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  1. I think their objective is already just surviving.
  2. I dislike it, borers relation with crew is a simbiotic one and the objectives will only cause borers to get instantly valid or people to get griefed by and because of them.
  3. To be honest, in my experience, I just had a problem with someone getting up once, and of course was slime vs immortal human so I died. Most of the times, people just stay on the floor unconscious during an excessive amount of time until they die due to RNG.
  4. I mean, if a person has a gun or a knife and you only have your punches, then the fight should probably be one-sided don't have a weapon. What people in newcrit do now is either permakilling (spacing, debraining) as it is faster and prevents you from getting back into the fight or simply using stunning weapons which also still makes combat one-sided as you cannot counter a stunlock. In my opinion, even with 300 health it would be a bit annoying, as now you would need 5 shoots of .375 to kill, which would still mean an entire magazine to down someone (or several hits of the weapon), it is better than being inmortal until RNG decides to kill you, and probably way less frustrating but is not much better.
  5. -Crewsimov -Green -Extended without admins -Calmed, few greytides are arguing about burning down "furries" and there is a diona nymph biting people randomly, getting killed, respawning as another one and repeating. -a sec borg is present and BeanOS is somewhere talking as a vox (yaya) -AI, henceforth, talk only in rhymes.
  6. Space law is meant to be interpreted following its bases of course. If the wiki does not list any other composition c4 then it would probably be possession of a weapon, if you have any doubts regarding the wiki or space law and such, F1 mentorhelp, they will help you, if they don't answer, try submitting another ticket later. Also shitcurity is a meme and sec in general is very frustrating to play sometimes because of the amount of shit you have to deal with, either you can stand the stress and have fun or you can't, burn out and stop playing sec.
  7. I also think this could be quite useful, But I would suggest it being some kind of upgrade.
  8. Hey henk, you could always take a screenshot of the conversation. Is something I like to do when I ask for permission just In case something similar happens.
  9. Sup, Welf Mo'shew. Recently we have had a lot of new cadets in security, any advise you want to give to our new trainees? Also put a shirt on you cunt. -Azul.
  10. I would define rurik, slith and althalos like "Always the Antag"
  11. I think this is just a joke guide. Or a good guide to Subvert the AI.
  12. AMA: Artificial Multitask Automation Azul: Badass Because Sunglasses Firak: Got Me Banned Xrim: Cheerful And Depressed
  13. Because sec is who deals with the shitters and the antags of the round.