - Nathan Sanford begins working on NSS Cyberiad. 14.10.2561 - Nathan Sanford unlocks the ability to switch between his organic and positronic body. (N.A.T.H.A.N) TODAY.TODAY.2562 - Time of ingame shift. X.X.2571 - ???? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal Relationships: (Updates as the game goes) Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear U.S.S.R(Respected)- He gave me the idea, and i accepted. Desmond Summy(Close Friend)- Good ol' Desmond. Either taking care of medical matters or laying around the bridge. Argyro Summy(Close Friend)- Well, she's no longer married with Desmond because reasons. Sad. Nydia Miles(Close Friend)- Saved my ass good when the tesla got released. Zizi Akkan(Close Friend)- After confessing, they've dissapeared into nowhere, and, um. Dany Albarn(Good Friend)- Good friend, nerd organic edition! F.R.A.P.S(Good Friend)- Helped me when i malfunctioned due to an ion storm, and about that beer he owed me. Squishy(Good Friend)- Haven't really seen or heard of them for quite a while now. Goobmina(Good Friend)- Haven't really seen or heard of them for quite a while now. Ghoost(Good Friend)- Met her not too long ago, but she's sweet. And her hair is nice to the touch. Zikiki(Good Friend)- Skrek. Xann Zxiax(Friend)- The soothing sound of him clicking his mandliles made me ask him to become friends, though it'll be harden than usual. Vol Qrqil(Friend)- Very formal to his customers, becoming friends was inevetitable. Andre Burkette(Friend)- I've learned that Heads of Security don't always have to be so strict. Xerserath Hael(Friend)- Small-talked my way to friendship. Awesome. WinterOS(Friend)- The best and livliest companion indeed. Korlas 'Delta' Lassh(Friend)- He's just good. Even though he let a syndicate agent trough the teleporter that nearly killed me. Ebbe Aktan(Friend)- A fellow new to the station. Brutus Maximus(Friend)- Good, innit? David Chance(Friend)- Glory to Cargonia. Kalik Sshohreh(Friend)- Mercury Miles(Friend)- A Tajaran friend i made during my leadership of Cargonia. Rackfeld(Friend)- An Unathi friend i made during my leadership of Cargonia. Yaya(Acquaintance)- Yaya. S.N.E.E.Z.E(Acquaintance)- Standing proud with a cool outfit at the Warden's desk. He even got me a test trial for security back when i was human. Ezelil Eirso(Acquaintance)- Maybe lizards aren't so bad... Vixx Vaxx(Acquaintance)- Taught me how to do RnD. Joe Major(Acquaintance)- He's okay, i guess. Simon Hawkins(Acquaintance)- A tourist with a whole lot of stories to tell. Rayjaxx Trevelai(Acquaintance)- He seems like a nice person. W.I.N.T.E.R(Acquaintance, Not met)- The creator of WinterOS. E.R.M(Acquaintance)- Who said only the clown can tell good jokes? Raeschen Orthoss(Acquaintance)- Eh, he's fun. Zikri Volvazoo(Acquaintance)- A skrell hanging out near the bar. PHONK(Acquaintance)- It's HONKing neat. A.M.A(Acquaintance)- It beeps and boops. Lud Govno(Acquaintance)- Greyest greytide in the neighborhood. Sigma(Acquaintance)- Science rules. Sophia Veritas(Acquaintance)- Things that go kaboom. Robbie(Acquaintance)- Always glad to help a fellow IPC out. Oleg Klimov(Dislike)- All he does is vomit everywhere. Eugh. Nesikriti(Hate)- Selling a crewmember to the vox. The crew is there for you to command it, not to make profit off of it. James Apollo(Hate)- An attack on a friend is an attack on me. Dragon Kazzafa(Despise)- This asshole left me hanging, only then i was rescued after 4 hours of boredom. Trey Holderman(Despise)- This asshole is just murdering pets for attention. He deserves the airlock. Kennard Rose(Despise)- WELL EX-FUCKING CUSE ME, MISTER TRASH TALKER. Jack Moores(Despise)- Picked a fight with me wihout justification and almost knocked me down. Just. Graynt(Death Wish)- Excuse me, what the FUCK? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Faction Relations: (Updates as the game goes) Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy NanoTrasen (Love)- It's one hell of a job, but the pay is good. The Syndicate (Hate)- I'm not gonna let those assholes end my career. Changeling Hivemind (Dislike)- Haven't really seen one for myself, but if it wants to kill me then it's definetly bad. Shadowling Hivemind (Enemy)- What is worse than getting kidnapped out of nowhere wihout being able to do anything about it? Fuck them, i say. Various Cults (Hate)- As if destroying the station isn't enough of a plan. Vampires (Dislike)- Uh, no. Xenomorph Hivemind (Hate)- Oh.. don't get me started on those.. Vox traders (Dislike)- Vox traders? More like vox slavers. Wizard Federation (Neutral)- They fuck up the station, on the other hand, all access. Trans-Solar Federation (Neutral)- The Goverment. Something along those lines, i guess. Space Russia (Neutral)- They're like the USSR or something, don't know much about them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: (Updates as the game goes, Very WIP) 1/10 | --/++ Security: 4 (+1), High loyalty, Average knowledge of space law. General Combat: 4, Ability to use simple firearms, use of throwing weapons. Engineering: 4, Can construct simple machines, plug breaches and set up the Tesla. Research: 4, Can operate RND, Can operate Xenobiology at a sluggish rate. Medical: 4, Can preform simple surgery at a sluggish rate, good chemistry knowledge. Supply: 4, Paperwork management Command: 3, Basic leadership and mediocre knowledge of SOP. Social: 4, Low persuasion skills. Stealth: 2, Hiding in lockers General Survivability: 6 (-2), Loyalty: ++, Chance of antagging significantly halved (+1 to security) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Species Relations: Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate Humans (Neutral)- Plain old humans. IPC's (Like)- What's better than being able to say "Captain is Comdom" in front of said captain? Unathi (Neutral)- Lizards with a record of being troublemakers. Sometimes... Vox (Dislike)- Vox seem to only care about things "shiny". Plasma Men (Neutral)- Haven't been around long enough for me to form an opinion about them. Slime People (Love)- Cute and huggable slime humanoids. What's better? Vulpakins (Neutral)- Haven't formed an opinion just yet. Drask (Neutral)- Two things i know about them is that they rumble a lot. And love soap. Don't forget the soap. Diona (Like)- A lot of dionas formed together to make a crewmember. Cool. Grey (Dislike)- They look like assholes, and sometimes even behave like assholes. Good thing they're rare to see. Skrell (Neutral)- Seductive fish creatures. Not really my style, though. Kidan (Like)- Ants that go click clack. Cool and good. Tajaran (Neutral)- Haven't formed an opinion just yet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Events: (Shows all the fancy things that N.A.T.H.A.N managed to perform) 21.05.2019: Managed to get the final blow on a Queen Terror Spider during a level 3 outbreak. He felt good about himself ever after. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May or may not be lore friendly, i dunno. Help me fix any lore unfriendly-ness. This is very much a WIP. PS: Be sure to point out flaws and things like missing relatioships. Thanks.
  6. You forgot N.A.T.H.A.N, thanks.
  7. This might sound like a dumb thing to add, but it would solve the almighty bug of the crafting menu becoming uncloseable.
  8. Just what it says on the title. Coin tricks in SPACE wihout having to go trough the hassle of scavenging maintenance and/or dying.