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  1. My guess is to be an indicator you have IB. If for instance you receive IB and it goes into septic wounds instead of coughing, there's no indicator of it until it reaches the septic state making it more of a silent killer. If I'm remembering correctly, internal bleeding doesn't provide chat prompts and there's no obvious sign of it with using examine. So if you manage to acquire it, you wouldn't know something is wrong until you start getting chat prompts from lack of blood.
  2. You're forgetting this is an admin only option. If we want to alter the effects of stuns on them we can do it ourselves. It shouldn't be a preloaded effect.
  3. I like some of the idea however a few points I'd like to make. Unlimited talisman use or talisman use in spell form should cost some blood each time its used since blood is needed to make them originally. Aside from a minor regeneration, I feel they don't need x-ray vision, arcane bolts, or strong resistance to stuns, same with the binding a slaughter demon to them. They're going to be exceptionally powerful already with the talismans and ability to perform most if not all but the summon god ritual by themselves. Yes super antagonists are over powered but there is still the possibility of killing or overcoming them, if you throw in too many perks you're going to make an antagonist that's so powerful no matter how admins play them it isn't going to be a fun time for the crew because its just way too difficult of an obstacle for them to overcome. If you add all these things together, I'd have to literally play this guy passively and wouldn't have an option to be aggressive since I'd wipe out pretty much anything I came across or would be able to easily retreat even if I'm surrounded, not that I ever would be since I'd be able to see through walls.
  4. The first suggestion isn't a terrible one. Something I do, and this happens often, is I note down the individuals who I want to award karma but was unable to do so, so that I can do so in other rounds since there are some rounds I feel that nobody really earned my karma. Second suggestion is a no-go in my opinion. Karma is meant to be a reward for individuals from player to player and this makes it less of a reward and more of a farmed resource. Nothing encourages the individual to do the job with the objective well, it only encourages them to do the job until the objective is complete. All in all, the karma system isn't perfect but it does work. I myself can go a very long period of time without receiving a single point if only because I play roles that have little interaction sometimes and really dislike playing antagonist roles so you can imagine it doesn't rain on me like a metaphorical monsoon. However I've earned a nice chunk over the year I've played, enough to unlock what I want from the shop. So it isn't impossible to earn enough to get goodies, it just takes a bit of time and patience.
  5. The pool's on fire too. In fact, most things here are on fire.
  6. Nah, no amount of space cleaner or water is going to clean off that blood stained traffic cone on their bald head or the gore caked tool box in their grubby insulated gloved hand.
  7. Its not up to you to prove definitively whether someone is breaking the rules or not. The point of alerting us is so you draw our attention to them so WE can investigate whether or not your concerns are valid. At worst, you worried over nothing and everyone moves along just fine. Otherwise you could aid in us catching rule breakers just by alerting us to something fishy going down.
  8. Yes, water is lethal to greys. So a portable shower attachment that sprays water on someone to clean them would be highly lethal to one.
  9. Sihsse's Tips and Tricks of Being a Professional Internal Affairs Agent First and foremost All Internal Affairs Agents must remember that your greatest asset in performing your duty is that the crew sees you as someone who is professional and can be trusted to handle their issues. If you act biased, unprofessional, or you lack sufficient knowledge in Space Law or Standard Operating Procedure, the crew are less likely to seek you out to resolve their issues or even ignore you outright. At worst you can be deemed a hindrance to productivity and may lose your position. Make the crew aware that Internal Affairs is open and operating. This can easily be accomplished by stopping by the Head of Personnel's Office and asking them to broadcast a station wide message on your behalf. Failing that putting up a few papers on the airlock can also let crew know that Internal Affairs is there to help, not as effective as an announcement however something is better than nothing. Get in contact with the Magistrate and NanoTrasen Representative.The former is your boss and can often refer cases to your office or asking you to keep an eye on things, your boss is also a very good source of information and will provide their own opinions on Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure when you're unsure of how to proceed. The NanoTrasen Representative is very interested in Standard Operating Procedure and making sure the Station functions properly, if you have complaints about a member of Command its always important to forward those to the Representative to handle if there is one on board before attempting to handle it yourself. They can also be an excellent source of cases should something between crew is brought to their attention or a department needs checked in on. Standard Operating Procedure: Guidelines for a better Station. Standard Operating Procedure is definitely important, however you have to remember first and foremost that they're A Set of Guidelines and Not a Checklist for Firing Someone. While someone can be fired for violation of Standard Operating Procedure you have to look at the context in which it is broken. If Genetics are handing out genetic powers to civilians without authorization, is it because they're giving them to friends for fun or is it to help bolster the crew against the Terror Spiders that are currently rampaging. Context is king in assessing a situation and the two questions you should ask yourself are always "Is the effect for the benefit of the station?" and "Is this action hurting the station and causing issues?" Politeness, the Strongest Weapon in your Arsenal. Being polite and cordial when approaching someone will have a multitude of effects. Not only will you often receive a much more open reception when asking questions and investigating, if an individual is being unreasonable and hostile towards you it strengthens your position when you need it. Nobody enjoys someone who screams and tries to flout authority, make sure you don't slip in to this category. Knowledge is Power. One of your greatest assets is the extensive library of Standard Operating Procedure and Space Law within your Office. You're expected to have a firm grasp of Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure for various departments however no single agent can remember every single procedure for every single department. If you need a refresher or you haven't memorized the SoP for a particular department it never hurts to carry a few books with you, especially Space Law and Legal Operating Procedure when you're hanging around the Brig. Legal Therapist with Paperwork. Sometimes an issue that crew brings to you isn't sufficient to warrant an investigation or even intervention from you and they're just looking to complain to you about it. Be open and receptive to their complaints, let them know they you're there for them and that you'll try to do something to curb the problem that they're having or even offer advice to them on how to avoid or resolve their conflict with a co-worker who is an asshole. Not only will they appreciate being able to complain but they'll thank you for your time and you'll build a stronger more positive relationship with the crew. Reputation is Important. If you're fresh and new to the Internal Affairs game, you won't get a lot of cases to handle. Keep your nose to the grindstone and build your reputation shift by shift and eventually you'll be known as that Agent who not only crew will listen to but even Security will come and ask for your opinion regarding things they're unsure of. With a good reputation for impartiality, friendliness, and strong knowledge in your field, you can even have Command seeking you out for issues that require your solid judgement. Demotions and Where You Fit In. A good Agent never threatens someone with demotion or demands the demotion of crew. If you believe an individual is a detriment to the department and is violating Standard Operating Procedure in a way that harms it, the best course of action is to seek out their Department Head and speak to them about your concerns. If you're unable to or they're busy, writing a simple report and faxing it to the appropriate Command member for their review will let you accomplish the same thing. Staving off Boredom. One of the biggest issues Internal Affairs have is what to do between cases. Brush up on Standard Operating Procedure and Space Law while sitting in processing. It gives you a chance to see how Security is performing and offers opportunities to give advice if you see something that perhaps a new Security Officer is doing that could be done better. Visit departments and watch them work, get a feel of when a department is operating good and when a department is operating poorly. You can even send a status report to Central Command if there isn't a NanoTrasen Representative to do so or just shoot off a pleasant message to inform them that you're there. A Final Word. Internal Affairs Agents are there as problem solvers on behalf of Central Command and NanoTrasen, you're there to make sure the station functions properly and that the crew are at least doing their jobs to a reasonable extent. A good Internal Affairs Agent can handle a myriad of issues on station without Central Command even knowing there was a problem to begin with and knows when to shoot off a fax to the big bosses when the problem is beyond their capabilities. Always exhaust every option available to you in contacting the appropriate Command Members before grabbing the attention of the big guys at Central Command. Having the Magistrate and/or NanoTrasen Representative add their signature and stamps to your report can also lend it considerable weight and show its something that needs their attention.
  10. BryanR

    mech nerf?

    Mechs are only as good as the individuals piloting them. I've seen plenty of mech pilots who got absolutely wrecked by Spiders, Xenos, and Blobs either because they got careless or because of a superior tactic in handling the situation. I've also seen the opposite since Spiders, Xenos,and Blobs are only as good as the player controlling them and sometimes you're just faced with someone who knows how to deal with you. As a Queen of Terror I've been trounced on by a Durand because it happened to catch me in a long hallway and I ended up making a mistake. I've also blown up a Durand and Gygax before playing the same role when I had more space to maneuver and with backup from other spiders to help bring it down.
  11. Make it an ability the player activates then when they're no longer on web it deactivates so the check process isn't perpetual and encourages lurking within the webs.
  12. In response to what you see as a problem. Karma isn't meant to be something you receive consistently, its something you earn because someone felt you deserved it. Being able to consistently earn Karma actually makes a worse system because its now no longer something rewarded its something handed out because you did x,y,z. It makes it less meaningful to receive it. Players are not entitled to play Karma Jobs/Races because X amount of time has been played. Much like the Karma Points themselves these items are rewards for accumulating Karma. We always appreciate players who follow rules and play the game properly, however you really shouldn't need to be rewarded for doing what you're expected to do to begin with. I can agree with the difficulty in giving karma sometimes, especially if you're holding on to your karma until round end and if you want to reward it to someone earlier it can be a bit of a challenge to find them. The Karma system is in place to allow players to reward other players for a multitude of reasons. Maybe the player being rewarded was the doctor who saved someone's life in a quick fashion and prevented the player from having to wait out time in death until being cloned. Maybe it was someone who did a silly prank and got a few laughs. Maybe it was someone who created something exceptionally complex and interesting. The reasons for being rewarded Karma can vary greatly since its at the whim of the players. Your proposal of replacing the system would remove a system that rewards players and implement one that just hands out goodies via checklist.(eg Player plays round until end, gets 1 point. Player has played X amount of rounds, unlock this job!). As for improving the current system, we actually have a verb that lets you award it to anyone, its called the Award Karma verb. If you use Award Karma to Player it only selects from those around you. Award Karma selects everyone eligible to receive Karma during the round.
  13. Glad to have you with us and even more pleased that you're enjoying yourself! A few things to help you get started first and foremost make sure you've read our rules. They're not hard to follow at all, basically boils down to not being a dick and to treat players how you yourself would like to be treated. Whenever in doubt, you can always contact Admins to clarify if something is against the rules or if something confuses you about them. I'll just drop these here as well since they're very useful for new players. The last link is exceptionally good if you'd like to make your role play more immersive with the universe that is provided. Welcome to Paradise!
  14. Not even that, it actually requires the kidneys to be in a specific damaged state for coffee to cause toxin damage if I'm reading that correctly.
  15. Watch it'll either be me or Tully who'll be playing the paperwork bastard during the event. Gird your loins people.