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  1. After quite some time of being bannu'd, and in general, not getting antagonist, I finally have another story to tell(In addition, I changed the title so it's more inclusive, #ImWithThem). I'm a roboticist, and a vampire, too. Objectives : 320 u of blood, kill a scientist, steal the hand-tele, After I get over the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, I get to work. I work a bit as a robo but mostly spend my time in maintenance. Some guy wanted to be borged, so after I borged him, I took his body and went to le epic secret maintenance room, where a civilian in plague doctor garb(hereon referred to as PD) saw me, succ'd, and walked a bit in maintenance. This is where I found Fluffy sucking on a guy, so I walked in, introduced myself as a vampire, and we were about to succ on the guy, but he starts pleading for his life. I feel a bit guilty, only take a sip, and me and Lumpy let em go. I walk a bit, find PD and a guy named Sully arguing. Sully tries glaring PD, but it doesn't work because both are vamps. I tell them to both knock it off, and try to find more people in maintenance. Succ a few more people, get a few more powers, etc etc. Now, I met the mime in maintenance and someone she tried to succ (they were cuffed). I helped take off their headset, disabled suit sensors, and we both succed on the poor guy. I welded that room shut to make sure no one would go to it, and we went along our way. After a bit of walking about, not really getting much blood, me and Lumpy found each other and decided to prowl maintenance together. Eventually we found the mime, and made a plan to get the tele-armour, which Lumpy needed for his objective. In addition, the scientist I needed to kill was idling so with the help of Lumpy, kidnapped and succ'd him. All was well, all objectives met, and the shuttle was called. I succ'd on a clone, headed to the pods, but it was welded. I unwelded it, stepped into the first tile of the pod, and the pod rocketed off. I fell out of the pod, and into space. LITERALLY just 3 seconds more and I would've greentexted. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  2. I love this image for several reasons - how casually having a business trip between planets is mentioned, the username "lordzekiel", the fact that the image is supposed to be about Jonah (judging from the caption below)but Zeke takes up 70% of it, the attention to detail, and the cherry on-top is Jonah taking a pot of coffee.
  3. Edit: Changed the history, personal relationships and faction relationships.
  4. My favorite image is the one in the bottom right - a Shesi family, the father, mother and daughter, sitting at a table.
  5. You do have to intervene, yes, but don't do something like electrify all the doors to stop them from getting executed - rather, try locking off access to the execution room, or sending a borg to save the to-be-executed prisoner. A good rule of thumb is Server Rules>Your Laws>Space Law. So you can't bolt down all of security because one guy's getting executed.
  6. My favorite thing to do with a lot of servers is to read the lore, glad to see someone does the same.
  7. I don't think job stereotypes are followed often. Detectives aren't loose cannons (most of the time), doctors aren't these upbeat and/or cynical nurses, assistants don't assist anybody, and the janitor is the least humble person on the station. I think the poll was put in place mostly for cosmetic appearance.
  8. KiIEiiriITichIiKI XiAKiIAy kaIAY akiOiuayKiIKXixkVViV 4
  9. I like the colour scheme used here and the dots you can find in some areas of the drawing.
  10. Adding onto this, I think everything (or mostly everything) sci-fi in SS13 has the same excuse. Portals? Bluespace. Bluespace? We found it. Nanotrasen? Plasma. Plasma? Space... And you could go on and on, because almost everything in this game is nonsensical and whacky with little explanation. Why does a company have a team of essentially terrorists to kill their employees and destroy their assets if "it's too far gone"? Because. Why are assistants, bartenders, cooks, etc on a research station? Because. Why are we still here? Just to suffer.
  11. I appreciate how OP made an extremely detailed and intricate post on how to make vulpkanin more realistic and you just have ZN in the corner silently mumbling about vulp.