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  1. I would trade for plasma vessel + acid gland You could also offer people xeno tongue and resin spinner. I don't think there is a harm in offering something like the medibeam gun, i stole Runtime and traded her for a medibeam gun on /tg/ during their analogous medship fargo event and it did not feel overpowered. Are you going restrict who can purchase which item? It doesn't hurt being a little more permissible during a rare event, misusing an item is going to get them permabanned anyway before they can say bwoink. This is a great idea, just don't be afraid make thing interesting and not an anemic decaff soy version of /tg/ medship fargo.
  2. The upside of zipties, as stated by the guy on TG who coded them IS that they break on removal so you can leave them on the prisoner and not give them a free set of cuffs. I would not mind making them stackable though. I would also kinda like if they were craftable using plastic sheets, i was actually going to suggest that on the TG forums. If think letting you apply them faster would be a neat idea but security does not really need more buffs on paradise where traitors get stomped round after round.
  3. Low energy. It needs a slip module, a vandalism module for quickly breaking windows, a theft sack and pickpocket gloves. 1. Engage slip subroutine 2. Engage zipties 3. Empty backpack into sack 4. ??? 5. YEET
  4. This works well, but i have stopped doing because it feels like powergaming and pretty much make the chef obsolete. One or two sips takes you from starving to well fed! Being able to essentially opt out of the entire hunger system should not be so easy on a medium RP server in my opinion and it is something the coders should take a look at.
  5. Just let us put atropine in the medical hypo, great for the paramedic and still usable in an offensive manner without being that deadly. I always put atropine in my CMO hypo. Or make a new chem master like machine that lets you create single use epipens full of choice drugs.
  6. The absolute state of paradise admins. I agree that slowing you down to walking speed is excessive but some slow down would really help both immersion and gameplay. If an armed madman is murdering your coworker you should not be able to carry them away at lightning speed.
  7. I agree that some kind of buff to the poison bottles are needed. 2 tc for a poison bottle is a ridiculous cost given how overcrowded the map is. Poisons are often not worth using outside a few select ones, clever mixes and the really cheesy ones(nanites). I think a poison kit that includes amantin is interesting, because it at least it prevents the victim from being able to run to medbay and get cured the instant they start feeling sick. Not so sure about the other inclusions, i have not tested formaldehyde much but sulfanol and cyanide are very slow and underwhelming on their own.
  8. I have been playing on tg everyday for a week now, and while their economy does NOT seem to be persistent even their shoddily implemented half baked economy rework is still vastly superior to the paradise system, this is best illustrated by the fact that despite tg terry being a very low RP server, people actually sell items and pay each other for services rendered far more often than on paradise! One of the most important features is easing transactions by allowing players to withdraw credit holochips from their ID by alt clicking it. Even their barebones implementation would be be a great addition to paradise. Thoughts on persistence: I agree that there are issues with a permanent economy. i suggest instead option for a semipermanent economy that resets after x(10,20 30) days. This would mitigate a lot of the issues such as inflation, extreme wealth imbalances and getting robbed or going broke is not as big of a deal. The IC justification for this could be that NT reserves the right to manage your savings and end up losing it all due to risky investments. This would still reward more active player and players of higher paid roles. This is a good thing in my opinion as this social stratification can foster RP. Of course in my ideal implementation, the player would be able to set two withdrawal limits one for their card and one for the ATM, this way theft would be limited but still possible. A player who mains assistants and does not regularly play might not be able to buy a full set of tools at roundstart but instead have to choose only the most essential ones, ask cargo or scavenge maint. Is that really so horrible? That incentivises them to actually take jobs assisting other departments and its actually matters to them if they are caught misbehaving and as a result have their tools confiscated. Poor player wont be able to empty the chemfridge but instead have to rely on doctors to treat them, is that so bad? SS13 is not an E-sport its a RPG, its okay if not all players start the round on a completely equal footing if it fosters RP. PS: While i personally would like to see this kind of semi persistent system implemented i think paradise staff are too conservative to attempt to any kind persistent economy as it would have a decent risk of failure i do however believe that some kind of tg style(nonpersistent) rework could feasibly become reality.
  9. You can justify anything if you set your mind to it. Allowing the use of the advanced pinpointer would made even more IC sense. The traitor antagonist type is weak as it is, when was the last time it received a buff? The server rules state that "you must work towards your objectives, not general mayhem." Given how limited antag freedom is on paradise, being able to actually have a shot at completing your objectives matters a lot. This change does nothing to the solo antagonist who uses the key to spy on the sec and command channels all it does it prevent traitor teamplay. That is not new or interesting in anyway.
  10. I am playing on /tg/ now while i am banned from para, mechanically and content wise its far superior in almost all areas outside of the medical and atmos systems. However few player make an effort to RP and many instead decide to constantly spout stale memes. Also the movement speed is far too fast. I've had a chance to test their golem implementation and its a lot of fun. I had a great time breaking into xenobio, stealing adamantine bars for golem shells and making my own band of plastic golem thieves. On /tg/ there are a massive amount of different golem types with varying abilities. Plastic golems can vent crawl and pass through plastic flaps. This not only makes them great thieves but also lets you build them a thieves den that is impassible to outsiders due to all the plastic flaps everywhere.
  11. I totally agree i was recently permabanned for attempting to get revenge on the HoS by blowing up his locker with C4(as a nonantag) and the C4 did not even bust open the locker. I have never bought C4 but when i find it abandoned somewhere it is almost always worse than useless. For it to be useful it should at least reliably destroy the thing you place it on. Many of these underused items could really use a buff considering the recent nerf of the syndie key and the sad state of the traitor antagonist type in general.
  12. Isn't the key S-class contraband that carries a permanent imprisonment sentence? It's not an directly harmful item and could easily be reclassified as C-contraband.
  13. That implementation would work really well with the codespeak manual from /tg/. For a few more tc you and your buddies could get privacy despite sec listening in. /tg/ Codespeak manual EDIT: I didn't see you had already considered this! Great minds think alike.
  14. You cant count on that, ive been taken in for questioning because a sec officer heard me speak on sec coms early in the round because some bald syndie got caught immediately. If sec are empowered to spy on the syndie channel, no one is going to risk this.' I agree that the item is too powerful and that it could probably be split into two items. However traitor does not need any nerfs, if anything many of underused items should be made cheaper or more powerful.
  15. This is a very strange nerf to a type of antagonist that already has a very low rate of objective completion. This does not affect the most powerful use of the key but instead completely kills its most fun and interesting aspect, more broadly this is going to severely cripple agent cooperation as this was facilitated almost exclusively through the syndicate channel. The reasons stated necaladun does not make any sense to me.