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  1. And even then sometimes admins are too busy to answer said fax. At least that happened to me once, after an entire hour trying to get that fax machine.
  2. I think Moi has them coded but need sprites
  3. Brought another giant cluwne, enjoy
  4. you normally don't need to send anything to any departament and the megaphone is much much much better. I always try to steal one.
  5. This is what happens when you "defeat" a floor cluwne. Do not fart in bibles guys.
  6. A spanish youtuber made a top 14 games that are almost free, and ss13 was one of those games. I wanted to play with a discord server I was member of, but in the end I just started played alone and got pretty addicted to this silly 2d spess men game.
  7. >Round start, I think Imma play roboticist, because I have recently seen newbies playing robotics, not knowing how to even fix an IPC. >Surprise surprise, my mate Robbie is also my co-worker. >Double surpirse, Im traitor. >I yell an audibly "oh god" and leave robotics for materials and usual basic stuff. >Back in robotics, my mate Robbie is making some medbots for genetics, we stare awkwardly at each other. >Soon, Robbie suspiciously leaves robotics for not specific reason, pretty sure he's an antag too. >I begin to build my first cyborg when a security borg comes to robotics. >I have a plan >Unfortunately, Robbie appears from nowhere and starts changing the borg's battery. >We keep staring awkwardly at each other, we don't know what to do, so we start making a Ripley. >In the process, I slip him a couple of times and I give him some hints that I was a traitor. >He doesn't notices the obvious hints, this is great. >Secborg comes back for upgrades, this is my opportunity, I grab the upgrade that Robbie was making and I open his controls, emagging and upgrading. >I whisper my orders, "kill the mime" >*beep >A new borg joins, sadly is a janiborg, but still is gonna get emagged. >The AI appears from the holopad, "why my borgs are not linked to me" >I tell her that's not my job and start ignoring her as Robbie is doing. >She leaves. >I go "for minerals" and hide my emag in the bathrooms. >When I come back, robotics is filled with sec officers and the sec borg is dead, objective accomplished. >They search our bag, AI staring at us. >Nothing, AI is having a nervous crisis. >I recover my emag fron the bathrooms, the RD is deconstructing the borg. >I make a new chasis, emagged, of course. >The sec borg is still emagged, the AI has no borgs linked and bridge got bombed, shuttle call. >Robbie is making a new borg, I have no time to emag it. >Cappy comes to robotics, he needs a leg and I need his hand tele. >Robbie starts operating, blueshield is warding, I'm buying a mini bomb. >"Hey captain look at thi-" the bomb gets stuck in my hand, I cannot throw it. >I throw the bomb to the opposite side of robotics, now is a hole. >I see Robbie dragging the injured body of the captain, I throw another bomb. >I fail, now the hallway is gone. >The blueshield accuses me before dying. >"AMA stop killing people" >"DON'T JUDGE THIS UNIT" >I try to leave in the arcade pod, door welded, bolts down. >A hacking fight starts between me and a sec officer, he cannot unbolt the door without screwdriving the door panel first, I keep screwdriving the panel closed. >The only thing that could end this is a bor- >The borg that Robbie made unbolts the door, enters the pod, cuffs me and spaces me as the pod leaves. >I deserved it. >Round end. >Robbie was my traitor helper all this time. >I hate him.