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  1. Ok thanks, I’ll just make a new account it’s not that big of a deal
  2. Is it possible to change forum name? I’m not a fan of my current one.
  3. I can definitely see where both of you are coming from, perhaps you could add a leader broad, so if there wasn't someone that stood out, then you could see that this person did did the most of this in their department, like which security guard made the most arrests or scientist did the most research, some thing along those lines might help people the didn't particularly stand out earn some karma that they deserve.
  4. I appreciate the advice, but I see the karma system as a way to reward dedicated characters, and if you do things in extra effort manner, and none of the server sees it, then i still think you deserve karma, for being a unsung hero, of sorts
  5. that is true, and is one of the reasons why I edited the topic just now, so I can iron out the flaws and make it better.
  6. I've received some feed back, and I think now I have a better idea. Perhaps there could be a leader board system of sorts. Such as, security officer so and so made the most arrests or this scientist made the most research. My earlier suggestion was to automate it, which on reflection, doesn't seem like the best choice. I'm changing it now because I think a better option would be create a leader board of sorts, like I've said, so at the end after the round is over, then a card would come up (somewhat like the current leader board card) and say "here are some people that may deserve your karma. I feel that this is a good option because I've heard a lot of people saying that they don't really know what to do with their karma, and this would give them a multitude of people to potentially give karma to. I rewrote this because I would like to get opinions on these Ideas, and so that I might find a good way to change the karma system. -DISCLAIMER: I did not write this because I think that it will get me more karma, I wrote this because I think that some of these ideas could genuinely improve the karma system, even though the likely hood of this getting implemented is rather low moby space.