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  1. Hell to the yes!! Oooh, maybe even let the machine dispense certain items based on the chaplain's bible or null rod. E.g. carp'sie plushie will dispense regular carp plushies, necronomicon bible will dispense cthulu mini, binary fedora will dispense regular fedoras, etc.
  2. These puns are tickling my funny bone.
  3. Those kind of jokes were DEAD ages ago.
  4. I would be satisfied with the oil alone. I often make a point of chucking out the oxygen tank and mask at round start just for the extra box room.
  5. Be IPC. Start gardening. Giant spiders announced. Have great idea. Keep bug spray on self. Giant spider climbs out of vent. Attempt to use bug spray on said giant spider. Nothing happens. Die.
  6. You should probably get some sleep. I'll watch your six.
  7. Hey! Welcome to Paradise Riff/y/s SS13 can be a pain to get used to, but soooo worth it. If you ever need help, feel free to ask anyone, whether its myself (keep an eye out for a robot named TURING), another player, or the admins. I reckon we're a good lot. Well, I am anyway
  8. The masked killer idea reminds me a lot about Dead By Daylight and Last Year: The Nightmare. Both good games worth checking for inspiration for this one. I haven't been lucky enough to experience one of these rounds (yet), but just the concept and reports of these has me hooked for the possibility of more. TLDR; I'm in love.
  9. Perhaps instead of water showers (which leaves puddles anyway) how about we give them a spray of space cleaner or something similar?
  10. Hey, welcome biba!! Always great to see a new face around. Ss13 is a *bleep*ing hard game to get the hang of, but soooo rewarding when you do. Look forward to seeing you on board
  11. I am really impressed. That is so cool!!
  12. I've always been confused why discount offbrand NERF guns would be considered contraband and worthy of getting you thrown in the brig. I've tried to order them for fun a few times in the past, and to have someone say "its contraband" to a toy is something I find weird.