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  1. I think that given the level of interest that all the other players have shown in this, the more code-oriented ones (aka: not me) would certainly be willing to help you.
  2. That feels way more powergamey than the chain does, though.
  3. As the saying goes: if you want something that badly, code it yourself!
  4. Actually, thinking about it: most of the HUDs could be upgraded to have the same effect on examine that their portable ones do: i.e. medHUD would be health analyzer, diagnostic HUD would be cyborg analyzer, etc. This should probably be a toggleable effect, so that your chatlog doesn't get clogged from examining people. Advanced mesons could just be x-ray/thermal goggles, though that's pretty iffy given that there's already ways of getting x-ray/thermal through R&D. Alternatively, you could just be able to make the "Material Scanner Goggles" or w/e they're called, that allow you to see everything but turfs (and maybe mobs) through walls. The advanced secHUD could just be HUDsunglasses: they'd be like the R&D hand drill/jaws of life, where they have a high cost to produce, but have low R&D values. Advanced Science Goggles could also tell reagent temperature at a glance, which would coincide well with the Goonchem update that Fox is doing. Important to note that these advanced HUDs would also not be night vision.
  5. The issue is that the only other way to get combat 6 is through deathnettles, and MAYBE some syndicate equipment/trader items: while botany already makes glowshrooms/glowcaps/gaia, needing to rely on them even MORE for R&D is annoying. It would be nice if it was tied to a different department instead.
  6. Suggestion: Make the default hardsuit insulated, and thus make you immune to stunbatons (and maybe tasers)? The elite suit would not make you immune: the idea being that the fire resist replaced the insulation: the same would probably apply to the shielded one. It really is a shame that most of the nukeops items are useless: if you try something new, it almost feels like gamethrowing for your team.
  7. I'd like that as a replacement for the "arrest anyone without an ID" function- although it would still be just as annoying for evolved nymphs/xenobio golems.
  8. This is sorta off-topic: but I feel like the long-distance cloners that admins use sometimes for shenanigans could be moved to the mob spawner menu.
  9. Not to be a downer but didn't you read that this is basically dead?
  10. Better idea: their meals will include figures like from the arcade.
  11. It should be later into the round, not a 100% chance, and only for some roundtypes, like the free golems.
  12. This concept is good, unfortunately I have no good ideas (yet).
  13. I think that having "gimme" objectives removed for specific jobs would be nice (though this probably already exists to an extent): i.e. scientists shouldn't have to steal unused slime extract or full plasma tank. Then again, it makes sense ICly, as the Syndicate would probably employ someone with the easiest access to what they want.
  14. I mean, they are lower-tech versions of NT's more advanced weaponry- I feel like their current sprites portray that pretty accurately. If anything, they look too hi-tech for their function.