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  1. Best. Idea. Ever. If it weren't for how lewd stealing underwear is.
  2. Eh, maybe every once in a while, things already get hectic enough with just two different antags Traitor + Vampire. I fear for the bald headed, Security man that must face traitors, vampires AND changelings.
  3. There are surprisingly a lot of loadout items that fit decently enough with a veil. I found that a leather jacket, shorts and the embroidered doesn't look bad (but that leaves me without footwraps and I absolutely despise the way shoes look on Tajaran.) My friend Ranjurl (IC sister) uses the Hi-tech veil themself, combine that with footwraps they don't have enough points for a uniform or jacket and a beret; they really like berets. While they could easily get their preferred coat, hat and footwraps from the changing room (and this is without pointing out that not everything in the loadout menu is available in the vendor), what they can't do is get a veil from said room. The main point of issue is the fact that you can only get veils through the loadout screen, and if you want a specific color of veil, you're forced to pay a higher loadout price than the stock embroidered veil. I wouldn't even have made this post if there was some statistical advantage to having an industrial veil in lieu of having an embroidered or any other veil. But there isn't. And with the rise of Tajara players, I feel this is something that would be amazing if it were addressed. As it stands, and this is anecdotal, I barely see Tajara players wearing veils. This could be either due to a lack in lore knowledge, an issue with the pricing, the veils aren't visually appealing to them or some other issue. Anyways, you wouldn't need equipment or clothing that doesn't fit the style of wearing a veil, you're absolutely right; but, is there any reason for the veils to not be priced the same? I honestly can't think of any reasons. Totally can't think of reasons and is not biased.
  4. The Ahdominian veils typically worn by Tajara, aside from the lightweight and sleek variants being worn by other species for job specific roles, are, with certainty, priced incorrectly. The civilian veil also known as the embroidered veil, and it's reskins, the hi-tech veil, the industrial veil and the khaki veil are not priced the same. The only veils that offer any form of benefit would be the aforementioned sleek and lightweight veils; both of which are job specific and DO deserve to be priced differently as it DOES give certain players an advantage by spawning with their respective HUD. Lightweight for medical, sleek for security. There is also the question of character and player expression in regards to the colors of the veils offered and the prices listed. The embroidered veil is a simple Ahdominian woven veil that is priced at a measly one loadout point. The question posed is, why are the other Tajara veils not also priced at one loadout point? The Hi-tech veil is priced at two loadout points, as well as all the other veils; that being the industrial, khaki and job specific veils are two points. One might even say that the embroidered is unique for it's low cost. There would be no issue if all the veils were two points, but, that raises the question of why the job specific veils would also be two loadout points despite offering a significant and palpable advantage to players who do choose to spawn with them. While, very rarely, an officer wouldn't have access to a Sec hud, what with their being eight of them in the locker room. Medical huds on the other hand tend to go quite quickly as they are a wonderful tool for quickly assessing patient priority and ensuring a target is stable (or dead.) While the medical hud is far from essential to be a good doctor, there is the argument to be made that a security hud is essential to playing security at all. The security hud all on it's lonesome can give an officer vital information on the potential recidivism of a person (someone previously incarcerated,) whether a person is currently wanted at all (incredibly useful for traitors that might be hiding out near arrivals for late spawning officers if they choose to spawn with a sleek veil), as well as assisting an officer in determining whether or not to use lethal force on an EoC. (Eg. execution status on a person.) These benefits are listed so as to address and to denote how indispensable hud-glasses of any sort are and principal they are to the gameplay of these two specific jobs. This importance does transfer to the lightweight and sleek veils as they are, in essence, reskins of the hud-glasses that one may spawn with, giving late officers and doctors tools that they wouldn't otherwise have. Having spoken to an individual who wished to remained unnamed in regards to the coding of the veils, they offer no benefit nor limitation in relation to the base, embroidered veil. They, being the industrial, hi-tech and khaki veils. There are some that hold confidence in the belief that they DO offer some benefit, however minor or inconsequential; this however, remains untrue. The coding for the veils is the exact same. The only disparity being that of color, and given the colors aren't anything special, industrial is green, hi-tech is pink, and khaki being... khaki, it makes no logical sense for player expression to be limited by what seems like an arbitrary loadout point increase over the default veil. If they were say, gold, silver, black or white, distinct colors that indicate prestige; that would merit a point increase, seeing as they are not, however, we are left with Tajara players forced to pick the embroidered veil so they may have points to spare on a uniform and external wear; in the case of the veil being two points, the Tajaran in question would only be capable of choose either a uniform or some external wear. Not both. (There was an argument to be made about the racial footwraps, but, this was forgone for footwraps can be found in the racial locker, no such luck with the veils, veils can only be acquired through the loadout menu, or Godly Admin Intervention.) Please, as a Tajara player myself, I would greatly appreciate if this loadout point debacle could be addressed and adjustments made; there is the other solution of creating a veil vendor or adding veils to the racial locker. The solution from a player's perspective does seem to be quite simple, and this is something that has been brought up in the past (by yours truly.) So, while the issues have been spoken of, potentially addressed, and solutions listed, the question still remains. Why in the world were they priced differently to begin with?
  5. Dude, big thank for this guide. (Time to become ROBUST)