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  1. PR for the bone nerf is now up: I'll work on doing something for bullets later on.
  2. I'll leave the bullet rework for another time, I feel like dealing with bone breaking should be priority due to how game-breaking its been lately. especially with the lavaland mobs
  3. So now that lavaland is here I got the idea of making it so embedded bullets can be removed by anything sharp but while bullets are inside you you’ll take slight toxin damage, removing the bullet with a sharp object will have a chance of making the wound worse but will never fail. As for bone breaking I like the idea of the probability of the bone breaking rising and limiting how much damage is required to break a bone(your bones wouldn’t really break from a bruise) so maybe a minimum of 5 brute damage has to be applied to roll for bone breakage
  4. I feel like transparency is important as well and those are very reasonable things to want to have available to the player I also agree with the things furasian brought up, democracy was merely a suggestion as there are many ways to make the community feel less uninformed and somewhat helpless, it just feels like we can't make change or impact at the moment and its not the best feeling
  5. Of course there are lots of ways to ensure that the people voting are active and verified people who will be the ones that will actually take part in the server for long-term will be the people voting, as we're already making forum and in-game verified accounts we can quite easily make a system to compliment this. And while I understand why you would want the server to be the server the staff want to play on. The staff for the most part is actually made up of people who used to be players at one point, that should definitely be taken into account when shaping the server for the future as the staff is always changing and the future staff may not like what the staff in the past did. It would just be more consistent for everyone if the general community which usually won't change that drastically had more impact. I am not saying that the community has a RIGHT to decide the future and direction of the server I just feel like a lot more people would be happy having slightly more control of what happens here To clarify: I don't want the community to vote on every fix and small change, just larger more impactful PRs and PRs that modify entire departments and have somewhat controversial changes should definitely be given a chance for the community to look over
  6. Added a poll as it was requested
  7. I'll start this by saying that this is not targetted at anyone at all, I have no issues with any members of the staff or the maintainers and this is simply an issue with the current structure. I also don't want a huge change right away, even smaller periodic changes would be for the better. I'd like the server to become more of a democracy. Especially on the development side. I think we should have more testmerges with polls followed after about whether or not the players would like to see the changes included or not. As they'd be the people most affected by them, of course maintainers would continue to serve as quality control and ensure that good code is being added to the repository that follows standard but it remove a lot of responsibility that makes the maintainer role so stressful(3 or 4 people tasked with the direction of the whole codebase). I just really want to see more emphasis on the community because thats the biggest factor as to why we play and the reason everyone here does what they do for the good of the server. This isn't asking for a lot(or maybe it is, depends on the reader.) but just this change alone I think would make everyone feel a lot easier during what feels like a very stressful time at least for me. All feedback is welcome and I would love for all your input on this. If a community manager or head of staff could also acknowledge some of these concerns it would be really appreciated.
  8. The reasons stated are very reasonable complaints and I really hope that you're wrong about the direction the server is going. I hope that we restructure how some things are done and make a 180. This may be the event we need to raise awareness about the situation. And I really hope the headmins and community managers take note of these concerns and hopefully address them when they can.
  9. While that’ll certainly be a step in the right direction it seems more like it’ll only fix extreme cases but it won’t fix the gap between oldcrit and newcrit races
  10. But the math just doesn't work, being 3x weaker than every newcrit race is not a buff especially when the downside to being in crit for newcrit races is usually just oxyloss braindamage and a few periodic stuns. I can understand why you don't want new crit for some races but now that its here the races that haven't been moved over are at a huge disadvantage.
  11. This isn't really a bug but an oversight, and my biggest issue with new crit as is. This absolutely breaks old crit races to the point where new crit vs old crit engagements are entirely broken. Why you may ask. If you are an old crit race you go unconscious at 0 health with no roll, meanwhile a new crit race does not start rolling for heart attacks until -200. This essentially means you need to do triple the amount of damage to a new crit race to even get a chance of knocking them unconscious(it takes 100 damage to knock out an old crit race from 100 to 0, 300 damage to knock out a new crit race from 100 to -200). I don't think I need to explain why this is unfair for the old crit race. I really think something should be done about this as soon as possible.
  12. Currently, your bones will break if your limb damage exceeds the bone break threshold.. this is 15 damage for feet and hands, thats about three punches. I'd like to make bone-breaking less predictable and way less common, there should be a minimum damage threshold necessary to actually break bones(so something like ants don't break your bones). and instead of having bullets break bones they should embed themselves in you.. its kinda weird having your elbow snap after you've been shot by a 9mm. I'd also like a raising probability of bones breaking the more damage a bone takes instead of just OOP IT HIT 15 DAMAGE GUESS ITS BROKEN NOW. Thoughts? Details i'd like to work out with community feedback: How can we make bone damage unpredictable but still make sure its not unfair/unfun RNG? Can we change the downsides of bone breaking to be less debilitating and game ending or perhaps raise the downsides but make them much more rarer? If we want to handle bullets differently and have them embed themselves in you how would we do it? Having lead in you could lead to toxic damage and even infections. This should be around the same level as having a broken bone but should still be unique in its own regards.
  13. Seems like a good idea but it might be easier to just port over TGs nanites, the issue I see with this is that its just a stronger toxic comp as theres no downside unless its weak to EMPs or something else?
  14. That doesn't really stop warden/HoS from giving it out at round start, or very early on especially if they have reason to believe theres a changeling threat or something that requires lethals. This actually hurts antags bigtime considering they don't get that extra preparation time that sec uses to run back to armory this can be really bad in conversion shifts like cult or shadowling when the officer can just yell "LETHALS NOW" and go to town