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  1. In response to what you see as a problem. Karma isn't meant to be something you receive consistently, its something you earn because someone felt you deserved it. Being able to consistently earn Karma actually makes a worse system because its now no longer something rewarded its something handed out because you did x,y,z. It makes it less meaningful to receive it. Players are not entitled to play Karma Jobs/Races because X amount of time has been played. Much like the Karma Points themselves these items are rewards for accumulating Karma. We always appreciate players who follow rules and play the game properly, however you really shouldn't need to be rewarded for doing what you're expected to do to begin with. I can agree with the difficulty in giving karma sometimes, especially if you're holding on to your karma until round end and if you want to reward it to someone earlier it can be a bit of a challenge to find them. The Karma system is in place to allow players to reward other players for a multitude of reasons. Maybe the player being rewarded was the doctor who saved someone's life in a quick fashion and prevented the player from having to wait out time in death until being cloned. Maybe it was someone who did a silly prank and got a few laughs. Maybe it was someone who created something exceptionally complex and interesting. The reasons for being rewarded Karma can vary greatly since its at the whim of the players. Your proposal of replacing the system would remove a system that rewards players and implement one that just hands out goodies via checklist.(eg Player plays round until end, gets 1 point. Player has played X amount of rounds, unlock this job!). As for improving the current system, we actually have a verb that lets you award it to anyone, its called the Award Karma verb. If you use Award Karma to Player it only selects from those around you. Award Karma selects everyone eligible to receive Karma during the round.
  2. Glad to have you with us and even more pleased that you're enjoying yourself! A few things to help you get started first and foremost make sure you've read our rules. They're not hard to follow at all, basically boils down to not being a dick and to treat players how you yourself would like to be treated. Whenever in doubt, you can always contact Admins to clarify if something is against the rules or if something confuses you about them. I'll just drop these here as well since they're very useful for new players. The last link is exceptionally good if you'd like to make your role play more immersive with the universe that is provided. Welcome to Paradise!
  3. Not even that, it actually requires the kidneys to be in a specific damaged state for coffee to cause toxin damage if I'm reading that correctly.
  4. Watch it'll either be me or Tully who'll be playing the paperwork bastard during the event. Gird your loins people.
  5. I've actually used it to create a replica to transplant a brain into. Rather than remove or rework ahelp it. Trolling with stable mutagen is definitely something we crack down on.
  6. With all due respect, this statement here basically paints us as always holding every transgression a player has ever made against them and that we disregard any signs of improvement a player may have made over the course of being here and really can't be seen in any other light. If that wasn't your intention to make us out to be such petty and vindictive individuals perhaps you should put more thought and care into what you post, particularly since it also doesn't reflect well to us if you're making us out to be your enemies especially those of us who have worked very hard to help those who do wish to change and be a more positive force for our community.
  7. @Dinarzad Allow me to take your statement point by point then. Players are well aware when we warn them since we get confirmation that they understand the warning, any of you who have been warned know we expect a reply. There shouldn't be any bewilderment or confusion about notes unless the player forgets the warning in which case maybe they should write it down since we will almost always note it in their file if we do warn them. Receiving multiple warnings from the administration team should be a clear indicator of a player's downward spiral and be enough for them to think "Hey, maybe I should change my behavior and improve myself so I stop being warned by the staff and I don't get banned." Having access to their notes privately isn't going to help this unless you're speaking that it can jog their memory of past transgressions, at that point I refer you to the fact that if their memory is that poor about this maybe they should be keeping their own set of notes. Notes are not focused solely on punishment, it is a way for us to share information with each other regarding either administrative actions taken against the player or if we want to say something positive for other administrators to consider. All players are given ample opportunity to self-correct considering its incredible rare for first offenses to be banned, usually requiring individuals to make multiple offenses at the time or show an utter disregard for playing nice with others and following the rules. The inability to talk about bans publicly is mainly because individuals 9 out of 10 times will salt about their bans. They'll complain that the staff was too harsh or that they didn't do it and that the staff has an ax to grind against them. There really isn't much constructive to be gained about talking about a ban to the general public since they'll likely not know about the situation and only receive a story, more often than not, spun to make the individual complaining look like a victim and to rally support against badmins. Allowing players to do so and then just banning the individuals who do those actions really doesn't change anything, since the individuals who want to talk about their bans publicly are usually the ones who want to salt about it and the ones who don't realize "Hey, I fucked up and I really don't want to draw attention to this fuck up of mine." I know I personally wouldn't want to talk publicly about a ban if I ever received one since it isn't exactly something to write home about. As for stacking the deck, there are staff available to speak to them regarding their behavior if they honestly want to change, there's absolutely nothing preventing anyone from contacting us and asking "Hey, what can I do to be a better part of this community?" Saying that being able to see notes and discuss bans will suddenly have the community policing itself and take a weight off our shoulders as prevention instead of cure hasn't taken into account the variables of friends and, cliques people of like minded nature who will not only agree with the individual that the administrator is wrong but will also reinforce the bad behavior, hell it happens even without the discussion of bans and notes being made available and nothing will really change that aspect. As for players who have been banned for oopsies so to speak, if its just a singular oopsie incident there really isn't a lot of work involved in the appeal process, it only becomes an issue when multiple oopsies have occurred. At that point there really isn't an excuse for them not taking the opportunity to change their behavior if they've been banned/warned multiple times over the same oopsie or just general oopsies with multiple rule breaks. Once again, nothing is stopping the player from remembering or taking note of their own warnings. They don't need access to administrative notes regarding this. Its very clear to us if an individual doesn't remember or doesn't care, the latter usually from multiple notes over a steady period of time The excuse of, I don't remember, is rather flimsy to begin with since it is a rather memorable moment to have an administrator contact you. I remember when I was contacted THE VERY FIRST TIME over something that didn't mesh with the rules over a year ago. Not only do I remember the administrator that contacted me I remember the conversation we had as well as the contents of it and let me tell you, my memory can be quite awful, I'd forget my own birthday if it didn't actually serve a purpose. The only way I can think of players forgetting multiple times we've contacted them, which usually is the case before it leads to a ban, is if they've grown accustomed to it and simply don't care. That or they're living in a 30 First Dates scenario where they relive the same day over and over again because of memory issues. If I can remember something from well over a year ago, it really isn't a stretch to think the average person can remember a MONTH ago. As for individuals who say "Well Bryan, what about notes from several months ago? From half a year ago? A year ago? Am I expected to remember that?" Usually no, those don't get taken into consideration if there's a large block of time between notes or when your last note is from a long time ago. Its when players start accumulating a good amount of notes after that long period of time we'll start referencing that since it either indicates A) That person stopped playing for the block of time and that's why there're no notes or B) They've burned themselves out and stopped caring. Giving them the opportunity to look at their notes and saying "Well, you didn't look at your notes you had ample opportunity to change." well, they're not going to change regardless if they have their notes available to them. People who want to change will change regardless if they have access to their notes because they realize they've done wrong and they want to become a positive force for the community, to share in the fun and the laughs and are usually genuinely upset that their actions have impacted others in a negative way. People aren't going to magically want to start bettering themselves because they can see our notes and be reminded of their poor behavior at that time and making them public to everyone would just end up with players looking at other players notes and being shamed, even if they are good players now and had issues in the past, something There are people who will use it intentionally to shame or will bring it up in conversation not with the intention to do so but ultimately leading to that same outcome, something that I am vehemently against. After addressing these points I'll leave you with some others. There are notes that as stated before aren't administrative actions taken against the player but opinions of the administrative staff regarding behavior that may potentially be detrimental to the community or a potential rule break. Nothing is gained from players knowing these observations and it very much can be used to say "Hey, the administrative staff hates me! LOOK I HAVE PROOF! BADMIN SAID X ABOUT ME!" which is only a negative for us because then it makes us out to be the enemy. There are notes that contain information about other players, things that players have said to us that we don't wish to divulge because it can open up the floor to other players not trusting the individual or ostracizing the individual completely because they ran to Staff to "tattle" on them. Nothing productive will come of this and the fallout from these actions would just create more work for us and ruin the game for those people who actively help and try to keep the server a good place for others by bringing these things to our attention. It can place a barrier between the staff and the player base as some players are friends with staff and we have to do our duty as staff before being your friend. Nobody likes seeing something unflattering being said about them and it could negatively impact the relationships we have with those individuals in the community which would eventually end up in there being a divide. As Necaladun pointed out, we'd have players requesting alterations or removal of notes which could very well increase our workload since we'd have to investigate the legitimacy of the note itself on a case by case basis.
  8. Hate to be pedantic about this but Shadowling are not a valid antagonist nor do I think the psionic should not be treated as a valid antagonist. Individuals seeking to kill the Psionic just like a Shadowling would be subject to violating our Valid Hunting rules.
  9. I'm a bit concerned regarding the ability of the player to give what I assume would be a custom objective. There are a lot of ways that this can be abused outside of what it was intended for since the player themselves can customize the objective and how the ability is defined the individual who receives the objective has to complete them. An example I can think off the top of my head is. This would give the player receiving the suggestion essentially a free pass to go murderbone Security. Basically a hijack objective at this point since the definition is entirely too loose. Rather than having the player able to set the objective themselves, maybe have it so that you can pick an objective from a pre-set list of objectives available that would work with the gameplay of the Psionic or like Abductor have it assign a random objective from a pre-made pool of objectives so that it avoids players abusing the hell out of this feature. It will also take a bit off of us so we're not having to double check each and every time this ability is used.
  10. Welcome to Paradise! We're very happy to have you here as well as very pleased that you're having a great deal of fun with us! I hope to see you having fun in game and that you have many wonderful adventures with our community. Here are a few links to help you get started so you don't flail around too much on what to do. Very important, most of these are common sense don't be an asshole to other people however it doesn't hurt to read them so you know what we do and do not allow while you're playing with us. A guide that will help you begin your journey with us in creating and playing a wonderful character to join our vast and varied crew. A list of various jobs you may or may not be hired in to when you play with us. Each one is linked to its own page to give further detail of the job and each job page can contain links to very helpful guides on how to do various things regarding that job. Knowledge is power so make sure you at least take a cursory glance. I hope this helps you in settling in with the community in sharing the many different adventures you will have with us. Once again welcome to Paradise! We're glad to have you.
  11. BryanR


    It'd be an interesting concept and one that I'd support if credits actually had more use than it currently does beyond getting stuff dispensed from vendors and the discussion of persistent economy has already taken place with the general consensus being that it'll provide an unfair advantage to individuals who are able to dedicate more time to the game than individuals who are unable to along with the ever wonderful category of people who will find a way to game the system and abuse it (see "This is why we can't have nice things.") Otherwise there's really little risk to gambling your credits away and if you really do need more you can get them through more illicit means. Though it isn't required for you to have them and its more of a convenience thing.
  12. Oh my seems you guys forgot @TinnCatt is an administrator! So not only am I kicking this back to zero where it should be, we can just dip down into the negatives as a refresher. -1
  13. I'm sure he's only sniffing it for freshness.
  14. 1. Double Team 2. Harden 3. Glare 4. Pain Split
  15. I remember the last marriage attempted, witnessed it as HoP. Everyone really did get eaten by a slaughter demon.