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  1. Hate it when you pick out a fancy outfit but it starts raining blood
  2. TTTTTTThhhhhhheeeeeee jjjjjjjoooooookkkkkkkeeeeeee hhhhhhheeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeee iiiiiiisssssss ttttttthhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttt eeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyy wwwwwwwooooooorrrrrrrddddddd IIIIIII tttttttyyyyyyypppppppeeeeeee ,,,,,,, eeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyy llllllleeeeeeettttttteeeeeeerrrrrrr hhhhhhhaaaaaaasssssss ssssssseeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeennnnnnn eeeeeeexxxxxxxtttttttrrrrrrraaaaaaa cccccccooooooopppppppiiiiiiieeeeeeesssssss ooooooofffffff iiiiiiitttttttssssssseeeeeeelllllllfffffff....... TTTTTTThhhhhhhiiiiiiisssssss wwwwwwwaaaaaaasssssss pppppppaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnfffffffuuuuuuulllllll tttttttooooooo tttttttyyyyyyypppppppeeeeeee.......
  3. Better better idea: Not just figures but fluff items in general like plushies, toy weapons, donk items, etc
  4. Here are SS13 related memes that I have made.
  5. I know there's a literal fucking demon in the background but what hurts me the most is Jonas' tie in this image.
  6. 18 nods, from judges at the awoo competition.