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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Joe/Jean!
  2. Hello all! Been playing on the server long enough now to say it's a pretty cool group, the right mix of play, and it's about time I should say hi! You know me on the station as (junior) Sec Officer Revis Owen. Yes, junior, meaning I'm trying my best to drink from the firehose in learning how to always be better in applying Space Law AND identifying and handling all the different antags, their characteristics and modes of attack on the beloved station. So far, 86 hours on Paradise Station. I started my SS13 gameplay on Goonstations with probably hundreds of hours amassed. Why Goonstations? There's a backstory there involving EVE Online. I would like to thank all the veteran players on the station who provide IC teaching and guidance. I definitely listen to you and am becoming better at the game. Watch for me to wave at you on the station, and wave back at me. Regards, Dan