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  1. Warning: You will use my guide at your own risk. If you get permabrigged by security because you tried to sell them syndicate items as a librarian, it's not my fault. This is your disclaimer. Don't say I didn't warn you. Also administration might get pissed at you for making a system that might be interpreted as meta. This could get your anus prolapsed so consider strongly before using. Requirements for running a library store Catalog Book(s) with Item Value for both Buying and Selling Account Record Book with unique MD5 encrypted passwords for user account referencing and proving to the trader that you're the real shop keeper Store Application to apply as a Trader A book which explains the Library Store to players who haven't seen it before Optional items Change Log to keep track of changes in the books that are worth noting, such as an update to a price and what not Shop keepers you authorize to create updated versions of the account records (This will create a huge pain in your anus) With these, a player may create a shop that allows for cross shift trading. The way this works is lets say you start off as a scientist. You can take a box of monkey cubes down to the library and give them to the librarian for a few points maybe, depending on what the catalog says they're valued at. We will say one point for this example. Perhaps there is currently nothing for sale that you want and the round ends. The next round begins and the five points you earned last shift from selling a box of monkey cubes to the librarian, are still with you. Someone brought fifty sheets of iron and gave it to the librarian, which the librarian sells for one point every ten sheets. The scientist is an officer this round and needs to set iron walls in the hallway to slow traffic. They can turn in their points for the iron sheets or save their points for later. They can log off byond, go to bed, stop playing for a while, and still be able to come back and turn in those points for items if the librarian has them. The location the librarian should use if setting up a store "AFTER" creating the catalogs, is the back room with the desk. Just get a wrench, disassemble some chairs and the wooden objects in the small room, and replace them with lockers for sorting things more easily. There are only so many sections to worry about and so you only at most would need maybe eight lockers. You need to worry about the civilian departments, cargo, engineering, medical, science, security, the heads of staff having items sold to you, and even syndicate items which could go for a lot of points that might make it worth an operatives time and possibly help to set the prices for other items. Anyhow, use a spare sheet to keep track of the current points traders have, or use a wordpad on your computer to help when you need to update the account record book. The purpose of the account record book is it makes it easier for other shop keepers who are authorized by the creator of the point system, to operative autonomously and update the system as well.
  2. This doesn't seem viable to me, for many reasons. Top three problems: - IAA already have the ability to do their job, and even tell others how to do theirs, which largely consist of them telling security "this isn't SOP" on the security channel. Why would IAA need their own channel when they can just use security or to be "forced" like a head of staff. - Moving the IAA office beside processing and expecting them to behave different is just absurd. Even the magistrates who rarely get played always believe what mind shielded security tell them. Why would IAA even bother with people if they already don't seem to do so? - This would require a surprisingly large amount of map design effort. E.g. the entirety of security being redesigned, chutes, wires, atmospherics, lights, ect. Let me alter your suggestion a bit. 1. Merge IAA with Warden to create a new role, the Superintendent 2. Unlike the regular "Warden", there can be more than one Superintendent, they force the officers to process the prisoners while watching them to make sure they do everything correct, and they only answer to the magistrate and centcom, never directly interacting with security beyond telling them the time to put prisoners in cells 3. Warden has never had their own office and Superintendent doesn't necessarily need more than a sec hud, so keeping the IAA office for Superintendents is a step up
  3. Players need 200 karma to unlock the contractor There can only be 1 contractor per round Contractor starts with their own shuttle that has two rooms The main room is 4x3 and has the door to exit, the contractors console for managing contracts and purchasing a custom room such as a make shift medbay, ect. The main room also has a space suit fabricator that can create different types of space suits based on what the contractor desires, but, cost credits to use The secondary room is 4x4 and is a room that can be changed similar to the holodeck, but, cost credits and creates real items when changed Contractors can't do anything without a contract to do so and may accept contracts or reject them Contractors may use credits to purchase access for themselves, temporary access cost a certain amount of credits per minute while permanent access cost a flat rate Contracts may have either an expiration date or a specific task to be complete, which cost more than the expiration date Contractors may make their own price per minute and may end specific task at any time they desire, but, should base rates off what will give them the tools they need and more Contractors may accept contracts from anybody, even the syndicate To use the PDA for contracting the contractor, players need 5 karma for the contract cartridge Account and pin must be inserted into the contract cartridge in order for credits to be used The idea for the contractor came to me when I realized that the engineers don't always set up the engine. The hydroponics don't always farm. The blueshield isn't always around. The syndicate can always use a helping hand. Contractor is a role that would be something people would play and it would get the player more involved in every activity, allowing for task to get done that don't normally get done merely because people don't feel like playing the game while being told what to do. Contractor would be more likely to get things done, as if they don't, they won't be able to unlock much to complete any contracts and if they suck, they're not likely to even unlock contractor in the first place.
  4. If spacelaw overrides SOP, then crew members would have to be sent to permabrig during a nuclear operations round when they get their hands on class S contraband. Also I'v been executed by guillotine before and even made a report against the players that did it here on the forum. I was accused, but, no proof was around and the accusers didn't have mind shield implants. They didn't get sentenced for murder. Why? Well I won't deny that I was a changeling. There was no evidence of this. All I did was blow out the electricity around my department while a witness was watching, not a mind shielded witness. There was more than one person who "wasn't mind shielded" that accused me of this as well, as I did this around three parts of the station. I didn't kill a single person, trespass, or anything of that nature. It's not a matter or rather or not they violated space law, but, rather or not anybody was going to do anything about it, which is the bottom line of every rule on this server, even the server rules themselves. I witness this every time I play and it's a very common thing on how most online servers are ran. In fact in real life, there is pretty much a law that makes something illegal that you do without knowing it or something you believe that could be considered a mental disorder. Why do you think everybody is still out of prison or jail for the most part aside from a few people who are made an example out of even if they're just as guilty as everybody else? Because the system wouldn't work anymore, which is the entire reason for this power structure. I mean if "SOP" can't override space law, then most people would always be in the brig and I'd have already been permabanned for putting someone in the brig for very minor infractions.
  5. "Any prisoners that escape Permanent Imprisonment may be detained or killed on sight, at the discretion of Security." I mean if you do it, you aren't violating space law. Centcom/Admin > Server Rules > SOP > Space Law. It's this lack of understand of what set of rules to obey first that makes people confused about the rules. SOP has to be higher priority than space law for a malleable overriding of space law under emergency circumstances. Now if the server staff would like to redefine these, I would suggest allowing SOP to only be malleable under certain circumstances, but, enforcement is quite difficult and considered a local issue. Server Rules obviously come first, but, if staff tells you what to do, you have to do it as part of the bottom line. Security doesn't have to play paddy cake with a prisoner who escaped permabrig and I'v never been a permabrig escapist that didn't get the electric chair right after. I will however say that magistrate should come first when deciding who gets to be executed, before the captain, which the captain I see as the same level on who can authorize execution as the head of security. The reason for this is the captain shouldn't be personally executing people. They should be delegating task. It's not their job. If none of these are around, centcom has to okay it. If centcom doesn't respond, the prisoner has to be put in permabrig again, however the fact that space law states "at the discretion of security" leaves room for "interpretation". Obviously if you're just a peon security officer, you shouldn't be executing anybody you don't have to unless they are kill on sight enemies of the corporation. Because security is limited to their job and their job only, having people who escape permabrig be placed back in permabrig honestly is quite challenging, as you have to figure out where the hidden wall to escape is located at. Another issue is that if someone escapes permabrig without making a secret hidden wall, then it's likely true that you as a security officer made a mistake and it's kind of your own fault they had the opportunity to escape. In that situation, the security officer that didn't follow SOP properly and isn't a head of staff should be demoted. This isn't what happens.
  6. Space Law also states that I can execute someone on sight because they escaped or attempted to escape permabrig. That would be a conflict within space law itself and there isn't a stated priority in space law as to which order laws should overrule each other relating to some form of standard operating procedures. Breaking space law stated procedures states no consequence other than the feedback from the staff themselves. This falls on SOP, where SOP states that SOP is malleable. SOP also states "Breaching Standard Operating Procedure without a very good reason is grounds for demotion, at the discretion of the relevant Head of Staff". SOP never states if I can only take away from the SOP or add to the SOP. Because of that, in the case of a changeling, guillotine and incinerator could be something that could be done. The only in character consequence is if the other heads disagree. If the heads agree, then the only other consequence is a direct message from "centcom" or an admin message.
  7. Captain isn't a difficult job even if you hardly know what to do, but, playing captain wrong could get you banned from the server permanently if you aren't careful and thus, I'v decided to create this guide to give players an idea about concepts that are relevant to the captain, but, not necessarily a part of any other guide on being a captain. This is why I call it the "practical" guide. This isn't a guide on how to be socially acceptable, formal, or the likes, but, an intentional mediocre guide as to how to play captain from my point of view in terms of what I believe is practical and the thought processes behind it. First Concept: Crew Enthusiasm Unlike other servers, paradise station has enthusiastic and artistic players that will go around the entire station and redecorate. Because of this, it's easy to decide to run the show a bit differently if the crew is willing to try. Obviously you have to focus on getting the station goal done for the round, but, if the crew isn't too happy as individuals in real life trying to play the game to have fun, the goal will never be completed. If you go code blue or code red, be sure to talk with security and the head of security before doing so, as doing so will decrease productivity on the station because it will make everybody aware that there is a problem other than what they're doing. You can also lie to the crew to make them more enthusiastic. This isn't necessarily against the rules, but, centcom might have something to say and someone might get upset somewhere along the lines of doing this. The AI doesn't have it in their laws to be obligated to tell the truth. Using the AI to give fake messages for the sake of increasing productivity can be a good thing. These things can be the difference between completing that station objective and not completing the station objective. Second Concept: Customizing the Station The station is kind of like a car in some ways. You can customize the engine to the station, get science to fill maint tunnels with sepia tiles to slow down shady activity, get science to create bluespace tiles to speed up productivity in medbay, get new weapons researched or ordered through cargo, have hydroponics create an army of omnizine bees and extra their honey, have an army of phazon mechs to tactically deal with syndicate problems, and much more. Because of all of the ways you can customize the station, you also have to understand when choices are good or bad for customization. Don't try to force the crew to do something they don't want, as most people playing the game are doing it to have fun and telling them what to do could lead to a massive lite rp greytide rebellion. if you have a particular thing you do, be sure it's not seen as metagaming or powergaming. Merely "thinking" something is metagaming could make it so in the eyes of the staff and get you in trouble, so keep your damn mouth shut about what you always do, even if it is to rush science into replacing tiles. Third Concept: Power Choices Unlike power gaming, power choices are decisions which give you more authority over others than you already have. Delegation is telling people what to do. If you don't have someone to tell what to do, then you need to try and get someone to temporarily be promoted so that they can be told what to do. This is useful for head of security, as it's hard to find someone who knows space law enough to play the role without them getting permanently banned for abusing their power. Having someone executed without a magistrate is an example of a power choice, which doesn't require centcom unless the captain isn't on the station and neither is the magistrate. Security officers will sometimes try to commit mutiny against you even if they aren't antagonist. This is because they didn't read space law, came from another server, and believe the rules from one server is the same as another. When this happens, what you've done before this moment and preparing for this moment isn't power gaming, but, preparation for the stupidity of others. Some choices you will make will make people likely try to commit mutiny even if it's something small you did. This is why blueshield exist. Security and the head of personnel will normally not be very dependable beyond the scope of their departments when it comes to these things. Becoming friends with all the heads could allow you to talk about one head you want to fire behind their back and get that head demoted without any resistance from the other heads. This is a power choice. If you demote a head without the heads all being in on it, they will lose their trust in you. Letting the trader dock can potentially be a power choice if done correctly. Changing AI laws can be a power choice. Four Concept: Responsibilities Always secure the nuclear authentication disk immediately and place it on your person. This is legit a rule and part of being a captain. You can get demoted, terminated, or job banned for not doing this. Secure the spare ID and the nuclear disk tracker, then give it to the blueshield if present. If a blueshield isn't present, you don't have to do this, but, you can give it to the head of security or place the items in a secure location. The nuclear disk must always be on you at all times. You're responsible for choosing to go code blue and code red when necessary, but, nobody tells you when and what to do for that. Any head can go code red. Going out of code red in an emergency could get you job banned, so don't do it. You don't have to go code red when there is a threat, but, it can get you reported to centcom which will likely not amount to anything because it will sound from their point of view as a mere accusation. Try to complete the station objective, but, don't micromanage and don't demote people unless the other heads agree. Anything from centcom is mandatory and some things can even get you permanently banned from the server if you mess it up. Delegate at all times and if there is nobody to delegate to, make someone. Tricky Tricks Here are some tricks the captain can pull that could potentially get the captain in trouble with a few staff members if they aren't careful when pulling off these tricks. Mostly Controversial. Trader Baiting: Let the trader dock with the station after having security prevent crew from trading. Make a deal with the trader to tell security the name of anybody who buys class S contraband. Use it to blackmail those crew members into either going to the permanent brig or getting implanted and doing what you tell them as a slave for the rest of the round. Highly likely to piss off many people and isn't against the rules in its purest forms, but, can be in special conditions such as rounds that have an obvious cut and dry antagonist. Black Listing: This is where you tell security and the head of security to purposely ignore a particular member of the crew if they cry for help. Although it's against the rules to let someone come to harm as an AI, it isn't against the rules to let someone come to harm as a security officer and I'v seen it happen many times. The only proof that it's intentional or even hint is going to be the captain chatting with security about it or writing it on a piece of paper. Useful for letting specific undesirable crew members go missing, such as internal affairs, magistrate, other heads, grey tiders, mutineers, ect. Department Proxy Sabotage: This requires you, the captain, to promote another crew member to have extended access, preferably with the knowledge of security, to go on a mission to infiltrate a specific department and purposely sabotage one of your own work stations. The reason you don't do this yourself is because it's not your job to do work; Your a captain after all. This is useful for getting rid of toxin mixing, which can be a huge threat to the station when the mime turns themselves into a monkey and uses the PDA to blackmail you into giving them all your credits or they blow up the station. Be careful not to use this trick on virology, or else centcom will likely create gibbingtons. Surprise Department Raid: How this works is unbenounced to an entire department, the entire security force is about to break into and raid the department to find contraband. This normally begins with the AI locking maint tunnels around the department, including the exits and entrance. Obviously AI law set needs to be changed from ASIMOV before doing this. Once security is in position, security rushes in and the door is bolted shut behind them as they stun and check every member of the department their invading for any contraband what so ever, specifically class S. This is something that can be done in code blue, but, not code green. It will likely piss a bunch of people off. The head of security can also try to set this up themselves. Security Stacking: Here is how you piss off everybody and start a civil war on the station. Not everybody is enthusiastic. You need enthusiastic security officers to have them pull off anything or get anything done. Because of this, it may be at times depending on how poor the security force on the station is, better the hire more security with the head of securities permission. Clown, mime, and anybody enthusiastic on security will normally perform better than players who started as security because they are more willing to work in the position. This doesn't mean they won't greytide, but, if you're having trouble getting anything done, this will certainly help push things along. You may also get a few admin messages as to why you promoted someone to security officer. Customizing Execution: It's not in space law that executing a prisoner must be done in a particular manner, although particular manners are layed out. What is in space law is obviously giving people last words, having the chaplain present, ect. Customizing execution to something unique can be helpful for getting rid of unique antagonist, which is the purpose, but, it can also be something to ultimately piss someone off. The entire purpose of doing this beyond merely killing the antagonist is to give the crew enthusiasm. A boost in morality can increase productivity in many ways and make crew members feel more involved even when they aren't. This can however work against you if the security decides to use your method of execution to begin accusing everybody of being a changeling without any evidence. So there is a few examples of the tricks and concepts needed to be a fully functional captain on the station. Many people will disagree with me on these, but, many of those people will also never play captain out of fear of being permanently banned or losing their real life self control in a childrens game and abusing power.
  8. Oh okay. Thank you for being honest necaladun. For the record, I used the pakin generator for my last comment. The reason was because I felt the previous comment directed at me had ignored my points I was making and just didn't like the idea. You can close this thread now. Why the warning? ?
  9. I'm not an activist, and I'm not a cynic. I'm just a person who wants to turn random, senseless violence into meaningful action. What follows is the story of how Mitchs98 can be so rich in the rhetoric of democracy and yet so poor in its implementation. He doesn't want us to know about his plans to accelerate our descent into the cesspool of disableism. Otherwise, we might do something about that. No joke. Mitchs98 avows that he is a champion of liberty and individual expression. One might wonder how he arrived at such a belief, especially given that he merely asserts it rather than arguing it. Mitchs98 could have argued instead that he and his confreres have put in place the largest and most effective blacklist for ideas in the history of space station 13. The purpose of this blacklist is to rid various thoughtful people of paradise station and any other independent-minded people who might interfere with Mitchs98's designs. While such activities are merely the first step towards fostering suspicion—if not hatred—of “outsiders”, even if one isn't completely conversant with current events, the evidence overwhelmingly indicates that Mitchs98 is trying to get us to acquiesce to a Faustian bargain. In the short term this bargain may help us take stock of what we know, identify areas for further research, and provide a useful starting point for debate on Mitchs98's contumacious fibs. Unfortunately, in the long term it will enable Mitchs98 to develop a Pavlovian reflex in us, to make us afraid to criticize the obvious incongruities presented by him and his buddies. Mitchs98 has a staggering number of wrongheaded trained seals. One way to lower their numbers, if not eradicate them entirely, is simple. We just inform them that what we're involved in with Mitchs98 is not a game. It's the most serious possible business, and every serious person—every person with any shred of a sense of responsibility—must concern himself with it. Imagine people everywhere embracing Mitchs98's claim that his ruderies prevent smallpox. The idea defies the imagination. While the concept of broad-based peace and social justice coalitions remains desirable, Mitchs98 doesn't use words for communication or for exchanging information. He uses them to disarm, to hypnotize, to mislead, and to deceive. While this message hasn't provided anything in the way of a concrete plan of action, it may help us focus our thinking a little better when we do work out a plan. For now, we must spread awareness of the putrid nature of Mitchs98's words. I will doubtlessly be happy to have your help in this endeavor.
  10. Sihsee Zsak, you use the argument I'm using to state all the heads have their access because it's relevant to their department, same for janitor having access to kitchen and medbay. Also powergaming and metagaming is against the rules and you assume the games features should be based around the assumption that people will disobey the rules? If so, then why does any department have exploitability? the criticism you are all using is a double standard form of criticism and isn't actually making a point that can't be stated as being already practiced in opposite for any other role. It's like criticizing something already practiced as having the opposite effect then intended. It's like saying you shouldn't drink water because you'll pee a lot more often and peeing all over the place presumed to be a bad thing, therefore water bad. Can I get some real criticism here instead of just fallacies?
  11. So basically what you're saying is since the hop, captain, hos, ce, cmo, and rd shouldn't have the access they have now because it makes them a target? Look at paramedics, easy target to get into medbay. In fact if you want access to medbay, you only have to wait by the door and someone will open it for you even if you aren't damaged. Everybody is a target for their access and paramedics are the easiest to get because they will go to whatever corpse you lay out as a trap.
  12. You opinion on Janitor. I'v seen janitor stand by the medbay doors and just enter all the time without hardly asking anybody and sometimes janitor is requested or janitor ask to go in. It's really a pointless step because it just waste peoples time and doesn't really contribute very much to the power game of a janitor role. Security on the other hand shouldn't get all access because that's very intrusive and would allow them to mess around when they shouldn't. It would be to powerful and unbalanced against the antagonist. Most antagonist on paradise station get destroyed really quick anyway so I'm pretty sure giving security even more power is absolutely absurd. Science shouldn't get all that access because the argument of power gaming. Power gaming is the largest argument against most of these ideas and why it is a strawman argument to believe the janitor argument is the same thing Letting chef have easier access to botany would almost give the botanist no job. Paramedic should probably have basic access to all departments, but, not all access. They certainly shouldn't have security access. Why? Because security already has a medical bay inside of it. Same for the mining asteroid.
  13. To begin with, the janitor is a role on the station which normally only has one to two, most of the time one person doing the job. This isn't difficult for people to keep track of, but, a lot of maint tunnels seem to have very awkward positions and purpose aboard the station. This made me think, what the hell is there a maint tunnel next to security by the security escape pod? Not very many people, but, what if there was someone who could use this in order to clean up. The janitors job is the clean the entire station. As such, the janitor needs to have access to more departments being maint tunnels. The only reason anybody would argue against this is to "power game" over a single role that is easy to observe and can already be very robust at kidnapping people. Give janitor access to these things. The Chefs Closet Chefs Kitchen Medbay Surgery Virology (lol) And honestly that's about all the janitor really needs done to be able to do their job better while potentially being able to make matters on the station more interesting. It would be a convenient change in things without compromising the security and practical aspects of the station. Viology access is still viable because there could be the need to clean some surfaces there, but, the reason I believe janitor should have viology access as well is because it's fitting to Nanotrasens persona.