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  1. So, I know this is a question full of bias and unfortunate history, is there any good/worthwhile servers I should try, I mostly bounce between CM and para.
  2. 3 bottles of space cleaner stolen, I didn’t steal them I borrowed them and for got to give it back
  3. 18 squared, the amount of people in the new greytide.
  4. 4 captains fired for incompetence, why are they always comdoms?
  5. SS13 is a rathe niche game, and I’m curious to see how any of you stumbled upon it.
  6. I like playing IAA, and I'm dead set on getting IPC, tips for doing both at once?
  7. Whenever anyone plays HOP, there's always 1 or two civilians asking for gateway explorer, so when I tried it out and found there's a whole extra layer of content outside of the station, from syndicate satellites, to a Russian station where something went horribly wrong, to a base overrun with terror spiders, now exploring outside the station is one of my favorite things to do in Paradise. What I am suggesting is an official role called gateway explorer/explorer, a member of service dep, and they would start with EVA and Gateway access, as well as basic engineering access for tools and airlocks and a weapon permit and a low damage gun in Eva provided for self-defense, they would be given the task of exploring the outside, and returning useful materials or documents to the cyberaid, there would be around three positions open, and perhaps at the end of major places, like the syndicate astroid and terror spider base, and maybe the derelict station, would have a high value item, and retrieving these items would provide the explorer with a monetary bonus, and the item could either be a lore insight into the events of the place, or a research item that would provide a major boost (these are just suggestions, it could be anything within reason), I think this change could really flesh out a side of paradise that many people don't experience very often. Thank you for your time.
  8. If any one else see this, can you get some do delte the most space account, as I just changed accounts