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  1. So having joined the server recently, aside from playing I have been looking over all sort of topics and discussions. Ones that caught my eye in particular were declined ban appeals... some of the stuff there is pure gold. Especially responses by Necaladun, no joke I actually gagged in laughter while reading some of them. From the references to Judge Judy to blatantly telling people to go away I have not found a lack of imagination in his responses. So that made me somewhat wonder about things... Adminds of this server, if you feel comfortable of course, name some of the worst things you have done on this server that have either gotten you banned or warned by other staff members before you became admins yourselves. I am just generally curious!
  2. Usually the Chaplain but I randomize the name, although I have had trouble loading into paradise as of late.
  3. Looked for it quite a bit and I cant even find OneDrive, rather I do not even have it on the PC. Thanks for trying though Quick side note, I checked again and BYOND was in the Documents folder all along, not really sure whats bugging me in that case.
  4. Sorry Im not really skilled around computers, What does that mean in simplified English?
  5. Sorry if I was a bit weird in the title introduction but this is all fairly new to me still. For the short amount of time that I"ve been here I have absolutely loved it, the game is definetely different from others I"ve played and it has not disappointed so far. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and hope ya"ll are having as much as I am.
  6. I"m fairly new here so not sure if this is common or an isolated incident. For some reason I have to load a 68.1 Mb patch before I can enter the game interface. Upon completing the download however , it simply crashes and refuses to start after many tries later. Not sure what to do, if anyone has any idea I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. I do play regularly on the European server as well. However not so much as of late, waiting for the new expansion to come out. Most I"ve ever gotten is rank 6 anyways, not that good at it.