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  1. Just had an idea: how about, instead of giving them immunity, we make ipc's take less damage from space. Thoughts?
  2. Personally, I would suggest following your gut/heart. Try out a few different servers and find what one(s) suit your play style and desires best. I moved to paradise from yogs(which runs on TG code) about 6 months ago because I like to roleplay a fair bit while also having fun. I felt yogs was too game-y. Don't get me wrong, you'll get that everywhere. And I haven't been on in a while, so I can't comment if the admins aren't what they used to be, but I found them to be great. But I'm getting off topic. Worst case, just bounce between servers. I still play a bit of A:CM and citadel every now and then; you aren't forced to only play on one.
  3. I'm a HONK purist. Henk feels... Dirty.
  4. Sometimes I one-der if the final post here will be from an admin or not.
  5. Despite the necro, I think the idea still has a lot of merit.
  6. Funnily enough, it was tvtropes that got me into SS13. Was looking around the site and discovered Dwarf fortress, which ended up leading me to the ss13 article. I then proceeded to stick with yogstation before desiring more and migrated to paradise.
  7. I would like to suggest, rather than removing it, we give it a non-antag reason to exist. I think describing it as a solution without a problem is spot on. We need to give telescience a reason for existing. I don't have any ideas tho ?
  8. To be honest, I forgot telescience was still a thing. I thought it got removed ages ago. My initial reaction to this suggestion is against, but it did get me wondering what purpose telescience serves. Sure, teleporting stuff is cool, but why does science have it? Toxins makes bombs for miners, xenobio makes cores, scichem is both chemist playroom and testing chamber, robotics is IPC and borgo hospital and nursery, but telescience? I don't know if you even get tech disks from it.
  9. What Taac said. There needs to be a greater penalty to starving for there to be a greater impact. Otherwise, I'm all for this idea
  10. As someone who tried sec for the first time last night (on a cult round, no less) I would LOVE to have someone able to help me get the hang of things. Staring at the guide to security only helps so much.
  11. For me, it would be a close call between civvie, roboticist, or chaplain. Civvie because I love to mess around as a superhero (or supervillain when antag). Roboticist because I love helping IPCs and seeing how much junk I can make. And chaplain because (and this is purely my opinion, so of course I'm bias) nearly every other chaplain I see is either greytide with free weapon or DEUS VULT ALL THE [insert player race here]!!!! I like to think that me sticking as a "serious" chaplain will lead to both a better view on chaplains and others being inspired to get deeper into chaplaincy.
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