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  1. I've always been confused why discount offbrand NERF guns would be considered contraband and worthy of getting you thrown in the brig. I've tried to order them for fun a few times in the past, and to have someone say "its contraband" to a toy is something I find weird.
  2. Been 2 long since someone replied. Why'd ya leave me hanging??
  3. If this were added, I can guarantee I would make a few scenarios. Even just a combat training course for new miners to prepare.
  4. I am, of course, on the side against this proposal. I also want to add this would completely invalidate the point of races, karma races moreso. "Oh, you spent 30k on vox? Too bad, you now have a random chance to play it instead playing what you worked for" Heck, karma in general would become obsolete. I, personally, struggle to identify 16-bit spessmen without a unique name attached to them. If I see civilian A saying some snappy dialogue in the bar, unless they have a name I can actually remember, I'll probably mix them up with greytide B. And if I don't give them karma right then and there, good luck finding Mr generic among the swarm of other Mr generics on the shuttle. In short, no. EDIT: Ever played D&D? The original (and best IMO) roleplaying game? Yeah, you don't randomise your character every session. You build on your character and each others. There's literally a bonds section on your sheet. The game would die pretty fast if, instead, you had to go from cowardly but charismatic rogue to boring, calculating wizard, then dumb, hillbilly barbarian. You would only remember and bond with characters because you can physically see the people playing them. Literally every other RP server I know, not just for ss13 either, focuses on having your character as one you build on and interact with, not randomly assigned whenever you get on.
  5. Ryel Faas - looney lunar lunatic Turing - arigato Mr robato Kyrran Shyamal - Greytide in training EDIT: Xuqxuq Qrrqil - sassy skrell friend
  6. Exactly this. I've tried security a few times, found it high stress with not enough payoff. Any way to make it more rewarding, or at least forgiving, would be a step in the right direction imo
  7. Breaking news! NT unveils new product: all natural Plasma-flavored Spessman's Bubble Tea! Coming soon to a station near you!
  8. Idea: doesnt the HoS have access to medals to give promising officers? And what if having the HoS' approval led to better gear, fancier clothes, and distinction from the rest?
  9. Pokebro2000


    One word: Lamp.
  10. Just had an idea: how about, instead of giving them immunity, we make ipc's take less damage from space. Thoughts?
  11. Personally, I would suggest following your gut/heart. Try out a few different servers and find what one(s) suit your play style and desires best. I moved to paradise from yogs(which runs on TG code) about 6 months ago because I like to roleplay a fair bit while also having fun. I felt yogs was too game-y. Don't get me wrong, you'll get that everywhere. And I haven't been on in a while, so I can't comment if the admins aren't what they used to be, but I found them to be great. But I'm getting off topic. Worst case, just bounce between servers. I still play a bit of A:CM and citadel every now and then; you aren't forced to only play on one.
  12. I'm a HONK purist. Henk feels... Dirty.