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  1. Just to axe the chocolate should be poison for Vulpkanin, because why not they're dog peoples, chocolate is poisonous to everyone the reason why dogs are more affected than humans is the component theobromine which humans can metabolize more quickly than dogs, meaning it builds up to toxic levels within dogs more quickly than humans, and also the ratio of chocolate ingested to body mass, larger dogs consume more chocolate than smaller breeds before suffering ill effects. Biology of Vulpkanin isn't necessarily a mirror of canines and it could easily be that they metabolize chocolate in an entirely different way, hell for all we know about how Vulpkanin metabolize theobromine it could heal them or give them super powers. Even if they were human sized dogs, because of body mass alone they would have to ingest a greater amount of chocolate than what a person realistically would or would have to each chocolate frequently enough to reach that critical level of toxicity. So yeah, adding it for anything other than "Lol they're dog people" doesn't make any amount of sense what so ever, hell it'd even be a stretch if they were "Lol dog people."
  2. I like the concept but, it only really works if the majority of your player base who like to play Security are responsible enough not to abuse it and frankly some days I wouldn't trust Security with an uncomfortably warm piece of toast much less the equipment we have for them now. Nice idea but it falls under the category of "This is why we can't have nice things."
  3. Just for the record, we're in the negatives now boyos. -3
  4. Welcome to Paradise, I hope your journey here to be filled with many wonderful experiences with wonderful people and I'm very happy that you've discovered a few in the short time you've been here with us!
  5. I was banned once because I was the cause of Terry's awoo. I [Redacted] which at the time I didn't realize was an exploit that if used can cause Terry to awoo completely out of control or context.
  6. TO WHERE?!?!? I MUST KNOW!!!!!!!!!
  7. Come one come all and marvel at the latest technological advancement achieved by NanoTrasen's wonderful Central Research Department! In our current technological age, the use of ballistics has become horrendously outdated and yet, for some odd reason certain organizations that will remain nameless insist on using this outdated and wasteful technology to launch chunks of metal at high velocity like barbarians! Unfortunately these same organizations have forced the wonderful and civilized organization of NanoTrasen to respond in kind with weaponry designed to nullify the clean, resource friendly use of beam technology instead! Unfortunately while we can simulate a defense against beam technology for the longest time the damage from ballistic technology has been difficult to nullify... UNTIL NOW! Introducing KRA-Armor otherwise known as Kinetic Redirecting Armor! Using patented technology, we've woven together a new combination of metals, plastics, and gels to create a unique armor with properties that absorb the kinetic energy from a projectile that comes in contact with it and redirects it from the object to be redistributed rather harmlessly away thus preventing penetration from the projectile and minimizing the damage done to the subject encased within. Now you might be thinking, wait... if it absorbs kinetic energy coming into contact with it, how will I be able to move? GOOD QUESTION! The combination of gel and plastic polymers incorporated with the highly secretive woven metal alloys allows for a threshold in which the effect activates, allowing for minimal kinetic energy to exist around it but preventing major sources from doing the same! However there is one unintended but serendipitous effect in that the kinetic energy being redirected from a ballistic projectile will cause the subject to be launched in the opposite direction of the trajectory of the projectile! Now our Security never has to chase those filthy criminals that shoot them as they'll be launched towards them almost immediately! Expect to see these sweet pieces of... Wait... what was that? ... Oh damn, it seems that the Quality Control and Safety Review boards have teamed up with the Legal Department to put a hold on distribution at the moment. Something about how test subjects can repetitively be launched into walls or even worse the ceiling or floor which will inevitably cripple them as they hit it at near the speed of sound. I say hogwash! Who would dare be so low as to shoot their targets with a wall between them or a thick piece of cover! Its just plain unfair! Until next time! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the latest technological renovations from NanoTrasen Corporation! Building a better future, for the sake of profit!
  8. Simply put, do not use racial based slurs. That's all there really is to discuss on this matter. If the player involved wishes to discuss their ban, they may contact staff at any time regarding it or submit another appeal for review.
  9. My friend who also plays here introduced me since I needed something to kill time and take my mind off of some bad things going on at the time. When I first tried it, I ended up playing as a Botanist and didn't exactly enjoy myself since everyone knew how to do stuff and nobody was exactly willing to teach me. Eventually though, I landed into the role of Chemist and instantly fell in love with the building aspect of the game and how you can do so much with creating stuff, even if everyone finds blowing it up more enjoyable. From there I was pestered encouraged to try Security but, not having a lot of confidence in combat decided to go with Internal Affairs where I spent six entire rounds reading Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure, totally not realizing I could do it through the wiki and well the rest is history.
  10. Here are some tips to being a good Internal Affairs Agent and hopefully make the job a little easier/more pleasant for you. Let the station know you exist, best way is to ask the Head of Personnel or the NT Rep to make a station wide announcement that there are IAAs on board. Listen to complaints people have. Sometimes all a salty crew member needs is a sympathetic ear to listen to why their boss/co-workers are asses. Try to be helpful, even when you can't be. If a situation looks unfavorable for someone making a complaint it goes a long way saying "I'll look into it and do what I can." even when the complaint is really dumb. Don't seek demotion as your first resort. Sometimes the situation can be resolved by talking to the person in question about what went wrong and work with them to fix it instead of chucking them out the door. Minimize paperwork. Paperwork should be for when you're conducting a major investigation, usually in the case of egregious misconduct of crew. Nobody likes filling out forms. If crew A is being a fuckwit and crew B complains, assessing the situation and talking will resolve it more quickly to everyone's satisfaction instead of getting a form filled out. Work with Command, they may not be your boss with the exception of the Magistrate, but they can make your life hell if you piss them off sufficiently. Don't be scared of Central Command. When an NT Rep isn't present, pick up the slack and take a bit of time to inform CC about what's going on with the station. A well presented fax just giving an update on how things are going can earn you some points with the big bosses, and don't be discouraged if you don't receive a reply, they can be exceptionally busy. Do not antagonize Security. Their job is difficult enough as is, be polite if they screw up and take a moment to talk to them about it, yelling at them will only stress them more and make it more difficult for you to resolve an issue on their end. Remember, you have fuck all authority on station. Your ability to do anything relies entirely on one thing, if someone is willing to listen to you. If nobody is willing to listen to you because of your attitude or if Central reprimands you for wasting their time with small stuff, you've essentially cuffed yourself and are little more than a glorified civilian. Hope you find these tips useful in becoming a good Internal Affairs Agent! As for the karma, that comes in time with being a good agent and trust me it is possible, I've earned a large chunk of my karma from being one.
  11. Apparently you need more time in the straight jacket.
  12. In my opinion the Magistrate's role should never include administering punishment, especially corporal punishment. They're a bureaucrat, a scholar, and a paper pusher. Once sentenced the Magistrate leaves it to Security to carry out the sentence as laid down and afterwards their involvement in the situation ends. So yes, I'm quite obviously against the addition of a whip or cane to administer flogging. I'll also echo the sentiments of Spartan and Spark, its quite inappropriate, defeats the purpose of the Legal System if you can get off with some lashes only to immediately be healed of your wounds in Medbay or by the Brig Physician after its over. Rules side, we'd end up with players who'd flog an individual to death, whether for kicks or because they don't realize it's too much, and then they'd end up in trouble because of it. So no, just a hard no from me on this idea.
  13. My original post I thought this was a proposed addition. I didn't realize it was already a possibility to do within the game. That being said, I may actually attempt to create this abomination though I doubt I'll manage to get more than one or two interested in being one just for the silliness factor of being part man, part machine, and completely susceptible to EMPs for death.