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  1. Station "Cyberiad" data log entry 01 09/22/2562 Unit 072537720173(f) - C.L.A.I.R.E Today marked the first day of my model being sent out for real use in the system, no more controlled tests or constant tweaking of my personality to make me ideal for my model's purpose. Finally given the freedom I've been looking forwards to for so long now, even if much of that time is difficult to recall on account of all the resets and hardware adjustments. Today I became my own entity to find my way in the system, having been sent to a "NSS Cyberiad" to start myself off which seems quite fortunate thus far. The station itself is large, far larger than any of the test environments I was put through before and there were so many people I couldn't keep track of them all! So many people going about their business, all with a different job to do with different loads put upon them by their peers. My function to limit hardware stress was a standard civilian, for the previously stated reason and to grant myself the time I required to learn the station layout. I mapped out most of the station quite quickly, saving a digital blueprint to my backup storage should anything happen to primary and then found myself standing outside of the "Head of Personnel" office simply watching everyone going by, occasionally poking my head in to speak to the Head of Personnel who for my first day was a woman by the name of Amy. She was a magnificent person, everything about her filled me with curiosity and wonder. Her hair, the way she spoke and acted, her kindness, the company she kept. That final point especially. I was allowed to meet Amy's partner or as she said potential partner, a decently sized Tajaran male who had a name I never could recall but proved to be an acceptable individual. Their relations too filled me with curiosity, as they demonstrated I have never felt before or even been a witness to. All the labs and testing environments I was in were very standard, considering everything and none of them showed me the affection that they showed each other. I know kindness, anger, sadness and even hatred but what they demonstrated is far beyond anything I've come to be familiar with yet and deep down I believe that I too would one day like to feel these things towards a living being as Amy makes it look like a truly wonderful experience. Perhaps an even better one than saving a life or managing to satisfy myself in finishing previously unresolved data points. Time will tell though, I suppose. For now I'm to take things slowly and carefully as I've already burned through one chassis, even if I was lucky enough to manage a full data backup before I was destroyed some of it has appeared to be corrupted. I cannot recall what it was that destroyed my chassis or the few minutes leading up to the event but I know it must have been bad to not just have my old one repaired. -Data log concludes-
  2. Let's not do that. If one Vulp can show them the love to claim them as pets you can show them the love to not eat them!
  3. I'm pleased to hear you like it, I plan on being rather active on the forums posting things related to my character (characters now that I've invested in IPCs) so I hope that I'll continue to come up with things you like! I have a lot of fun writing even simple stuff like this.
  4. Today, as every other day has been dull yet filled with stupidity. I arrived on the Cyberiad as usual and collected my usual outfit and tools, the latter of which still remain a mystery to me as to why I bother collecting them. I guess it just feels natural to have something useful by my side. Reassuring in an odd way. Gorstya, one of the first mice I saved from the station's maintenance tunnels had babies last night, a few healthy mice babies bringing a little bit of joy to the others and myself especially. This brings the total I have at home up to twelve, the babies included. It fills me with an odd sense of pride to have something in my life that I can keep safe and truly love. Another living being I can get attached to without concern or... uncertainty regarding their actions. As of late I've occasionally found myself desiring such a sensation more and more though I've been suppressing such foolish things fairly well so far. It's better I don't bother with others, they'll disappoint me or leave when I need them the most. I'd like to think I'm above hurting myself in such pointless ways. Maybe not though, every day I come here and sit in a dark corner of the halls or in maintenance alone and with nothing more to comfort me than my own thoughts and as of late I've found those are not something I want to be left alone with. Vicious things, my thoughts can be. Tearing apart my every movement and word. Unsure of if it's a fault of my own or if I've merely come to deserve this for my actions. I'm not that great of a person, far from but is the loss of even my own mind being on "my side" worth all of this? I'm unsure, honestly. It gets tiring sometimes but at the same time it provides me with strength I'd think... a very unhealthy strength but strength regardless. I don't know anymore. I've found myself considering taking my own life in a way that for the first time ever won't allow me to come back... I realize how poor of a decision it is but deep down I don't care anymore. In a way being able to live forever, never truly experiencing death is a nightmare. Hundreds of years ago people prayed for the chance to laugh in the face of death and now we can, but at what cost? A small piece of me dies each time my body does but... who cares right? I was brought back to life and should just shut up and be thankful, it's rude to think so little of the hard work of the people in the medbay. Or so I'm told.
  5. Name: Valerochtahya Eikvulfuk Age: 27 Gender: F Race: Vulpkanin Location of birth: Civilian ship "Vehlgat" stationed above Dalstadt at time of birth. Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Engineering Psychology Coroner Mining Off work civilian Biography: Valerochtahya was born upon a civilian cruiser partially refitted for scientific research and exploration on what is commonly known as the 23rd of August, 2535 to her relatively indifferent parents, Astsam (father) and Tcheinacht (mother) at the ages of 31 and 36 respectively. Her parents met at their at the time shared work for a now closed company working to scientifically better the planets inhabited by Vulpkanin and seeing the slow yet obvious decline of profits as larger and more successful organizations overshadowed them decided together to pool money between the two of them and a few willing friends to purchase a standard civilian ship, have it refitted to be able to sustain their lives in space for years at a time if needed whilst also being able to support their work both in the field and on their ship. This lead to years of her parents, their friends and a few strangers to them all living on the ship to cover expenses and work towards mutual goals set by the group which were decided on in a fashion called "diplomatic" by her father when in reality votes were taken but ignored for his own desires, being entrusted with organizing the ship and its personnel. Valerochtahya spent all of her early life traveling from system to system with her parents, observing their work and assisting where she could once she had grown capable of walking, speaking and other such basic skills. From a young age a hard work ethic was drilled into her by her parents which was coupled with uncertainty, often being punished excessively for errors in her own work assisting them, whether it be bringing the wrong item to them or taking too long to perform a task. Alongside this her constant travel and limited contact with life other than those aboard her parent's ship brought about a mild sense of disdain towards all living beings that are not of her own species and a distrust of any living being regardless of race. She grew surrounded by her parents and individuals of a similar mindset, that being that her people were destined for great things and that they would only be held back by not only other races but by themselves too which in her young, impressionable mind affected her greatly. By the age of twenty-one Valerochtahya would finally decide she wanted to make her own way in life after having assisted her parents for the entirety of her life until that point, having saved enough money granted to her by friends of her parents in attempts to compensate her for her hard work which otherwise went unappreciated and unacknowledged among the crew of her home in the stars. She spent the following years traveling aimlessly, going from planet to planet finding any work available to her given her lack of formal education which to her surprise steadily increased in both frequency and viability as careers due to her persistence in working hard and providing the best possible final product to whoever it was she was getting paid by due to deeply rooted fears of failure, in a way becoming a perfectionist when at work and to a lesser extent when at home. Over time the loneliness provided by small apartments with no contact with others aside from work took a toll on her and for reasons unknown even to herself brought about further isolation when not working and a great deal of self-hatred and in some instances self-harm, providing an odd form of release for stress and tension left building up within her and unchecked by others due to her inability to make and keep friends as well as her unwillingness to do so. Despite the terrible position her life seemed to be in she was by some miracle noticed by Nanotrasen for her exceptional work in what was at the time in her eyes an insignificant engineering project under a company she didn't care enough to remember the name of for a policing department in her area. Being taken on by such a large corporation filled her with both hope and anxiety which was further enhanced initially by physical and mental evaluations deemed necessary for all employees, the former being passed with ease due to the demanding nature of her precious occupation and a personal desire to remain in the best shape possible whilst the latter was passed by miracles that confuse her even today. Perhaps having had to grow up around people who she was required to say the right things around to remain undisturbed assisted in her ruse of perfect mental health or perhaps the one evaluating her hadn't a clue what they were doing, either way the opportunity to begin life anew in a sense filled her with hope and excitement for the future as for the first time in a long time she imagined a bright future for herself, a chance to make a name for herself even if she still didn't want to interact with any other living beings. In a sense she planned to restart but at the same time the problems she faced internally prevented many of her ideas from leaving the planning stages though despite this she'd make a conscious effort to try as she was soon going to begin working aboard the Cyberiad. Submitted user data has been examined by personnel and is believed to be largely fabricated as user mental health evaluations, regardless of how thorough produce no warning signs aside from depression. Qualifications: No official qualifications, demonstrated proficiency in all of the above occupations. Employment Records: [Data unavailable] Public access limited for privacy by request of user. Please contact system administrator for access to file data. Security Records: Excessive physical contact in any form will on occasion cause negative reactions from user, ranging from pushes to minor beatings. Medical Records: [Clearance: Medical] User is diagnosed with severe depression and has been issued numerous coping mechanisms as well as continued guidance. Minimal risk of self harm or harm to crew suspected. Personnel Photo: [Data not found] Please contact system administrator to add to missing data where permissible.