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  1. Tonight, I played a round as Chemist, and someone was given an objective to assassinate me. The assassin tried to grab me twice, and got stopped by security both times. The first time, a security borg came along before the violence could get started. The second time, I called out for security's help because I was getting dragged out of the med chem lab and murdered along the way. If you really want to assassinate Katlyn Hudson, here's how you do it: - Ask for help. No really, that's it. Katlyn loves to help, and assumes the best about people. She is sometimes suspicious, but is never paranoid. If my assassin had said, "Hey, why are you hiding in this locker?" I would have come back with "Oh, I was just in the brig for giving Space Lube to the clown, and I saw a Prince of Terror spider come through. So I'm hiding until the spiders are dead." If my assassin came back with, "Yeah, sec killed them. Hey, would you make me some Space Lube?" ... that's it, now Katlyn can be lured just about anywhere. "I've got a sec encryption key. Let me see your headset, then you'll know if sec is going to arrest you again for making lube for me." ... it's almost too easy. If someone grabs me and tries to murderize me, yes, I'll jump immediately to "HELP SEC! MED MAINTS!" on the comms. If someone talks to me and only does non-lethal things (slip, stun baton, tape on mouth, apply cuffs, grab headset, etc.), I usually say 'OW!' or 'HEY!' and talk to them. Katlyn also has some character weaknesses than can be exploited fairly readily (these are recorded in IC medical records); - Katlyn loves Space Cola, and it can be used as a bribe. You won't get All-Access with it, but you might get a tour of the Captain's office. - Katlyn is terrified of bees. She often tries to get Sugar pills at the beginning of the shift, to ward against a Beesease outbreak. In a round where someone needs to steal something from Katlyn, just threatening to open an apiary in the same room is enough to accomplish that objective. "Now Captain, I don't want to open this apiary, but I need your Deluxe Jet Pack..." In short, if you are really robust, you can just grab/kill Katlyn before she can summon help. If you are less robust, all you need to do is talk. If you do win, I'm not going to be salty. You'll probably get a karma point, unless I've already spent it.
  2. Pour one out for the 8-inch floppy, retired from the Air Force after 50 years of service.
  3. Sorry to bail on the round yesterday. DreamSeeker doesn't want to render graphics properly in my VM any more.
  4. Hard to have a conscience and be the Captain of a high-tech research space station owned by a Galactic MegaCorp with dubious moral standards. That said, it was amazing to see how many crew members resisted Nanotrasen's orders, both passively and actively. Especially in the face of an amoral AI programmed to "minimize the expense" of anybody who stood with the Captain. I was really disappointed to see this round end. It was *just* reaching the point where the whole crew was being asked to make meaningful character decisions. So my feedback to the admins working on this event: Make Things Happen Faster Get the Diplomats to the station sooner. Push the Diplomats to be more aggressive in stating their demands in the initial meeting. Get the Diplomats out to "meet their people" sooner. Ensure Easy Translation One of the tricky points of the initial meeting was that everybody spoke only in their own language. This made for good role-play, but made the meeting feel like slogging through mud; a single borg needing to translate for every diplomat. Again, speed ... make it happen faster. Provide a bigger meeting space (maybe a custom holodeck program?) and a translator/ally for each diplomat. Diverse Representation Originally, there were four diplomats: Human, Clown, Slime, and Machine Fillmoore and Meex decided Vulps needed representation too, which was pretty cool RP. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Vox, Unathi, Plasmaman, or Drask complain about lack of representation in some future round. If the station is too low-pop to support ~10 diplomats, it might be better to announce that diplomats X, Y, and Z were delayed and could not make the meeting. That way the other races don't feel left out; IC they had representation, but for technical difficulties.
  5. Priority Announcement Admiral Vasiliev paid me bribe of 1,000,000 credits to look the other way while the "Diplomats" sow discord amongst species on the NSS Cyberiad. He said it's OK for them to work the fields as long as they know who owns the plantation. Well, that 1,000,000 is now your bounty to collect each and every one of these motherfuckers, and put them in perma until the shuttle arrives so we can ship them back where they came from. This is OUR Cyberiad, and we respect EVERY and ALL species. Say 'For Nanotrasen!' on the Common radio if you agree and accept your share of our 1,000,000 credit bounty! -Katlyn Hudson (Captain)
  6. Don't forget to show people how to get their greentext:
  7. Yes, it is a joke. There were a few shifts that involved non-consensual lipsticking, so I thought it'd be enjoyable for the "victims" to have an overly strong law proposed against it, and enjoyable for CC to write a "Did somebody steal your stamp, or did you lose your damn mind?" letter in response. (The DDOS made standard crew vs. antags difficult to do, so I thought the round could use some memorable RP, even if the RP bordered on the ridiculous.) As security, I know it'd perhaps qualify as 102 Battery, but I'd feel foolish arresting somebody over it, let alone actually brigging them for it.
  8. 1 All-Access ID with custom job title Big Boy being worn by Korala Ice
  9. Code: 500 Image: <not available> Crime: Grand Lipsticking Description: To forcibly apply lipstick to another crew member without their consent Notes: If the color of applied is a crime against fashion, the offender may be sent to perma for twice the normal duration and/or executed twice, at the discretion of command.
  10. So, applying some SR to this thread... Does Paradise run DreamDaemon on a Windows or Linux server?
  11. My take on these changes to Space Law. The Good: I would like to see more punishment for Repeat Offenders. The way it's written in Space Law now, they have to commit the exact same crime three times to start racking up penalties. I'd like to see that be 3 or more incarcerations of any 2XX (or greater) codes. Get hauled in for 102 Battery as often as you want, no Repeat Offender modifiers ever. Get hauled in for 202 Assault, then later hauled in on 204 Possession of a Weapon, and then later still hauled in on 207 Robbery, and the Repeat Offender should start applying and stacking. I do think Sparking a Manhunt is good on paper. In practice, a manhunt is often conducted for someone already destined for Perma or even Kill On Sight. In these cases the penalty is obviously a moot point. The time spent on the manhunt is also a point of argument. I think this idea could be salvaged if Manhunts were defined as the HoS making an announcement, and the penalty was to double the penalty from the code (1XX = 0-10, 2XX = 10-20, 3XX = 20-30). Why the HoS would declare a Manhunt over a 1XX code, I don't know. (Hunting for Husky Biggins for a 105?) But determining if 'Sparking a Manhunt' applies (Did the HoS make an announcement?) and the penalty (What crime sparked the manhunt?) are crystal clear. The Bad: Crime Stacking Security often has a hard enough time getting it right in binary (Did they do it? Yes/No) Asking them to figure out the number of charges that get stacked seems too far an ask. Moreover, proof for multiple charges is complicated; Captain saw you breaking bridge windows; that's an obvious 100 Damage to Station Assets. Now there are four windows broken, each of the two greytiders say they only broke one. Captain says she saw one of them hit all four, break two for sure, maybe a third, and the other one broke one for sure and maybe two. She thinks it was the one in the green jumpsuit who broke two maybe three, but she's not 100% on that. Just writing this paragraph was a nightmare; now try to parse it and hand out sentences to the greytiders; while greytiders scream Shitcurity Stacking Charges! ILLEGAL! and a Mime is breaking out of his cuffs in processing because the damn detective who brought him in a 102 Battery charge left 10 minutes ago without telling anyone anything. Time Changes The 1-3, 3-5, 5-8 times are more complicated than 5 per severity level, so I prefer them as they are now. I think it also gives security more flexibility in terms of soft/hard punishments. For real jerks, even slapping them with 15 for 300-level violations sometimes doesn't feel like enough. Remove Resisting Arrest No, let's keep 109 Resisting Arrest. I'd like to see it defined as committing 102 Battery or worse for the purpose of delaying or preventing, arrest or brig processing. That is, breaking cuffs or running away wouldn't be a 109, but disarming the officer, knocking the officer down, or any worse attack would be a 109.
  12. I had a character on Oracle whose backstory included narrowly surviving a malfunctioning AI on a different station. Due to the trauma, she didn't trust artificial intelligence of any stripe (AI, Cyborg, IPCs, etc.) and barely tolerated dumb bots (beepsky, floor, med, etc.) if they didn't come too close. It seemed interesting on the surface, but a few rounds showed the character concept to be pretty shallow. It mostly ended with her in the brig for sabotaging AI cameras and destroying dumb bots, and IPCs wondering what the hell they had done to deserve being threatened by this woman.
  13. In my experience in Security and Command, vampires end up falling into two categories: 1. Discovered, tased, caught, holy water'd, (hopefully extinguished), and thrown in perma. Occasionally, I do see a vampire holy water'd without an extinguisher nearby, and the vamp burns to death. In these cases, I try as much as possible to steer people to cloning the vampire. 2. Very robust, very powerful, killing civilians and security with impunity. These are quite obviously uncontainable, and legitimate kill-on-sight execution targets. These vampires, being obvious execution targets, I do recommend for the cremator if they are killed. Security usually doesn't want to take the risk of another round of murderboning, and the EoC made their own bed by going loud. I think it would be a funny ahelp conversation to read: Vampire: Halp, they cremated me! Admin: You killed 20 people, a 1/5th of the station population. Vampire: So you're not gonna ban them? Admin: *facepalm*
  14. This is nice to see. The character I usually play (Katlyn Hudson) follows Space Daddy because there was one round (a Nations round, no less) where she needed to have a funeral for someone gibbed by a Wizard. The Chaplain on at the time was a Chaplain of Space Daddy. The conversation went something like this: Katlyn: I need a Chaplain to hold a service for someone who died. Genny: Most people reject my religion. Katlyn: I have no problem with any religion, I just want to honor the dead. Genny: We'll hold a service in the chapel. Because there was a Chaplain who took their time to do their job RP wise, and because they seemed to be a bit of an underdog in terms of acceptance, I decided to have Katlyn adopt support for the religion because it had supported her. Later, the religion of Space Daddy was mostly banned on the server; it strayed a little too close to the rules against ERP. Not in the sense that there was explicit erotic content, but it invoked enough discomfort for the admins to say: Yeah, No. Katlyn continues to follow it, in a "Replace the term 'God' with the term 'Space Daddy' when talking" sense. Once, it actually came up in RP. Katlyn was Captain and there was a Chaplain of Khorne who kept building rage cages in the chapel. Katlyn made an announcement that religious diversity was valued, but rage cages were against space law and had to be dismantled. The Chaplain came to the bridge to argue for the rage cages, with another follower accusing Katlyn of trying to ban the religion of Khorne. Katlyn said, "You think it's easy following Space Daddy in a Nanotrasen environment? Not really, but I make do and find a way to make it work under Space Law." We worked out a compromise where followers could beat themselves to fulfill the bloodletting part of the religion, no rage cage needed. So yes, I'd love to see more Chaplains who take the effort it RP it. And thank you for taking on that role.