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  1. in regards to what neca said; If I think a PR idea is not going to get merged, I'll tell you beforehand before taking it on as a project. (And if I'm not sure, I'll ask maintainers). Also I usually ask people to pay me after the PR has been finished.
  2. Hello Para-citizens. I'm Floyd, a very active TG-coder who has made several contributions to a variety of SS13 codebases over the year, lately I have started to take commisions for specific feature / PR requests for money (to fund my student needs such as vidya and food). You might have not heard of me because I've never been a very active Paradise player, but I do have quite the experience with programming within SS13. Below are some of the big PRs i have worked on: Moodlets Ethereal (New race based on Zoltan) Clown Cars Food preferences (And disgust) Besides this, I also have the very talented MrDoomBringer to help with spriting, some of his work can be seen below https://i.gyazo.com/a26ca73c8a6ed726bea41ab64bee3c12.mp4 Essentialy, if you have any cool code ideas you can bring them up to me on Discord at Qustinnus#8423, or post them here. Prices are usually negiotable (Just tell me what you think you would offer for the PR you're suggesting and I'll see if I do it depending on how hard it is, how much work and if I'd enjoy working on it)