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  1. Science is for everyone. Even cluwne can research tech levels.
  2. Have seen several times as people trying to put Runtime or Paperwork into cloner. I was first time shocked when cloner gave a result that no proper DNA was found for Runtime. It should be possible to run cloning process on any animals, with the same effect as cloning any other humanoid. On topic of Geneticist research - give mouse DNA ingame, making it possible to change eye color, fur color, or transforming it into GIGANTIC MAINT-RAT MONSTROCITY .
  3. It would be great to have a cybernetic monkeys, cybernetic volpins and cybernetic stoks. And more important - cybernetic dogs and cats. They act just like regular base creatures, but they have access to binary chat.
  4. I guess that was idea of @Alliostra
  5. I have enjoyed playing on this map. Author, do not listen to haters, it's a Great work! It is way better than Metastation, on my opinion. This map is great for 100+ players. A spacious common lobby near dorms, aand comfy bedrooms are great, as for me. I'd like to have cryodorms placed where there is a courtroom hall. Another thing - there was no refilling cistern for space cleaner at Janitor closet. I suggest also adding some derelict laboratories with empty machine frames and damaged floor tiles at maints. This is a science station, not a bar and restaurant resort.
  6. I see, this thread has gone offtopic, but I want to ask. Is it possible to find tranquilite and bananium on asteroid as regular miner?
  7. I did not like small gateways leading to space. They are just 1 unit of size (it is harder to locate a satellite behind you, for example) and there is no button for safe airlock manipulation. It is a very high risk to ventilate items in surrounding room to space. I did not like a medbay layout. You may get stuck near entrance for a long time when there is not enough doctors to stay at frontdesk. I liked library layout - it is larger and can hold more people there. I liked that dormitories have that comfy small bedrooms in addition to futuristic cryodorms. This map is really big, and it fits more for about 100 users online.
  8. I also find it hilarious when fat character drops all clothings. Especially when security ate too much pizza and has to drop tazer/stunbaton/portable doomsday device with clown nearby. Just add message: "Your clothes feel tight and uncomfortable for you". When fat spessman unequips clothes, it should not be possible to equip them back until he gets back to shape. And also, keep fat sprite, but only for naked .
  9. Well, mop cleans everything. Even water
  10. Once I have joined as Runtime the cat. And I have noticed that cats now have quite limited gameplay features: they can wander around, nuzzle things and pull things around, just like corgi. But cats are not corgi! So, my suggestions are the following: 1. No food - no hug. Add hunger counter and ability to taste drinks and eat foods. 2. Cats may be kind, but they may be aggressive. Add intents (like diona nymphs have): help intent for touching things and harm intent for scratching, clawing and biting those Syndicate operatives 3. Nighttime tiny predators. Add or increase night vision range for cats, just like Tajara have it (never played as Tajara). Now cats don't see in darkness. 3.1. I suggest that cat's eyes should be glowing in darkness just like the mechanical assisted eyes 4. Natural agility. Cats now take approximately the same time to get onto the table as the average human. But we all know how fast and agile cats are. Reduce climbing time for them (and cats don't climb onto tables, they jump on it) 4.1. Maybe, Runtime special: increase the run speed of cat (Runtime lost a running race on primary hallway to a diona nymph!)