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  1. Help Bot in all his glory.
  2. Minor edit : Added a couple of folk to the relations section, in addition put a bunch of long stuff / walls of text into spoilers.
  3. Fursamie

    Rsik's Art

    "Hey Rsik, you wanna head out for a game of murderball later tonight?" "Oh shit, sorry man, I would but I have a scheduled bar fight with Asrair. Maybe tomorrow?"
  4. On Discordia, where miners charge you thousands for minerals, with research you can effectively make it so that your laser gun can go from getting a couple extra shots to making the gun recharge over time with better and better power cells, and I think such a system could work well in paradise - the only problem I see is that mining is more or less forced to work with Research and currency is useless + how scarily fast RnD can be maxxed / near complete making it less of a hassle to get these legendary power cells.
  5. I understand that point of view but you just cannot apply it to paradise as a server. I could, as an assistant, break into science, and start working on toxins or xenobiology (mind you extremely dangerous research if put in the wrong hands both IC and OOC) and very few people would care(Source : Have done this before several times). The same goes for employees calling heads of staff curses and the like - if your boss did something stupid, you wouldn't call him a walking, talking pit of human feces, would you? No, but because of how roleplay is enforced here, you may on paradise - sometimes, with no IC repercussions(however a warning / ban may be coming your way if it isn't entirely IC). As well as every other department. I've seen shaft miners throw hissy fits when scientists aren't always at RnD regardless if it's completed or not, and I've seen scientists curse out miners for not getting all / a majority of the minerals 15 minutes in the round. Shitters are everywhere, and antags are naturally drawn to departments like atmospherics (technically engineering), science, and security for either the possible mayhem or gear that can generate from these departments. Some others like supply and service don't experience it too much, however if you've ever played QM or Bartender, you will be able to recall a story when after leaving unattended for less than a minute, you come back to find everyone's partying in your backroom / supply office.
  6. If this is a procedure that applies for everyone then I'd be fine with it, but /just/ security seems a little off, in my opinion, medical gets shit, science gets shit, service gets shit, supply gets shit, so why should security be special?
  7. Yeah its kind of dumb that after killing them you dont even get their gun, at least in the wild west you can loot their armour and weaponry.
  8. I'll start with the three I play the most often - Domitia Aquila - Loud-mouthed goblin Douglas Pierce - Formal chatter box A.Q.U.I.L.A - Cheap knock-off
  9. Drawing of two spessmen getting jittery on space-cola.
  10. Two skeletons, sitting in a closet, 5 feet apart.
  11. Bold of you to assume the NT rep is respected.