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  1. I will admit, as someone who plays a great deal of MedChem even recently, the changes have got me up and breaking out the closet chems to push atropine and oculine out for Medbay. Definitely more stressful but feels more rewarding as well.
  2. With the exception of Ammonia, not entirely sure on that one, those chemicals are actually available at the start in a chem locker in MedChem in 50u bottles, more than enough for a quick path to complex chemicals like Atropine which can then be used to make Oculine from.
  3. The scientists and medical teams of NanoTrasen have heard the pleas of the crew who are in desperate need of a cloning alternative as well as those who are upset by the recent model upgrades of defibrillators that have been distributed to NSS Cyberiad and have come up with a unique solution! Now introducing The BodyMaster5000™! No longer will individuals have to wait for cloning that is slow as molasses or risk decaying into bones if their body isn't quickly delivered to the hands of Medbay. Now with this new machine, doctors can print out a skeletal frame in which a brain can be implanted, along with the necessary organs to sustain life and even a customizable skin for those individuals that would like to retain their racial uniqueness! Primarily the BodyMaster5000™ will run off a combination of Synthmeat and Blood which requires manual loading into the machine before it can effectively print out the organs necessary for life and with additional modifications from your local Science Department can extend to printing out even exotic organs for Diona, Slimes, and even Vox, placing your life in the entirely capable hands of the doctors assembling you. Each Operating Theater will now be outfitted with a brand spanking new BodyMaster5000™ pre-stocked with a small amount of synthflesh and blood to allow for the construction of a basic humanoid creature. Get your own BodyMaster5000™ today and let the issues of death become a problem of the past! Warning: Product may malfunction if application of certain devices or emp shocks come in contact with system. NanoTrasen takes no responsibility for malfunctioning machines or organs that are damaged during the malfunction process. Product may contain bluespace materials that could cause unstable reactions if inappropriate materials are loaded within the BodyMaster5000™. Do not use BodyMaster5000™ if you're pregnant, expecting, infested with cortical borers, suffer from shadow tumors, are infested by spider eggs, or xenomorph eggs. NanoTrasen takes no responsibility if earlier less functioning models of BodyMaster5000™ are distributed to your station. Contact your local Chief Medical Officer or NanoTrasen Representative if your BodyMaster5000™ is not the model received. BodyMaster5000™ is to be used for the purpose of reconstructing bodies that would otherwise be deemed beyond being salvaged. Should BodyMaster5000™ be used to print bodies without a corresponding brain, subject empty shells have been noted to decay at an advanced rate, become hostile, and spread highly infectious diseases. If BodyMaster5000™ is modified using components not listed in NanoTrasen Approved Component Upgrades listed in NTC-83D42 your warrenty will be voided with the possibility of your contract with NanoTrasen.
  4. As someone who does A LOT of Chemistry in Medbay, I can say that it really isn't needed. A good Chemist working in concert with another good Chemist can easily produce all the medicine needed for Medbay to function for a good hour if not the rest of the round. If you don't let the chems you make go to waste, then there should be no difficulty in achieving this without upgrades. If you're the lone Chemist and you're good at your job, then its a matter of shifting between the machines as needed. If your partner isn't doing too great, then when you've used up all the energy and you're waiting for it to recharge, offer pointers to the newbie to help them pump out medicines that Medbay needs. If they don't want the help, then go out to Medbay lobby or the general treatment area to offer any type of support to the doctors. If you're working in SciChem you shouldn't be pushing out chemicals at a pace that outstrips your machine's ability to recharge, you're under no time constraint to offer assistance to a Department like MedChem and your actions should be slow, methodical, and keeping in mind the efficient use of the chemicals towards the experiment you wish to conduct. Upgrading an already pretty powerful dispenser will just make it so that its only really necessary for a single Chemist to do any type of work in Medbay, what's the point in hiring two since a good one not only will be able to stock the Medbay fridge but the Public fridge as well with any possible meds that may be needed and similarly the SciChem dispensers would be pointless to upgrade since your goal shouldn't be mass production of chemicals but rather experiment with them. Anyway that's my two cents on the matter.
  5. Gentlemen Behold! As I take all of your hard work in counting and reduce.... IT TO ZERO! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAHAHA!
  6. Departmental Protolathes and an ore silo.... Well lets start with the ore silo since that's the easier of the two. Public access to something like an ORM isn't going to solve any problem so much as create a new one, resources don't magically appear within it Miners deposit ore into the ORM to redeem for points. Lets say we remove the concept of the ORM and have a Silo in which everyone is able to access these resources. Instead of having Robotics, Research and Development, and Engineering competing for such things, we've now got a protolathe in every department that needs outfitted with all the possible resources that could allow them to print what they want/need. Now we have Medical, Security, Supply, Service, Science, along with Engineering vying for resources wholly dependent upon the experience and whim of the miners assigned to the asteroid. What this will essentially do is create a massive demand for the resources needed to print whatever is accessible to the protolathe in their department while the supply remains entirely the same. A problem I'm sure that will be written off as "Well, we can just increase the amount of resources that get redeemed at the silo so there's plenty for everyone to go around." or perhaps we should "Open up the mining asteroid so that every department can mine for the resources they need." One of which negates the mechanic of upgrading so that there are more resources available as well as the miner's actual need to work themselves if the amount of resources they bring back is increased while the second one negates the need for the Mining sub-department entirely. Departmental Protolathes is also a flawed concept since it still relies entirely on Research doing their jobs. This is of course, understanding that its just the protolathe itself and you're not throwing in a Deconstructive Analyzer and Circuit Imprinter into the bundle, you're still going to need Science to do the research and to update the servers before they become useful in any aspect. If you've already got a Scientist or two working on Research then there really isn't a need since I've seen scientists more often than not be more than happy to supply anyone who comes to their window, assuming that the request is reasonable, with whatever gear/circuit boards/components that the individuals want/need for their jobs. Circling back, this doesn't do much except remove interdepartmental interaction with Science as well as create an inflated need for resources to print whatever you need from the protolathe located within your department. As for restricting R&D to Science and getting the reaction "Well, people are just going to do it more." Really that also is a flawed idea, the people that did it in the past will continue to do so for whatever reason they wish to justify while individuals who have never done so in the past will most likely shy away from stepping over that line, whether its added as Standard Operating Procedure that the Research Director must authorize any form of Research outside the department or we as Administrators consider the actions of the individual in question in violation of our Powergaming policy. In either case, the consequences outweigh the benefits Comparing it to the "War on Drugs" is silly since it won't motivate anyone who wouldn't already have the motivation to do so which in this case is just a handful of people who, for whatever reason, decide its perfectly fine to create an entire R&D set-up. That being said, I've seen legitimate cases where creating a separate Research and Development department in Engineering was beneficial to the Station as a whole since the original department was entirely unmanned for the majority of the round but, that's a rare case in which they were working towards achieving the Station Goal as opposed to the usual case of unlocking goodies and centralizing the power of their department by removing the need to interact with others.
  7. Eh, there are multiple ways to prevent that from happening. It'd be up to the traitor's imagination.
  8. The whole issue with Engineering being able to build a Research and Development area itself lies in the aspect on ONE and ONLY ONE feature within the game that allows them to do so and this is the Public Research Console circuit board. If that was actually removed entirely from the game, something I wouldn't be sad to see go honestly, then all access to the Protolathe, Analyzer, and Circuit Printer, would be restricted to individuals within the Science Department. The only remaining loophole would be the Mechanic's own console then and unless the Mechanic is up for cluttering their office with RnD equipment they're just shit out of luck in setting one up.
  9. That actually wouldn't be a bad idea nor would it be too entirely difficult to implement something like that. A simple check on whether the Station Account has funds would determine whether or not the objective would toggle completion along with adding it to the objective pool would be all that's really necessary. Then it would be up to the traitor to figure out how to actually get access to the account and grab the money.
  10. We are an English only server. That doesn't mean that you have to be the best of the best in English since we do have non-native speakers playing however it does mean that you need to be able to communicate in English. If your friend has difficulty typing stuff in English this may not be the best server for him to play on since it is a requirement that you be able to communicate using it.
  11. The sounds of angry cows fill your head, hundreds of angry moos and grunts echo inside and the stench of meat fills your nostrils. Welcome to Paradise! Hopefully the blood in the Chapel will be from the sacrifice of Betsy to Cowtholacism and not your own.
  12. Straight from the genius scientists of NanoTrasen Robotic Laboratories comes the new IPC PROSTHETIC LIMBS! Tired of your robotic limbs always failing you when under the pressure of an EMP blast or simply bugging out after general wear and tear of every day use! Now no more! You can own your very own prosthetic limbs made from 100% WOOD! Exosuit Fabricators will now eventually be able to be loaded with wood freshly grown from Tower Caps where with the prerequisite biological technology level it can now print out wooden prosthetic limbs for IPCS! While brute damage modifiers will remain the same IPCs will no longer suffer losing the functionality of that limb from accumulated damage or EMP blasts! However beware of that pesky open flame as you'll now take a rather hefty bump in burn damage! In other unrelated news NanoTrasen Xenobiological Centers have reported finding a new breed of termite that have been seen among stations in the Epsilon Eridani system. Please report all findings to your nearest Research Representative immediately.
  13. Unfortunately you're on the naughty list. Now let's see that Christmas cheer!