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  1. See... Stuff like telescience paramedic, teleporting people that, in your example, are being pulled by spiders... Makes being an antag more hell than it is already. In fact, every single example you've given counts as powergaming in a sense. And I think 95% of the station population wouldn't notice a difference if it was removed, besides the powergamers and/or turbonerds.
  2. Perhaps emagging the telesci console allows it to bypass those blockers (only the onstation ones), so that antags can craftily complete steal objectives, while still preventing powergamey Depot looting for even antags?
  3. This is kinda off-topic, but I feel like the Artificer should have a way of eating runed metal to reduce the cooldowns on the Artificer and Summon Soul Stone spells. Also, usually, sharding is a far easier way of getting a convert than actually converting, if you have decent weapons.
  4. I believe that there is a mechanic from goon that could be used for this: if you are on grab intent, and click on someone next to you, you will hold your gun to their head with a very obvious chat message. If they try to move, they will be instantly hit by a bullet. (NOT an instant kill bullet, simply the gun's normal projectile. Would be pretty lethal with i.e. a .357 though.)
  5. Time for me to pitch in as ye olde goon shill: An adaptation of their system of antag weighting: For every round that you ready up for, it will look at what antag you did (or didn't) roll, based on the roundtype. The goal of the weighting system is that 10% of each time an antag is spawned, you will be that antag. So, if you are above 10%, you are less likely, if you are under 10%, you are more likely, and if you are at 10%, there's no advantage or disadvantage. At least, that's how I remember being told it works.
  6. Foul necromancy: I like this and want it as a completely unbiased grey main
  7. Also, power 7 could let you make a PACMAN2-type portable generator, that you could switch between operating off of plasma, uranium, or diamonds, or possibly have hoppers for all three.
  8. As a cultist? That seems counter-productive.
  9. Just implement goon patho, but add more helpful symptoms. Yeah this isn't very productive, but the system works and takes time.
  10. Just be a doctor/roboticist and use a locker, with the person inside having an anaesthetic tank.
  11. Thanks, I forgot that bit.