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  1. HoP hands out All Access IDs like candy to almost anyone who comes to the line. Nobody catches on. HoP 'accidentally' hires a traitor to Security without checking with the HoS first. Captain reprimands me. HoP hires a Co-HoP with equal access without permission from the Captain. Captain reprimands me. HoP gets drunk on duty and slurs her words on the Command comms. Captain reprimands me. Captain discovers the HoP has opened 15 Clown slots and set the job to High Priority. Captain summons all the heads to the bridge, who unanimously vote to Arrest and Demote the HoP. Best traitor round that I have ever played. I regret nothing! :honk:
  2. Sorry to Necro this from six months ago, but it's a tricky one for me. OOCly, I understand exactly why manifest hires to security are bad news; they are potential Antags who might infiltrate security and do bad things. ICly, I struggle with a reason to deny the hire. In my mind, Nanotrasen paid a lot of money to shuttle all of these people out to a space station. I assume all of them went through some kind of background check. Because Antags are present, we must assume this process wasn't perfect and let some bad actors slip through. OOCly, we know people with a mindshield at spawn (start or late) are not Antags. ICly, saying that a mindshield is an automatic good guy badge is equivalent to saying that Nanotrasen is perfect at handing out mindshields to only those who have been supremely vetted. In this case, it makes zero sense for a box of mindshields to be available in security, because there is no possible way for security to do the extreme vetting that Nanotrasen has done. In this case, SoP would be that only personnel previously mindshielded could have their mindshield replaced. And even this is dubious, as I imagine Nanotrasen would want to again redo the supreme vetting to make sure that a re-up on the mindshield is appropriate for a person who lost it. I tend to agree with ZN23X that hiring from manifest adds a unique element of danger, surprise, and fun to the game. I had a crazy shift once where I hired two from the manifest; Parker Ringer and Dan Jello. Parker turned out to be a great officer. Dan Jello was an Antag with an objective to assassinate me, and actually did kill me *as I was attempting to implant his mindshield*! Despite paying the ultimate price for my manifest hire, this was a crazy fun round. Dan earned that karma point. I guess what I'm saying is, if preventing manifest hires and keeping security pure is what the admins want, I'd like a standard/stock IC explanation that I can tell people who apply. Otherwise, I want to continue hiring from manifest, knowing that I may have signed my own death warrant, but embracing that as just another reason SS13 is so much fun.
  3. A Mime, A Janitor, and a Head of Security walk into Brig Processing... Here follows a woeful tale of shitcurity, for which I take the blame. I was playing Katlyn Hudson, Head of Security. For me, it was a long day of playing SS13, including some rather stressful shifts as Captain. When I spawned as Head of Security, I thought "Great, I only have to worry about the one department instead of all of them." I must have been too tired to remember just how difficult Security can be. The Mime was a shitter, committing Major Trespass into Command areas at every opportunity. The first time I had the Mime in the processing room, I searched them and cut them loose with a warning, per the Magistrate. My Warden went to cryo, and I think so did the Magistrate. My _two_ Detectives, armed with lethals, out on patrol... (if you're getting the sense that the HoS was running a real shitshow operation, you're probably right) ... were half my security force, plus a security borg. A Doctor reports a suspicious janitor around the scene of a murder, so I mark the janitor for arrest for questioning/search. We're on Green, so there are no cuffs when people come willingly. The shitter Mime gets hauled in again on another Major Trespass and is sitting in the processing room, cuffed. When I get to the processing room, the Janitor is also present, not cuffed, and riding the Janicart. How a Head of Security hopes that it will go: HoS: Hey Janitor, please sit over there. I'll have some questions after I'm done with the Mime. Janitor: *sits down* Mime: *writes something on a piece of paper* HoS: Now Mime, you can't break into those places, even if the door is open. This is your last final warning, I don't wanna see you here again. Mime: *nods* HoS cuts Mime loose. HoS: Okay, Janitor you were spotted near a murder, so I need to search your bag. Janitor: OK HoS searches bag, HoS: Okay, nothing here. Sorry for the trouble, you're free to go. HoS cuts janitor loose. How it actually went: Janitor grabs Mime's stuff, including PDA off the table and stuffs it into garbage bag. HoS: Hey, could you sit down Mime breaks out of cuffs, begins Disarm fight with Janitor. Janitor joins Disarm fight, and Mime/Janitor disarm and fight over the trash bag. HoS: STOP!!! Mime and Janitor continue to run around fighting each other. HoS tases Mime, puts cuffs on, but misses the grab before the Mime runs away. Janitor disarms Mime again to knock them down, grabs trash bag off the table. Janitor: Can I go now? HoS tases Janitor, puts on cuffs, hauls Janitor off to a cell. Janitor attempts to run out of the cell several times. HoS: STOP. STAY HERE. HoS bucklecuffs Janitor to bed. HoS sets 60 minute timer for "Protective Custody; until the Mime can be processed." Detectives ask over security radio, "60 minutes?" HoS explains trouble in brig and please come help with the janitor if they are available. HoS goes back to processing to handle the Mime. *BWOINK*: Did you brig the Janitor for 60 minutes? Me ... *facepalm* "Yes. I don't want to keep the Janitor for 60 minutes. The janitor and mime are fighting in processing and I need to keep them separated until I can handle the Mime." *BWOINK*: Okay, process the Janitor as soon as possible. HoS goes back to processing to finish up with the Mime... HoS sees the Mime *finish committing suicide*. HoS reads the Mime's suicide note left on the processing table, expressing deep frustration with security. At this point, I begin to ponder if trying to Med/High RP in Security is even worth it. My goal was to give the Mime another last final warning and cut them loose. Maybe help the Mime feel like they got one over on the security force, cops can't touch them, etc., etc. In hindsight, I think being a hardass, throwing them in for 15 minutes for Major Trespass, plus a few extra unnecessary stunbatons (because 'Don't fuck with Sec, you shitter.') would have been infinitely kinder. Or least, they wouldn't have committed suicide over it. HoS shakes her head. No help for the Mime. So what about the Janitor? HoS goes back to the Janitor's cell, it's empty. A Detective released the Janitor without a search. Gee, good thing I "only have to worry about one department instead of all of them". In hindsight, I can see lots of things that I did wrong in that shift. The short list is: I shouldn't have let two Detectives act like Security Officer+ I should have had one Detective playing Detective I should have had the other Detective go to Warden, go to Officer, or go out of security altogether. I shouldn't have let the suspects outnumber security in processing I should have called for backup as soon as I had the headcount that put me at disadvantage I shouldn't have tried to be kind to the Mime a second time I should have thrown the Mime in for 15; optionally add an unnecessary stunbaton or two. Most importantly, I shouldn't have tried to play Head of Security without the energy and attention to do the role properly. I think it's easily the hardest job on the station, and trying to do it while exhausted is just asking for trouble. Special note: Sorry to the suicide Mime. I wasn't trying to ruin your round.
  4. Tonight, I was playing Katlyn Hudson as a Security Officer. Not long into the round, alert level goes up: Vampires Security patrol together but are subdued and killed by vampires. The vampires are so brazen, they openly talk on the Security channel using stolen headsets. I set them to Arrest so it'll be easy for other sec officers to spot them. Ten minutes later, security officers are asked to sound off. I'm the only one who does. Warden is SSD, Brig Phys is alive at Brig, but I'm the only officer left. Blueshield wants to Redshield but can't because the vamps aren't attacking any heads of staff. I cross paths with a Beepsky in the hallway, and get a great idea! I turn the beepsky off and drag it with me into Sci Maint where the vampires are known to haunt. I figure I'll get into vampire territory, turn beepsky on, and I'll have a patrol buddy! And my patrol buddy will be immune to vampire charm too! I continue slowly through Sci Maint, warned by the Paramedic that vampires lurk ahead. I spot a lot of blood and a security satchel dumped on the ground. Ut oh! I turn Beepsky on. BEEPSKY IMMEDIATELY STUNS AND ARRESTS ME! Now, Ziptied, I see the vampire that I was hunting, and I run away as fast as I possibly can. I take a wrong turn on my way out and the vampire just grabs me (I'm ziptied, remember?) The vampire drags me deep into the bowels of Sci Maint. I beg for my life, but the Vampire tells me, "You're the only one I actually need to kill. The rest were just in the way." The fangs pierced my neck, and the vampire feasted until I died. Curse you traitorous Beepsky, a disgrace to the security force.
  5. That Brig Phys was a very feisty woman. I could easily see the Head of Security saying, "Sure, *you* go tell her she has to stay in the brig..." Next time I'll remember to create a distraction to keep low-pop security busy while I hide the body!
  6. Yes, it was very helpful. With your tutorial, I went from 'knows enough to blow up the station by setting up the engine incorrectly' to 'can set up the tesla solo, no sweat'. It just seemed too evil to repay that with death by e-Sword. Probably would have been a hell of a shock though!
  7. I decided to try out a Station Engineer role with a new character Madison Mueller. I had tried out engineering before, but didn't really know what I was doing. In the past, someone taught another character (Katlyn Hudson) half of setting up the tesla. I was hoping to learn the whole engine setup and maybe do some small station repairs to get started. Madison Mueller is a round start engineer, and ... I roll traitor. I have an assassination target, a fellow engineer, Asrair Ziesuzuo. Asrair Ziesuzuo is there, so I asked for help with engineering during the shift. My plan is to work up a mentoring relationship, and since I actually need the help learning engineering, it's a good plan. I figure I'll off Asrair maybe in 60-90 minutes into the shift in some remote location we're repairing together. Asrair instructs me on how to set up the tesla engine, everything, start to finish. People were complaining over comms about power and setting up the engine. Asrair explained over comms that they were teaching me and others would have to be patient. We finish setting up the engine and Asrair then tells me they need to cryo and asked if there was anything else I needed during the shift. The only thing I needed was to complete my traitor objective. I see nobody else around, pull out my PDA, pop in the traitor code, buy an eSword. I think to say "Just one more thing ... *swing*" but it seems SO CRUEL to off Asrair who was so nice. So I let it go. I pop the eSword into my O2 box, and just get to work repairing the station. I get a new assassination target, Scientist Jack Wildfire. Sci-Chem. I repair a bombed up section of Cargo / HoP for awhile, then decide to get some food and check on my target. I manage to make it all the way to Sci-Chem, and I find Jack ALREADY DEAD on the floor. Sweet! I just need to turn off the suit sensors, drag the body into a lonely locker in maint, and my objective is complete. So I begin dragging the body into maint. The brig phys is out on patrol with another security officer. They catch me out of the corner of their eye. Brig phys pushes me down, fetches the other officer back to my location, then drags the body away. I pursue, thinking I can explain that I found him dead and was dragging him to Med Bay. Officer stuns me, pulls the eSword out of my O2 box, declares me EoC .. Perma Time. So, in trying to show mercy to Asrair, I wound up in perma, for an eSword that I DIDN'T EVEN NEED to kill my already dead target. I almost escaped from perma due to the greytide virus, but again the Brig Phys got me, this time with pepper spray. Fortunately the captain decided not to have me executed for being an EoC escapee.
  8. Apologies. I read the thread but didn't consider the dates on the posts.
  9. There is an interesting scene in Douglas Adams' book The Restaurant at the End of the Universe where an evolved cow tells the diners that it wants to be eaten, and even tries to sell the diners on select cuts of its flesh. The characters in the book experience the cognitive dissonance that you describe: - Yes, this cow just told me it wants to be eaten, so it might be OK? - No, even with consent, this still seems really really creepy. From there, it's only a little more mental effort to: consent-meat is creepy and doesn't feel right, what does that say about non-consent-meat? It's the best argument for the morality/ethics of the vegetarian diet that I've ever read.
  10. I have a character (Willow Pennington) who plays the IAA role, under the title Human Resources Agent. I actually enjoy this character and this role, so I thought I'd offer some insights as to why. A Human Resources person in real-life is a job often misunderstood by most people who work regular jobs at regular companies. They tend to think of the Human Resources person as the ally who will help make their work environment better. Sometimes things work out that way. In reality, a company hires and pays a Human Resource person to limit company liability from their own human resources (i.e.: employees). Thus, in a real-life job, the role of a Human Resources person is to get you to tell them what you could sue the company about, so they can mitigate it as much as possible. Bob is sexually harassing you? Oh, that's terrible, tell me all about it ... *checks to see that Bob's mandatory sexual harassment training document, signed by Bob is on file* You think your work environment is dangerous? Oh, that's terrible, tell me all about it ... *checks to see that your safety training document is on file, signed by you* Quite seriously, a Human Resources person is paid by the company, to work for the company, and look out for the best interests of the company. The side effect of improving your work environment is just that; a side effect of the company trying to cover it's own ass legally. This is how I play Willow Pennington, as the cheery/perky HR lady who makes announcements that sound like she's concerned about the crew. In reality, every statement is crafted to ensure Nanotrasen can defend itself from employee lawsuits. Prisoners getting beat up in the brig? Willow's first question: Did anybody see it, or worse, record it? If not, we can sweep that under the rug, NT is safe. It's terrible the prisoner fell down on the way to their cell. If so, it goes up the chain of command. Not to follow SoP for it's own sake, but rather to make sure Nanotrasen has a Command-level scapegoat to pin the blame on. The fax to Central Command isn't about "Make X follow SoP!!" rather it's "Here's X, your sacrificial lamb when incident Y surfaces. The paperwork showing they are 100% to blame is all in order." This kind of deceptive behavior actually bothers Willow to the depths of her soul. Her job is to pretend to be friendly and stab her co-workers in the back by offering them up as sacrifices to NT as needed. It bothers her so much that she has a serious drinking problem; usually starting every shift by acquiring two buckets, and asking chemistry to fill them with straight ethanol. It's how she copes with needing the job NT provides but having to put NT's interests above human beings in order to do it. The ill-treatment of prisoners by security is just another ugly reminder of the terrible human cost of her horrible job. I love this character and the IAA (HR) role.