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  2. Honestly, just replace the whole station with tables, people can walk on it fine and it will make tabling and slaughtering the station much easier.
  3. No witty come back? We don't like your kind here, go home helppleaseicantbreathe
  4. I just love this, however a lot of people think that giving karma takes one of theirs away, there should be a tutorial of some kind for it, and encourage people to spend apart from the tiny shuttle notice. +1, Sounds great.
  5. Nice idea, but one downside, people don't play atmos most rounds :/ Short and sweet, but could use some balancing
  6. This seems quite balanced, it's likely they have time to react and disarm you, as there is no stun on the "Lack of damage" I'd have to say that this is an interesting idea, and I give it a good "Yay"
  7. Ninjack_Aus


    It's interesting, however I don't like the idea of automatic surgeries, nowadays there is barely any work for doctors in the first 40 or so minutes, and for the next 30-70 minutes either medical gets overrun by reproducible antags like spiders, is full of blood or damaged or there is an increasing need for surgeries. This is the fun zone for doctors (Or the worse for more comfy ones) as it allows them to emulate a normal workday, a panic of critical patients, or a rushed surgery time, where a single mistake could be deadly from the lack of cloners. Autodoc is barely helping the crew in some rare cases and negatively impacts medical staff. I have to give this one a strong "Nay"
  8. I have mixed ideas on this, I don't support the militarization of command except for the HoS, however, the captain is highly necessary for the station, and is a very important target for antags, pickpockets, and Greytdie / Clown & Mime. The captain already has one of the best-coded weaponry in the game due to its recharge which is somewhat of a passive effect, so a defensive hardsuit makes sense. All and All, I give this a minor encouragement
  9. Honestly, jammers do sound great, similar to goons adventure zone (The only real reason to use telescience their due to the short round times) Although I rarely see telescience even used nowadays. I honestly just ignore it as the only person who can use it incognito is the scientist, and they have plenty of other antag methods such as chemistry bombs or the aforementioned blue space weaponry.
  10. A teacher for security officers would be great, I haven't seen much security murder on this station, although during the early days of ssethtide, goon servers were full of officers who smashed most people down with a chair, or prodded people with an off baton on help. However, this does bring the question of how to prevent abuse of this role, I definitely agree on the karma price, although why would people play this role, let alone buy it. Most rounds wouldn't have a security teacher because of this, they need some kind of incentive. Apart from that, I support this idea.