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  1. Bring back that catgirl mutation with OwO virus
  2. Why not expand this thread to dragging mechanics? On some (nukeops) rounds I have seen as some kitten was dragging around an unconscious fully armored security. That was really weird. I suppose that current game mechanics makes it possible even for a butterfly to drag heavy stuff behind! On some servers I have seen that a character needs one free hand to start dragging.
  3. Damp rag behaves really weird in game. Once experienced some little bug: when clicking on a damp rag, received a message about putting a lid over damp rag. Guess, damp rag is a subclass of beaker (if Dreammaker supports OOP terms)
  4. Sorry, I don't understand this. As member of cargo I have had experience of delivering plasma and uranium sheets to cargo shuttle for supply points. I guess, some exotic plants may also give supply points, but never tested this.
  5. It is 26th century. Technologies allowed everyone to have their basic income, but if a person wants to get something more, then it has to pick some place. Let's say, everyone comes with 1000cr to station. There may be some rates. For example, janitor's rate is 1.2; Librarian has rate of 1.2 as well; Clown and mime have rates of 1.0 . Engineering and Science have rates of 2.0, And so on... Then, over some time delays, everyone gets something more (except civilians, since they have no assigned duties): rate * some basic value. Credits should be used only for getting items from some vending machines (like now) or obtaining vanity or rare items (like champagne bottles, green cheese, checkered bags, golden jewelry, musical instruments).
  6. This is a great objective, because Xenobiology has nothing to do with researching tech levels. Also, Xenobiologist may receive a goal about breeding some (at least one) high tier slime.
  7. Science is for everyone. Even cluwne can research tech levels.
  8. Have seen several times as people trying to put Runtime or Paperwork into cloner. I was first time shocked when cloner gave a result that no proper DNA was found for Runtime. It should be possible to run cloning process on any animals, with the same effect as cloning any other humanoid. On topic of Geneticist research - give mouse DNA ingame, making it possible to change eye color, fur color, or transforming it into GIGANTIC MAINT-RAT MONSTROCITY .
  9. It would be great to have a cybernetic monkeys, cybernetic volpins and cybernetic stoks. And more important - cybernetic dogs and cats. They act just like regular base creatures, but they have access to binary chat.
  10. I guess that was idea of @Alliostra
  11. I have enjoyed playing on this map. Author, do not listen to haters, it's a Great work! It is way better than Metastation, on my opinion. This map is great for 100+ players. A spacious common lobby near dorms, aand comfy bedrooms are great, as for me. I'd like to have cryodorms placed where there is a courtroom hall. Another thing - there was no refilling cistern for space cleaner at Janitor closet. I suggest also adding some derelict laboratories with empty machine frames and damaged floor tiles at maints. This is a science station, not a bar and restaurant resort.