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  1. Also, perhaps the stowaway should start with a forged ID with only civilian access so that way they can used maintenance doors.
  2. That's true. Perhaps when spawning in, the player gets the choice of either spawning with their active character, get the option to edit their character, or play a randomly generated character. That would address the issue of recognizable characters being easily noticed.
  3. Occasionally, I see mention that people would like to have a minor antag role available that doesn't involve having to do theft or murder. This is my idea for a role that would fill that idea. The Stowaway: The stowaway is an illegal passenger aboard the NSS Cyberiad. They spawn somewhere in maintenance with just basic set of clothes, no PDA or ID (Or a forged civilian ID that, when examined, reveals that it's not an official NT ID. This is in case there're issues with security arresting everyone without an ID. The forged ID won't work with any machines or airlocks that are ID restricted.). They do not show up on the crew manifest, and have no bank account. Their only goal is to escape on the shuttle or escape pod without being in custody. Special Rules: Although technically an antag, they're not allowed to murdering people or performing grand sabotage/theft. However, they can break into places and steal things. Assault and kidnapping, although very much not advised, is allowed so long as the victim is not killed. You can use any antag related items that you may find, so long as you follow the other rules. Playing the Role: As a stowaway, your number one goal is to not be discovered. This can be done in a variety of ways; Use scavenged tools to make secret rooms for you to hide out in. Steal an ID and blend in among the crew. Strike a deal with a crew member to keep your secret and give you any supplies you may need. So long as you're not causing too much of a disturbance, you can do most anything you need to hide. Due to not being crew, you are likely not gonna get any help should you get attacked by another antag, nor is the AI required to protect you if their laws only cover crew members. So not only do you have the crew to contend with, but you also have other antags to worry about. So this puts you in the position of deciding between hiding from the crew but putting yourself at risk of a nasty vampire bite, or try blending in among the crew and risk being discovered by them. This role will be quite RP heavy, as your interactions with other people can mean the difference between freedom, custody, or death. Role Availability: Like any other antag role, this can be toggled on and off in the preference tab. Spawning of this role can overlap with most other game types, though may be disabled for certain game modes if there're issues. The stowaway is a random spawn, so you can go several rounds without seeing one, or you could get multiple spawns in one round. As this is mostly an RP based role, this could potentially be a Karma role if there's need to reduce griefing.
  4. So an idea I suggested a while back (Possibly being tested as an admin event first) is making a 'Supply Mission' station goal. Essentially, the station will be sent a list of items, resources, machines, mechs, and all sorts of other items that need to be collected and stored in a certain place (Likely the cargo warehouse), which will be collected and sent off station once the crew departs. This would allow multiple departments to get involved, as the requested items can vary greatly. Materials from mining, machines made by Engineering, mechs and special tools from Science, organs and medicines from Medical, certain plants from botany, food and drink from the bar and kitchen, and random misc items that anyone can pick up like vending machines. Of course, this cache of items and materials would be very tempting for anyone wishing to do traitorous activities, so security will need to keep an eye on the place. Engineering could also help by setting up cameras or redesigning the area to make it more secure. Command will need to divvy up the required items to help things run smoothly, and cargo will likely be the ones with the master list of what's needed. The whole station would need to get involved to get this goal completed, but once completed, NT will send an advance payment to the station in the form of 1000 cargo points, a large material shipment of rare ores, crates with rare or valuable items or gear, and/or special research notes for science.
  5. Name of Event: An Unlucky Day for the Cyberiad One Sentence Description: Someone really angered the gods (admins) and now they're throwing everything they have at the Cyberiad's crew. Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: Preferably during high pop (75+) Full Description of Event: This is probably the unluckiest day in the history of the Cyberiad. For the entire shift, (Or until the crew evacuates or sets off the nuke) the station will be hit by every single possible random event. The round will start with some harmless or helpful events, such as traders or sentient animal, but starting at about the half hour mark, the events will get progressively more and more dangerous. Viral outbreaks, borers, spiderlings, power failure, radiation waves, and more. This will also be the point where all the major events start to occur, such as terror spiders, xenos, and blob. Sure, the station may quickly devolve into chaos, but then you get the question of how all the ghost controlled event characters will also deal with the onslaught of random events. Will the blob overrun the xeno nest? What will the spiders do when they get tangled up in the space vines? Will the Revenant go around EMPing the swarmers? Only one way to find out.
  6. So far, what I'm seeing is that most people want option three, adding mostly RP based goals to borers. Things such as getting the host to wear certain clothes, perform certain actions, or try to collect miscellaneous objects. It'd hopefully give borers more incentive to actually work with their host and do things aside from keeping them alive and reproducing. With borers listed as antags, they should have a reason to live up to that label in some way. Although they are mostly harmless (Except for the trolls and griefers), I think it'd be good for them to have reasons to come into conflict with the crew so that they're not just outright invited into most people's heads.
  7. I agree that Spiritualist should get added to the Librarian. It could be set up so the Chaplain is for combating paranormal entities, while the librarian/spiritualist is for gaining knowledge on the entities (Think of the codex they use for getting information on Devils)
  8. So the Borer is in a bit of a tough spot at the moment. They're considered antags, but the vast majority are friendly towards the crew and are more often than not a good thing to have. I believe that borers should be a neutral, somewhat hostile entity that needs to be treated less like a pet and more like an actual potential threat to the station. Sure, there'll still be benefits to having one in your head, but the borer should be more interested in its own affairs than the host. To fix that, I believe the borer needs new objectives and/or mechanic changes. The first objective idea being Create and defend a nest till the end of the shift. This objective essentially requires a borer to find a location for a 'nest' structure, get a host there to build the nest, then have the host sit within the nest for a certain amount of time before becoming assimilated by it, causing the host to (At their choice) either be killed or turned into a borer (defaulting to kill if they don't respond soon enough), and the original borer to be ejected from the body. The nest acts as a permanent borer spawn, creating new borers about every two minutes. Once created, all other borers are informed on its location and given the objective to protect it. Unless the nest is destroyed, no other nests can be built. People infected with borers will be 'struck by sudden guilt' when attempting to harm the nest and won't be able to damage it. Essentially, the more people infected, the harder it'll be for the crew to destroy the nest. Of course, the crew can accept the one sacrificed crew member for an infinite supply of chem injector implants, but they should also consider the fact that the borers may hijack the crew if their nest is threatened. The second objective idea is Infect enough people to establish the hivemind/Infect as many individuals as possible. This objective requires the borers to infect a certain number of people (About 10, depending on server pop) in order to establish the 'Hivemind'. Borer telepathy will not be altered. Unlocking the hivemind will give the borers new powers that scale based on how many people are infected. Thinks like faster chem creation, longer stun and control duration, or a HuD to identify other infected individuals. The downside is that the increased neurological activity from the borer slowly damages the hosts brain. Now, the borer could use their chems to heal this damage, or they can wait till the host becomes brain dead, which allows them to assume permanent control. The other downsides being that, once the hivemind is established, the borer will always show up on Health HuDs, are are more vulnerable to sugar. The final idea I have, (Which should require minimal coding) is to randomly give borers simple miscellaneous objectives. No assassinations or grand thefts, but things like 'Consume a certain food' (May or may not be toxic to the host), 'Hug/knock over/punch a certain number of people', or 'Make your host wear certain clothes upon escaping the station'. They're borers. We know next to nothing about them, where they're from, nor why they may want to do all this weird stuff. These are minor things that'd give borer players more to do than just reproduce, and it'd make things interesting for the crew as people wonder why the captain is running around in the clown outfit while hugging everyone. If a lore reason is needed, it can be that the borers are 'collecting experiences and memories of a certain kind to benefit the hivemind'. This isn't gonna make all crew hate borers, but it'll be enough to actually make them disruptive to station affairs.
  9. I'm pretty sure there's a purchasable ability for malf AI that lets them construct a 'Robot Factory' that immediately borgs and enslave any living person that's put through it. I think that's covers the idea of the AI enslaving people.
  10. I do think pets should be able to eat. Though to prevent griefing, perhaps they should have a limit to how much they can eat at once. That way, all Ian would be able to steal is one taco before he has to wait a while before he can eat again.
  11. One idea I can see being used is to create 'Bluespace Inhibitors'. Essentially they are wrench-able machines that, for a bit of power, create a bubble around them that prevents any teleporting in or out of the area. Attempting to do so redirects the person/item begin teleport to a spot outside of the bubble. They could be set up round-start in places like the armory, AI core, telecomms control room, plus additional ones can be researched and built by science. I've seen these used on other servers, so they may make for a goo way to balance telescience.
  12. So with the amount of spells and items a wizard has access to, there're a lot of fun and interesting loadouts a wizard can use. I was curious what are some loadouts that others have used or seen. For example, using a classic: The Mind Swapper: Steal people's jobs, then blow them up. - No Clothes - Mind Swap - Ethereal Jaunt - Magic Missile - Disintegrate
  13. There're also some pretty easy ways of mass producing food. Upgrading the kitchen means dozens of food servings can be cooked at once, xenobiology can make slime cores that spawn food, engineering could break down then rebuild vending machines to reset them to a working state, and cargo could order replacement supplies. There' might be a couple minutes of panic, but I think it's a situation that would quickly be resolved.