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  1. Coming back to this with the updated PR of New Crit. I like the idea way it functions from medbay's side, having played as a doctor a few times now and having defibs actually work the way they did before is a major plus. Unfortantely their doesn't appear to be much of differance in staring at a blackscreen white white edges, Versus being conscious, staring at people mutely due to oxyloss meaning you can't speak, and collapsing repeatedly, helplessly due to shock/cardiac issues. Atleast, when it comes to patient care in medbay. I want to say for these changes to function well with the rest of the server's interacting systems, 3 things need to be considered. 1:Time spent in medbay. While giving medical something neat to do is nice and all, and making the medical system more indepth is awesome, I think we need to take in consideration how long we want people to be in medicals care. Each round is 2 hours, and how long do we want the average spacemans to be undergoing treatment? 2: How the new system affects combat within SS13. I honestly can't even begin to describe how much the new system really affects this. Antags are more or less unable to kill someone quietly, within a small time frame due to new crit. Whether you live or die, is now entirely RNG based as well, based on how fast you get treatment, before shock/cardiac issues kick in. 3 Medbay as an actual map. It's... way to small, honestly. the OR's are usually busy with new Crit, and theres not nearly enough room to treat the amount of people coming in, since you have to spend more time treating them. I really think the treatment area needs to be bigger, and maybe add a 3rd Operating room? 3b: This ties in with the map size, but more doctors slots would probably also help, considering how swamped medical is now with fixing people.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the way people will react to the new changes, is just building extra cloners? I mean, if the treatment ends up having more reliance on cloning, which was nefed, odds are they'll just build a second one every round, similarly to how upgrades to the ORM are expected by mining every round. I feel like if you wanted to make death more impactful, simply enforcing clone memory disorder, making anyone who's cloned forget what killed them rather then all the changes. It would make trying to keep people alive and not just straight cloning important