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  1. Wrote that in order to open it for bassists like me, and this here is neat to see as a such, for a technical explain. I can tell this is a very good way to do it, also got to remember this myself. I haven't done many tricks of cleansing a track of the unnecessary. These could even add to the overall sound there, with fine devices at least, since removing really inaudible data may still add to the headroom. I'm getting old, honk
  2. Yeah, and that would be balancing-thing to do there, if the death was too quick in average. If there is, in average, enough long a time between getting injured and the point of death, it will be all good. During the deep shit time, the way to play medbay needs a change, though, as an answer to the altered situation. To prevent deaths happening, there must be more first-aid, more than the paramedic could give alone - referring to one of my posts concerning this. That would not be a bad thing at all, if you ask from me atleast - given that there is enough time to stabilize casualties, with the effort to provide first-aid is present. To get a hunch of it, need to play it, maybe share here the experiences. Antag side is another question, yes. Guess you could deal with it if you epi'd and treated yourself some of the external damage as quick as possible (like before). If you got hit below of -50 and the cardiac things kick in, it's out of luck probably - but such happened before too, there was no way out of deepcrit without external aid, well possibly previously taken chems as an expection.
  3. Big boys in sounds say that the sample rate should be the double of the frequencies present. For, if we checked a flow of sound at few ticks, it draws us a parable, with (x) being sample rate and (y) being the bit depth. If we had an audio with frequencies from 200 Hz to 22 kHz, packed to 16 bit to 44 kHz, nerfing it to 16 bit 22 kHz would actually remove relevant stuff from the both ends, since the ends of the parable are closing to zero. If the point zeros of the parable (y=0) are x=0 kHz and x=22kHz, the band 21 kHz would be - in a rough example - played at value 1 - in comparison of y=0, when x=0 kHz and x=44 kHz, in which x=21 would be like 2. I didn't actually calculate these things, so the function isn't correct, but should give the clue. Thus, if we made the samplerate too close of the actual noticeable signal, we will lose something more or less audibly. Moreover, the change might be audible if we packed something very high-quality like 24 bit 192 kHz to 16 bit 44 kHz, for because of this parable thing, the dynamics will change even in that case, in which no actual audio data is lost. That could be worked around using the compressor, in order to make the remaining low and top ends to play louder, that's what they do in radio. Concerning the mono-stereo stuff, the dynamic range is a thing there too, if we had the perfectly same track twice in a spot, it will play louder, but that is not the most data-efficient way to achieve that effect. Too bad I've got no good input on how to actually pack audio, with these circumstances given - I guess you need to use high and low pass to inaudible frequencies, then choose the sample rate and bit depth keeping in mind that "quality" there is actually a compromise of bitdepth -which primarily affects the dynamic range of the track - and samplerate, with the foremost on audible sounds (but secondarily the dynamics, as said). Everything surely has possibilites to be packed, so this is neat!
  4. Echoing what are said on hyperbolics. Concerning the pool of patients that medbay could interact with, one interesting factor there is, whether they arrive to the treatment alive or dead. Since there is no damage-threshold of dying, but death happens by the death of brain, it should end up to dying taking more time now. No more instadeath on extreme violence. And fatal cases happen due few reasons, out of which some concern only a single person and some a number of people, if not everyone in the station. To the first category belong accidents and traitor-murders, to the another mass-casualty events, namely, bomb and fire scenes, blob, nukeops, spiders and xenos. Out of the victims of these categories of circumstances, the latter should - in theory atleast - live longer now, after their initial decapacitation, hopefully long enough to be stabilized for waiting. So the newcrit might not necessarily reduce that patient pool. Need to actually see more of these events with newcrit enabled to confirm, though. If there was a reasonable chance to the victims of that latter category to be stabilized, there is no grave concern of the medbay losing their interactive work. The first-category victims would not pose a problem, for if the traitormurderer is good or the accident gross enough, it is reasonable that the victims of these could not be helped quickly enough. And if the murder was not done well or the accident wasn't that bad, an aware paramedic should be able to deal with it. Either way, I'd hope that there will be a tool to revive a freshly-dead patient anyway. There is a balance issue in such a hope, of course. That would be neat, for referencing things with ease.
  5. Honk, I've lost my track on where we are going now, so SR on clonables is possible again. Fair enough, then.
  6. Yeah, my bad there. Cardiac arrest and then placing the new heart in quickly (for not to kill the brain), finish with defib to start the heart.
  7. Yeah, if that would be realistic-enough that they hit medbay alive (or, as I thought around on my previous, if it became a tactic of playing medbay to more attention on first-aid at field), the way it alters doctoring would be reasonable. The newcrit as described does not have a certain dying treshold, but the damage raises the chance to fall into the process of dying after 0hp, which, in turn, will end up to death (by death of brain/heart) in a chance which will rise as the damage rises, specifically the o2 damage. Actually very reasonable, since the process of crit would be less linear for the both sides there, the medbay and the patients. I didn't realize this side of the idea in the first place. So I was bit like you stated it, worrying about the defibs because of knowing the present: that lots of people end up to the medbay dead, so if defibs were not reviving there is just cloning. If they, due newcrit, arrive (or are stabilized at field by paramedic or by some field first-aid point) to the medbay more alive than dead, that concern is not so great at all. But that is so if we had a reasonable chance to get the injured into treatment alive (and here goes the previously said no clonepod-operator doctors -notes). That might be hard to predict. Still I would anyway concern on the fact that some tricks, like brain/heart transplanting, are, of course, not available if the defib won't revive. And talk about the vox/slime SR-surgeries which are bit harder now aswell. So I'd hope them being capable of reviving, with certain conditions met. Which conditions, are up for balance - in the other end, making doctors to prefer treating without relying on the quick revival option, in the another end, not making the revival a certain pain in ass, since some of its frequent uses are already such pains, namely the vox/slime SR. Or make it a completely separate tool. Quick throws, once again.
  8. Came to think about it, previously I considered the aspects of newcrit revivability changes if we’d played the medbay roughly the same way as before. Somebody already mentioned that paramedic would be more a paramedic than a body taxi. So with newcrit it becomes a priority to try stabilize patients before they get in the bay. (Finally I got it). In a stable situation it would be the job of the paramedic. During a mass casualty event it would be CMO’s job to organize flying first-aid or static first-aid sites, like initiative doctors already do during blob rounds, in order to prevent massive queues to the cloning. That would be a positive add to the medbay gameplay, since it actually requires some teamwork. Immersion thing aswell. Irl we do it in the military, like, the injured are evacuated first to a platoon evac point, then to a level 1 firstaid, then level 2 field hospital and in each level the triage and stabilization is done, until the patient is at a facility that can fully treat him. So, for instance a blobround, blobfighters evacuate the wounded to the first-aid. There a required number of doctors treat them enough for waiting to surgery or so happen at medbay. Paramedic runs the taxi between bay and first-aid, and the rest medbay surges and clones/sr’s them who end up there. Or a nukie round, part doctors to field evacuating the injured to a safe point for quick stabilization, and then part doctors at the bay do the further treatment. Question is, how much time does the newcrit permit for preventing the patients to die, so that there is enough time for the patients to get receiving stabilization from the paramedic or some first-aid point. Concerning, if somebody gets hurt, are they, in the first place, possible to be saved at all (ie.when they get hurt, do they get insta- or very quickly killed). If not, the cloner will be queued even if we had an effort to that way prevent it, and the downsides of that are already said. Test time it is, going to try to play around cmo’ing.
  9. Just read Eco's novel "The Name of the Rose" once again, oh the irony. "I supposed that he was using that treacherous trick of speech, that the rhethorics call "irony" and which should always be let known before usage - which he never did." Alternative revival methods, honk
  10. Yep. Also can't remember whether I've seen that long a queue to cloner before (it was neatly set out by the doctors). Just end user remarks, couldn't see any flaming here atleast. That is of course to be reminded when there is a flow of rather negative feedbacks. Seems like disliking is upon rather single kind of an issue in the system, namely, that only cloners and SR can bring back the dead.
  11. 7 pieces a body on the medbay floor, the result for the previous
  12. Thanks, so I've still got the hang on this! So as a final-final word of mine on this topic, I'd totally like the system, if the defibs would revive with certain conditions met. For example surgically cured brain damage, as the brain damage worked previously - it would work neatly together with the newcrit dealing braindamage and causing heart issues. The timespan of few minutes after death would kick the required difficulty in, as reviving should be then done in OR, and thus triage is needed on reviving patients that way. Though, newcrit already gives the time as your ultimate enemy, so doubts could be said whether defib reviving should be very rough trick at all, as Splgrk wrote there previously. I'll say anyway that it should be there, in some form at least. Alternatives, layers, they're good, yet considering whether this or that is OP sure is difficult. On the topic of mechanics... the effect of the mechanisms, when you change them, is aswell difficult to forecast, as of game is much about interaction and interaction in general is difficult to forecast. Wouldn't hence call it ineptitude, at all. Yet it is so that mechanics isn't straight path to endorse something we want. They have the strongest effect, though, but that effect is not predictable.
  13. Concerning alternative revival methods, which of them we actually have at hand, after newcrit? The amount of recent medbay tweaks causes some confusion. SR on clonables or not? And since defibs don't revive, isn't it just cloning (or SR) right now? (Or am I balding here...) Would completely like newcrit if there was another way than cloning (SR - usable with clonables or not?); I might suggest that altering cloning could atleast change the atmosphere that Evadable's post describes in the mechanical way, whether that was otherwise reasonable, well, on second thought not that sure. But the alternative methods... there should be more, right?
  14. I wrote write back at the newcrit guide topic and the previous cloning-revivability topic some comments on the matter, with having my major argument in the side of "cloning pod bad." Reading this, liked to explicate my position as a view of one who does not have long an experience on ss13, and of one who solely knows the Paracode version of the game. So in eyes of such a player cloning seems an issue concering the cloning mechanics, not a predominant bias against changes to the other-way, which is to alter defib and-or SR. Yeah, and one who does code alteration does it by their vision, and after it's done and being test fired people feedback it, this is just the way it happens, the process in overall. So I'd say there should not be arguing about biases at the staff side, aswell, it would feel kinda salty. Video game etc etc., you know it. We nerds like the game quite a lot, though, honk. Talking about the possible options on altering the revivability, I think I read from the comments that there is somewhat consensus. Cloning remake, or then defib/SR alteration. The PR goes to alter defibs. Since I've learned the gameplay from the current (previous) state of paracode, with those multiple ways to rise a person from the grave, the way this PR alters it now feels like cutting possible tricks off without giving any new ones to try (to work around a dead person - the crit system in itself seem neat and something what atleast I'd like to see, to get some specific use for the variety of chems, and that way the PR does so add well to the doctoring). Echoing what Positronic Repositry wrote on the guide thread. And as the cloning is left untouched, straightforward process as it has been, it feels also like a balance problem, as addressed before. So conclusions. The previous situation was that reviving is kind of easy. But there was a variety and a balance, in the eyes of a medbay player. If we altered defibs the way this PR does now, it makes cloning too easy, it is a balance issue. Also, if we then altered cloning to be more consuming a task, reviving in overall would be - too hard, too narrow possibility to get revived, even if rather balanced at the doctor-side, since if the newcrit braindeath happens there is just one way to be revived, altered cloning (or SR). Ways to work around? Some quick thoughts: retain the newcrit, but buff defibs so that they could revive dead again - if certain conditions are met, namely, if patient's brain damage, which was the cause of the death, is treated inside certain window of time. Like, three to five minutes. In the previous system, reviving was already prevented if brain was damaged enough... or was it just with slimecores? About cloning, it is cloning and I'd like to see it reworked due it is that straightforward. But if there was an another way to deal with the dead in the newcrit system, than just cloning, it could wait (again echoing Positronic Repositry). Got to get more into medbay, interesting things overall.
  15. 1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven; Ecclestiastes 3. EDIT So I'm late again, so make it 2 nerds not being productive and posting into this thread.