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  1. Sihsse has one title that fits him absolutely perfectly though few will understand. Spider Suite by the Duke of Uke and his Novelty Orchestra
  2. But we still love you for trying. Back to square one with you, good luck in the future, and next time don't steal my damned bacon. Even if it is sinfully delicious.
  3. Of course there is. Its a mime who talks. :honk:
  4. When will your commissions be open so I can throw my money at you for wonderful art?
  5. They start with this access because its entirely relevant to their job of managing their departments.They're also not out and about running everywhere, including maintenance, which janitors are prone to do. Once again, entirely relevant for their job and the argument that someone will let you into Medbay if you wait by the door can also apply to the Janitor's increased access. Why give him such if he'll get in anyway to clean? A janitor can still clean the station starting without the access outlined above, whereas if these individuals didn't have the access they currently do it would make it nigh impossible for them to do their jobs.
  6. There's also another problem with having the Janitor starting with increased access which is they'll essentially become a target for traitors to gain easy access to those areas if they don't have access and don't want to emag their way in and immediately get fingered as one. Just get the janitor alone, take him out, grab his ID, you now have access to every section of Medbay except the Chemistry Lab. Not only could they assassinate a target easily or sabotage cloning of their targets, they could hinder Medbay greatly just stealing the surgery tools from the ORs. It'll give them easy access to the gibber in the kitchen where they could gib a victim and well, make it extremely difficult to bring them back. I think the possible issues with Janitor starting with increased access, even just those areas, far outweighs the benefits of removing a mild inconvenience of just heading over to the HoP's line and asking for increased access which would leave a paper trail of some kind, if not physical then at least verbal, so if the Janitor's ID somehow gets in the hands of an Antagonist they'd have some idea about it.
  7. Coming to a station near you its the CEILING MIME Not to be outdone by their long time enemies the Mimes have come up with this unique abomination that makes its home in the rafters of stations. Much like its counterpart the Floor Cluwne, it hides an patiently hunts its prey from the safety of its perch, silent, unseen. Unlike its counterpart, it does not throw objects and will instead prefer to occasionally silence an area surrounding the target, muting all sound around them including incoming transmissions from headsets as well as outgoing ones. The target themselves will experience the effects of being mute, while occasionally feeling as if someone is staring at their back or breathing down their neck, while having the very air sucked from their lungs causing temporary suffocation and oxygen damage. As the Ceiling Mime comes ever closer, it will begin to box in the helpless target with invisible walls that will eventually restrict all movement until it ultimately reaches down and drags them up into the ceiling, never to be seen from and definitely never to be heard from again.
  8. Now coding in the OwO virus. The beginning stage will have the individual tremble from time to time and twitch, while occasionally saying "Wut's dis?" "Sowwy!" and "I'm wonwy." Later stages will include the effects of the previous stage and add minor brain damage to prevent individuals from doing complex tasks as well as add shouting "Hewwo!" "I'm just a wittle fwuffers!" and the emote <player> stares vacantly ahead with a silly smile on their face. It will also force the character to initiate the race unique emote from the vulpkanin essentially allowing all who catch it to awoo. It will be spread on contact. There is only a 5% probability of curing the virus by using ethanol, requiring the individual who seeks a cure to either be incredibly lucky or to imbibe large amounts of pure alcohol to forget the embarrassing moments created from being infected by OwO. It will also be included in the virus crate ordered from cargo so that there's a chance that a new virologist will unleash it upon an unsuspecting station. Have fun and... WUT'S DIS?!?!
  9. If my tail suddenly goes missing or is cut off SOMEONE is spending time in the execution chamber brig.