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  1. 4 headmins denying sergals. That's right, FreestylaLT came back for the sole purpose of telling you no
  2. Four cute vulpkanin guys asking for my number. Lucky me!
  3. 11 validhunters whining about group antags murderboning
  4. 7 days of Ssethtiders building tables goddamn everywhere
  5. I could see cardiac arrest being a red heart with an exclamation mark in it, and cardiac failure being a black heart.
  6. Okay but everything but plasmemes are alien to the Epsilon Eridani sector, right?
  7. 1 chef making a mess of the kitchen because what's a wiki
  8. 8 Tajara named Winter Page. What the hell happened in here? Hey what's this gas? I feel... funny.... and... like I wanna chase a ball of yarn. Oh no.
  9. Ah, good to know. Thanks for getting back so quickly!
  10. I've been hearing some scuttlebutt about fluff items being removed. Is there any validity to that?
  11. 1 day since last workplace accident. Well done, crew!