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  1. Cargo. Its like a russian roulette, the CT and the QM may or may not be incompetent jerks
  2. I play IPC medical because I hate myself too much and is a pretty good job for a toaster I play slime sec because they are IPCs without the whole sucking, and being one of the best races currently they fit pretty well in security. I play grey captain because I saw one of neca's greys playing special ops officer and I loved it
  3. nuthing personnel kidd -Azul
  4. Poltergeist: Random items gain sentience and start attacking and destroying the station and its assets
  5. I, honestly, have never been denied cable or a welding tool as an IPC. Even when people ask why, just telling them that you need it for healing yourself will be enough. I also have always found welding tools, they are not super rare, they even spawn at arrivals. Also having a welding tool that can practically be an infinite brute healing and also an easy tool for trespassing uppon spawning is a no no.
  6. That would be the equivalent of having brute packs, burn packs and 50u of blood in your emergency box, which would be unbalanced.
  7. I like the first suggestion, but not because that way people will win more karma or the system will get fixed or anything like that. Is just because sometimes I really liked two characters and I can only give karma to one which makes the little baby jesus and me sad.
  8. Remember that you, as a chaplain, are not supposed to fight shadowlings/cults/vampires unless you become part of sec. The abilities given to you are also for the sake of RP, a chaplain should be scary for a vampire just like in the movies and they should also be one of the enemies of the cult as they workship another god.
  9. The weapons are not actually for combat purposes but for RP purposes. Having multiple reskins of the same weapons is made so you can choose the skin that sticks better with your religion.
  10. I...dislike the water slip nerf, I don't believe is something that needs to be touched here, as water is an easily accessible slipping resource and, unlike lube, is actually balanced. Giving people even more reasons to use lube instead is not something I am ok with. Tho making advanced mops use space cleaner and filling the water tank in the janitorial closet with said Reagent would probably be a better option. Being able to order more pimpins janirides would also be cool. I am against the whole nerfing the floor buffer to force janitors to use the other inferior tools, why don't you try giving them a better function instead? I would like to say, that janitors job is just simple, you clean. There is nothing much to do there, you just clean and clean, and it should be one of rhe easiest job on the station. Requiring more than 2 braincells to play the job aka adding more difficulty to fulfill the role is something I dislike.
  11. I suggested it long ago, when emergency boxes got customized, and I got that response.