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  1. That implies that people have bought traitor comms, also sometimes it's just easier to have someone working specifically for you, and the AI may not want to reveal itself to the traitors on station. Also, I'd imagine the cost for the nanite injection being similar to the cost of the auto borger, a very powerful but expensive tool.
  2. Shadowling tumors are a very different kind of thing, they're from Shadowlings you know the things that are allergic to light, the tumor dies because of the light, nanites are called that because on a scale of size they are on nanometers, physically impossible to see with the naked eye.
  3. I mean, I'd imagine it'd be pretty hard to remove nanites with a hemostat, also, I want this to be a more permanent utility to the AI, simply being able to remove them would remove the point of being able to EMP them when you can just stun and cuff them remove.
  4. Probably just have a borg next to the target, possibly a mediborg, then use the ability with the victim under your cursor.
  5. Another idea that may or may not be unbalanced. This time, it's something that could very well make sense. My proposal is this, give Malf AI some way to essentially mindslave crew, it would be a moderately expensive single use ability that after a short while (similar to thralling a mindshield crewmember as a shadowling) injects the victim with a swarm of nanites that override the victims will, these nanites can be deactivated via EMP on the affected crew member, this will not destroy the nanites however, only deactivate them, the AI then needs to spend an increasing amount of power to reactivate them after a reasonable delay. This would give malf AIs access to operatives with hands, something very valuable to an army of robots without fine manipulation, as well as potentially giving them the opportunity to commit some crimes without immediately having crew scream "AI IS ROUGE GET DA IONS" now this may seem like a straight buff but the crew may be able to use this new ability to their advantage, if the AI is outed they can use an EMP on the victim to potentially send them in as a saboteur, the AI isn't notified when the nanites are deactivated so an inattentive AI may not notice that their former agent is no longer loyal and when brought into the core to help defend turns on the AI killing them and saving the station.
  6. Woo, first post here, this is a little low quality but I built it in Minecraft so it's to be expected. This is sort of how I picture Lumpy as a child looking, it's my personal headcannon that Slime People don't develop the cartilage material that comprises their legs until their teen years so they just kind of have a jelly mass that eventually gets condensed into legs.
  7. I've been thinking about my strategies for hunting the various megafauna on Lavaland and that got me thinking, I realized there was no real strategy for dealing with the megafauna, I'll be doing that here and now. Ash Drake Suggested Equipment:Fully upgraded explorer suit (or the champion's hardsuit/inquisitor's hardsuit), an upgraded KA (my preference personally is 2 cooldown 1 range), a fire extinguisher, a large empty area clear of hostile fauna, burn meds (brute meds aren't included as getting hit directly by the drake is usually the end of the fight) Optional:stabilized legion souls (if you think you won't be able to avoid getting hit directly), fireproofing potions. In many a miner's opinion this is the easiest of the megafauna to take down and also their first, this is for a very good reason, butchering the body grants access to an armor that rivals the feared blood red hardsuit. To start off, always stand at a diagonal, the drake can only use its fire breath in the four cardinal directions, use this to your advantage to pelt it with your KA outside of it's range, this next part is absolutely vital, never stop moving, the drake will constantly be moving towards you, you do not want to be in melee range ever, after the drake has taken enough damage it will start using it's swoop attack far more often, this is a potentially devastating attack that most likely will end up with your death if you fail to avoid it, the drake will stun you, break a bone, then proceed to maul you to death and eat your body gibbing you and healing it. This next tip holds true for all megafauna, having a group makes fighting megafauna significantly easier as the megafauna will only target one person at a time allowing for the others to rain hell on it in relative safety, but of course, with more people means dividing the loot between you, in a group of 3 everyone gets 1 piece of loot, armor, or the chest the drake drops (I personally always go for the armor as it makes all of the future fights far easier. Ahh the loot from this guy is arguably the best from all the megafauna, of course there's the most vital piece of equipment for all of this, the armor, now this armor isn't quite a drop, rather, you need to butcher the body and craft the armor from its remains, there will be enough material for 2 suits, the armor as stated previously rivals the syndicate hardsuit, being beat out by it only in bullet biohazard, and bomb resistance, the drake armor does beat it out in the energy department however making this set something to be feared, its other features are being completely immune to ash storms and fire proof (this suit is not pressure resistant, do not try to EVA or fight a plasma fire with it), next is the chest, this one's a bit of a dozy, the chest can contain various things, ranging from a potion with various effects, to a spell book and a fireball wand, to a less exciting staff that can create lava and turn it to basalt (very useful for cults as this allows you to cut off access to lavaland entirely). The potion can do many things, ranging from simply making you immune to lava to being able to transform into a lesser ash drake at will. And the very last drop is the spectral blade, this weapon allows you to call ghosts to you and they become visible, for each ghost orbiting you dealing greate damage as well as reducing the damage of incoming attacks, Blood Drunk Miner Suggested Equipment:Drake armor/Fully upgraded explorer suit, fully upgraded KA, brute meds, legion soul Optional:A partner to help tank This guy might catch you a little off guard at first as he does look just like an ordinary miner, though for any slightly experienced eye it's rather obvious of his presence, he will be standing in the middle of a small area with necropolis tiled floors and will visibly be wielding a Cleaving saw, while his attacks may not hit the hardest out of all the megafauna he hits fast, very fast, he'll be able to rack up quite the amount of damage as well as blood loss if you aren't careful, overall this is one of the easier guys but the weapon he drops can be very, very powerful in the right hands. The loot, now this guy doesn't actually drop all that much, his main piece of loot, as mentioned earlier, the Cleaving saw, it has two modes, the first causes a bloodloss buildup in fauna that can deal devastating damage, the second will strike in a wider area than the first, rapidly switching between the two modes effectively resets the attack cooldown and allows for rapid attacks that can rack up damage quickly, he also drops a KA but if you're already hunting megafauna it's almost certain you've got one by now. Heirophant Suggested Equipment: Ash drake armor, upgraded KA, several burn patches Optional: Legion souls, splints, Cleaving Saw This one has significantly less setup than the previous, part of that is because the Heirophant lacks any attack that can ignite you and comes with a pre-built arena, in this fight moving is even more important, standing around will result in you rapidly building up burn damage which will slow you down, this is why you carry those burn patches, some of the attacks can be really hard to avoid and your only option is just to tank it if you can't quite dodge it, the patches will save you from the damage you've built up and allow you to keep going, most of his early attacks are fairly easy to avoid, it's when he gets low on health that the more fearsome attacks come out, you should try and save your burn patches for this phase of the fight, you'll need them, he also has a rather potent melee attack that can and will break bones. The Heirophant drops something vital to beating the next one on this list, his staff is a ranged weapon that allows you to teleport to a set rune after a short channel and damage enemies without gaining their attention, it also functions as a reasonably good mining tool Colossus Suggested Equipment: Heirophant Staff, Drake Armor Optional: Several monkeys strapped to chairs This guy is arguably the hardest boss right now simply due to how fast and hard hitting his attacks can be, this is why most players tend to try and "cheese" him, as stated in the Heirophant section the staff you get from it can allow you to kill the Colossus without even gaining its attention, this is the safest and easiest way to take it out, however, this strategy takes quite a while 5 ish minutes of whittling away at its health while just barely keeping its feet on screen, the other option is more dangerous but much faster, you're going to take several monkeys and buckle them to rolling chairs, you'll then set these monkeys around the area where you will be fighting the Colossus, the monkeys are there to be a distraction for it, while it's busy ruining the monkey you get in and blast it with your KA, you'll need several monkeys as it's very unlikely you'll deal enough damage to take it out in one go, for both of these strategies the drake armor is pretty vital as it is storm proof allowing you to keep up the fight regardless of if there's a storm or not. The loot sadly is a little underwhelming, though the voice of god you get is a fairly fun ability to mess around with, the crystal however tends to be mostly useless as it requires a very specific activation source and a good effect to even be worthwhile. Swarmers Suggested Equipment: Upgraded KA, Drake Armor, at least one other miner, burn meds Optional:EMPs, an exo of any variety Yeah, these little buggers are considered a megafauna, that's for a damn good reason though, these little pests aren't the same as the ones you see on station, for one, they're AI controlled, this basically means perfect aim and relentlessly chasing you, they also have two other varieties now, a laser and baton variation, both are capable of killing, the baton swarmers are colored yellow while the laser swarmers are red, and oddly enough, the blues are entirely passive, the baton swarmers are considered the worst as the make a b line straight at you at full speed and will stunlock you to death, the laser swarmers are just as hellish, they fire lasers with roughly the same damage as a laser rifle from security, one hit will slow you down if you aren't wearing armor with decent burn resist, the goal with these swarmers though, isn't to kill them all, it's to kill enough so you can go kill the beacon that is spawning more, do note that any attack on the beacon will alert most nearby swarmers to your presence, the beacon itself is surprisingly beefy and will almost certainly spawn a few before you destroy it. Worst part about these buggers, they don't drop anything special. Legion Suggested Equipment:Drake Armor, Legion Cores, Multiple Miners, brute meds, a cloner pre-scan. The big, the bad, the one and only Legion, this guy's a pain in the ass, he always spawns at the north most part of the map, this means one hell of a trip to get to him, this fight will go on for quite a while hence the need for the drake armor, getting hit will almost certainly break a bone and require the use of a legion soul lest you die and get turned into a legion, now on to the fight itself, Legion actually doesn't have many attacks, it's essentially just a large version of the typical legion skulls you see, he also has a charge, and spawns said legion skulls constantly, the skulls aren't too much of a threat but will block your shots and can break bones if you let them hit you, once you deal enough damage to Legion it will split into two Legions, each skull will do this roughly 3 times totaling up to about 7 splits, (don't quote me on that one). The worst part about this guy, all he drops is a shitty staff that makes an ash storm, the only use one would ever really have for this is to hijack the shuttle by making it unlivable or deny access to a certain areas while you're doing some nefarious deed. Bubblegum Sadly I haven't encountered this guy yet as he's quite the rare spawn on lavaland so I can't really offer any advice, but I can tell you about the loot he gives, the only drop he has is a blood contract, this item sadly doesn't have much use outside of hijack or ahelping it first as it allows the user to select a target then it gives them a chainsaw, pumps them full of potent chems while also making everyone appear as a slaughter demon the victim is then marked for death by the station and can kill as many people as they have to.
  8. As of right now, I feel vampires to be a bit of a bland gamemode, how about we spice it up a bit. My proposal is this, at the start of the round vampires now have a choice, it essentially functions as a branching skill tree. Vampires would be able to choose between being a Tradition vampire, or a Standard vampire, where standard is what we have now, Now, time to go into further detail, Traditional vampires would have a vastly different set of abilities, strengths and some additional weaknesses, to start (from here on out Traditional vamps will be referred to as Tvamps.) Tvamps do retain the glare and hypnotize abilities, at their first "level up" so to speak, they would unlock a new boost in the form of enhanced physical capabilities, enhanced speed at will, greater resistance, more damage, they would also unlock the ability to leap, further cementing their superhuman capabilities, Tvamps do still retain thermal vision at this stage, however, they also gain an aversion to garlic at this stage and will have their new abilities subdued in its presence, at their next stage of power they will unlock another new ability, "Form Of Bat" this grants them vastly increased move speed, ventcrawling and a density of 0 allowing them to pass through players regardless of their intent, the drawback to this for is its severe fragility, any of the standard damage types taken (brute and burn) will be amplified by a whopping 300% making using this ability in combat a risky move, as well as a constant drain to their blood count at a rate of 20 usable blood every minute. Tvamps will also unlock Rejuv+ at this stage (just a bit earlier than standard vampires would normally). There is now a much larger gap between unlocking new abilities as well, you will receive no new abilities at 200 blood, upon reaching 300 blood(the same point which a standard would unlock mist) they become "effectively" immortal, when they would normally die they enter a comatose state where they begin to regenerate (sped up while inside a coffin) this state can also be induced at will to entirely restore the user, using this ability willingly will cost a whopping 60 blood that increases with each use (80, 100, and so on), they can now only be killed in the same methods a changeling (decapitation, gibing, and incineration) is as well as being able to be staked through the heart with a wooden stake that has been blessed by the Chaplain. they also retain the ability to thrall non-mindshielded crew members. Here's where the real fun begins at full power Tvamps enter a hulk like state where they become immune to stuns and have hugely increased punching attacks the super speed stated previously will now become a constant effect, they will also retain the ability to use melee weaponry of any variety (not boosted by hulk strength), they also do not gain total immunity to holy water and effects of the holy at this stage, holy water will no longer cause them to vomit up their usable blood and also greatly increases their tolerance of holy water requiring 30u+ to ignite them, it also no longer nullifies their abilities, they also never gain xray vision from growing in power. All vampires also now gain a new ability Curse Of The Blood, this ability can only be used on thralled victims, is unlocked alongside full power, and it costs 400 usable blood to activate and has to remain undisturbed for 2 and a half minutes, the AI is given an alert of a large concentration of bluespace energies (a new bluespace entity entering the thralled victim) and is given a vague description of the location of the vampire, if successful the thrall will be converted into a lesser vampire, they now have access to all the base abilities of a standard vampire, they have an upper limit of 100 usable blood and are still bound to the original vampire As well as a simple change to hypnotize as it is actually misleading to what it does, it is supposed to make the victim fall asleep and be utterly helpless, but for some reason unknown to me, this ability is a measly stunning ability that doesn't even mute the victim, as of now this ability is an utter waste of blood and is a newbie trap, this should be easy enough to fix and make the ability actually useful.
  9. Leanfrog

    how to fix vox

    This guide can also apply to slimes as they go through a very similar process but don't experience septic or dead organs, outside of potential damage to their core (which is easily treated with mannitol), any septic limbs can easily be treated by amputation, as Slime People are easily able to regrow their amputated limbs.
  10. Just to let you know, Nations died a while back, we won't be getting it back either since it was hell for admins to run.
  11. Travel well, space man.
  12. Let's get this back on topic you nerds.
  13. Yeah making the implant EMP vulnerable would make sense (though it would just give antags even more incentive to EMP synthetics) it could potentially inverse their effect for a time making them cause brute and burn damage instead of healing it, or maybe it could just be shut down for a long period of time.
  14. I've had this idea brewing for a while now and I figured it's finally time to put it on paper. The idea was spawned from the thought that IPCs should have some way of being ever so slightly more resilient (Controversial I know) and my initial thought was essentially like a healing virus, it's still essentially that but more fleshed out. "A micro repair nanite factory capable of repairing both organic and synthetic damage" Stats: Heals Brute and Burn damage equivalent to the same speed of toxic comp with no downside however this applies only in synthetics, when implanted in organics it heals at 50% of that speed with no Toxin damage buildup, it also reduces the amount of bleeding caused by IB and is capable of fully repairing internal component leaks in synthetics given enough time. Requirements: Bio 7 (Due to the potential power of this implant) This implant is obviously heavily favored towards IPCs but it still has use for organic crew (also considering toxic comp is unusable in its current state) as a safe way for minor health regen. I'm not an expert of balance so this is open for change.