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  1. My favourite job is probably the barber...because i love impersonating people...and do surgeries with pens, forks and mouse traps... Cooking stuff is fun too i guess... Science...especially telescience...the "telescience" first i really tried hard by finding coordinates, carefully calculating everything and i just take approximate coordinates and hope for the best, sometimes it works, sometimes i get teleported into time i got teleported into the permabrig with vampires, good thing i mostly play as an IPC and i had a bloodpack on me Recently got some fun out of wardening it's pretty relaxing half of the time
  2. This is a hard one... I guess it all depends on my mentality at the moment, sometimes i am more like one character, sometimes the other or the other way around... Also i am sadly not a robot *beep *boop About as useless in the game as i am IRL Guess the most common thing between me and my characters is keeping up appearances and i guess the fact that i dont really care about anything.
  3. This... Just this one thing... It just went on my here i am...
  4. Orrr...instead of building a table and things, just have a bodybag around with you, place it and drag to the tile you want to go and drag yourself on it can be pretty fast actually Also if you want to get to the other department you need a friend and some plastic flaps, basically you lay down and some person drags you under the flaps. You stand up and drag your friend with you, boom two of you are in there.
  5. me... Wonder if it was a space cow that killed him
  6. To be honest i dont like cloning at all, not because it is unrealistic or for moral reasons, mostly because it is just too easy and people just throw still revivable people in the cloner not even trying to bother and save someone, just because it is easier to just press a few buttons and not as time-consuming as surgery. Would be actually fun to see something like the starship troopers version of reviving people...where you just get the body, throw it in the tank and then it gets sewn back over some time with biomass. (Ughh starship troopers were so good...) And i liked SR the way it was pretty much, but if it was to be removed why cant we add something to cure the rotting of bodies (Starship troopers healing tanks...) and then just slap the new heart instead of the necrotised one to revive one of the unclonables? Would be nice and no magic required pretty much...i mean it might take about 5-10 minutes but that is what you get for dying and since it is a part of the negatives the race has.
  7. As for the AI i think the B.O.R.I.S cyborg module or whatever it is called might be a nice choice. Basically it lets an AI take control of a borg/shell with such a module giving an AI a physical body it can control and leave it whenever it wants to do AI things. Not sure if you have one of those in the code but i am certain TG has it. Not sure how it will play out but i am sure it could be fun for the AI players.
  8. I would rather see some shenanigans like cursed hearts and artifact like a changestone...perhaps some admin drinks like Dragons Breath which would be nice... Bluespace pod capsules sounds like a lot of fun as well... Perhaps make it so it is not always Sol Traders but something thematical...for instance Magic traders trade magic items like cursed hearts tarrot cards etc.Then there are science traders that trade teleguns and other scifi things. Someone who trades rare chemicals like gravedust and nanites. *shrug a lot of fun things you can do with the traders to be honest
  9. I mean just visually it would be better for a crusader wearing armor guy to have a shield instead of a staff just to fit in with the theme but it would need some spriting. As for abilities perhaps make them weapon exclusive? Something like dark blessing lets you spray blood around you blinding people/causing some minor burn damage and will use some of your blood as a payment...pitchfork perhaps let's you set someone on fire causing you burn damage?Dark blade...spreads the glory of the dark gods? Dark energy sword...well this is quite a hard one...perhaps lets you use force (aka telekinesis) for some time and as a drawback makes you very vulnerable to the highground:D I mean i think it would be fine if evil chaplains had some of those abilities just for a show and not really effective in a fight because it would harm them more then their opponent. So just make chaplains have those cool abilities but if they abuse them a lot they end up ded. *shrug
  10. I think evil or dark chaplains should be all about that sacrifice. So how about make evil chaplains sacrifice their own health when they attack with their dark blessing? perhaps each attack with a dark blessing has a chance/deals internal organ damage? Perhaps make evil chaplains have some sort of an illness that progresses each time they use their thing? My personal favorite is that some of evil chaplain weapons would require perhaps blood to be useful? And not a tiny amount of it, i imagine something like a 1000 unit pool of blood that a weapon can store and will consume a 100 units of it per hit, if it runs out it will use chaplains blood. So basically chaplain wont be able to fill his weapon by himself or it would take pretty long and it would be risky to use it without filling since it takes so much blood.Plus chaplain would need followers that could help with the blood...or a chapel full of dead monkeys... As to how to refill your weapon...i guess you could use a beaker...or be fancy and make it absorb blood from bleeding people. Neutral chaplain should probably have a shield instead of a staff, and bragging about how he lost his sword somewhere and now only has a shield... Well anyway those were my dumb ideas on this topic.
  11. Ahh come on! Well i was pretty sure you could implant a disk into the clown but ohh well...
  12. Yeah i always love some disabilities. For example: Poor radiation protection; Poor wiring making you suddenly combust... Would be actually nice if IPCs got internal organs at character creation screen as well, so you could choose batteries and ways to charge them. For instance your arm recharger could be swapped for a synthanol burner...or a fucking steam engine that would require water and wood to recharge you...perhaps solar panels on your head working from light... perhaps a thermal generator that works of the temperature in the room... Maybe detachable batteries like in the terminator!(Exept the explosion part).The possibilities are endless! To me the recharger in your right arm is a secondary recharging tool because i play an IPC without a right arm. It wont really be that big of a deal actually and will add some fun to recharging (IPCs getting drunk for a REASON! YAY!). Would be nice but too complicated for nothing i guess...
  13. IPC genetics wont happen because too snowflaky to make a system just for one race to use.
  14. IPCs had quite a bit of flaws such as EMPs, their fragility and unability to get useful chems which is countered by harmful ones, but i am still thinking the oil is just lame in general...why would IPCs have oil in them in the first place? I just hate that machines have some sort of blood level that is just like organics...also dionas that can take you blood samples...somehow. I loved playing IPCs because they didnt have any blood and you could look down on organics bleeding everywhere spreading this filth but now IPCs leave even more mess... i kind of like the idea of oil...but i really hate oil...WHY DO IPCS HAVE IT? So now the only race without blood is dionas... Also not reattaching but detaching limbs instead, lowering overall damage to the IPC allowing them a chance to get out of the crit and would be quite unique and unlike slimes who can regrow them...(Just imagining IPC prison escapes using their legs as weapons...not that those didnt happen before...)