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  1. Be totally tripped up at the lack of breathing and any other bodily functions then probably just do my regular things and be petrified at the sight of a low thermostat
  2. Correction, it's at the 20 minute mark you can leave, crew can shuttle at 30, not as bad but still plenty of time for the crew to gear up
  3. Declaring war adds a timer to the shuttle console that prevents you from moving the shuttle until the 30 minute mark, regardless of your plans the crew are going to be well armed and reinforced, not trying to say this guide is wrong but at minimum the crew will have 20 minutes since you can't dec after 10 minutes
  4. Most rounds the majority of the time will be spent on red alert meaning robotics can build combat exos whenever, and more often than not a toxins bomb isn't going to be visible before it goes off, non antags also have no reason to be hoarding these things as they don't serve them any purpose or would result in a rules violation, what RnD can make indirect weapons as well as some of the most powerful non syndie implants in the game
  5. Honestly adding something along the lines of miners not being allowed to bring overtly lethal or dangerous equipment on station outside of an emergency calling for it, into their SoP seems like a logical addition, maybe add some personal lockers down on the outpost or at the mining dock for them to safely store their equipment, just because they found some stuff on a lava planet doesn't make them exempt from space law
  6. That's against the rules then, that's valid hunting and you ahelp that when you see it.
  7. So, an idea I've come up with is splitting the duties of sec into two new roles, keeping standard sec officers as is but they are now only tasked with handling non antag security work, so things like that brawl that just broke out in the bar, and adding in a new role with the duty of dealing with antags as well as handling space law if it is needed, this would create a more low tempo job that newer players could take to learn the ropes without the burden of dealing with antags, the new role would have the same starting equipment as officers but with basic departmental access to handle emergencies within departments, I'd imagine the new role could be something along the lines of a "S.W.A.T Officer" specifically hired to counteract syndicate actions on NT locations. The less stressful duties of standard sec officers will allow for more experienced players to teach newbies the ropes of space law and SoP while they don't have to deal with the stress of hunting antags, I'm sure it could be worked into SoP that standard sec officers if the situation calls for it will be allowed to assist in dealing with antags, but it does not mean they are required to deal with them.
  8. So, while this sounds fun and a great addition, looking at some of the effects you can create, they would prove incredibly OP, science already makes for the most powerful antag department with mining as a close second, imagine how incredibly powerful one or two people could become working with another traitor or other antag from mining or science, I'd enjoy this being a feature but it'd have to be so heavily nerfed it would probably be but a shadow of itself if it were brought over. Something else that was brought up is that it would be a monstrous task to undertake code wise, TG has a lot more active and capable coders than we do making anything they do a lot easier for them in contrast to our team here.
  9. Leanfrog

    mech nerf?

    For certain antags such as xenos or terrors, they can make use of N2O canisters which will near instantly incapacitate the mech pilot if they don't have their internals set in advance, this not only impacts Mechs but standard crew as well, my best story of this is when the gamma durand pilot fell asleep before they even reached the problem.
  10. Another issue I've noticed is when browns or purples spawn they tend to immediately break the wall nearest to them, this is an issue for obvious reasons, now we could make it so that they have a delay on their actions on spawning or make certain webs capable of blocking atmos, kind of like a holofan, I bring this up because far too often do I see purples spawning in turbine then immediately smashing the wall next to them which leads into space thus making the nest inhospitable after a period of time.
  11. Yeah actually, that seems like it would make for a great change maybe even make it so you can stack for more resistance up to a point of immunity
  12. So as of right now, the goliath cloak is worse in every way than the explorer suit besides fashion, kind of disappointing for an item that's such a hassle to make, how about we change that My proposal is this, make it ash storm resistant, not storm proof but resistant this would add great utility to a fairly rare item and make it actually worth the effort of creating, think of it like a rain coat, it shields you from the rain, but it doesn't cover all your bits so you still get a little wet. My other idea is to make it into something you attach to your explorer suit granting the storm resistance but no extra defense, this would still grant great utility and overall probably be even better than just a buff as it reduces the hassle of having to shuffle through your bag each time you want to get it out.
  13. This is in response to the active PRs to rework Diona And Slime People, instead of shoehorning in the need to breathe simply to accommodate for newcrit, why not rework nobreathe to be in a state that doesn't make one immune to oxygen damage but removes the need for breathable atmos, this would allow Diona and Slime People to retain their immunity to atmos while still being compatible with newcrit, now this may be harder than I think but it feels like a very reasonable thing to change instead of removing their innate ability to ignore atmospheric contents.
  14. No, the experimentor keeps your UE and UI iirc so you can just brain transplant then take the ue and ui of your old body to be back to normal, also unless you made the SM before you got transformed it wouldn't do anything
  15. Honestly yeah, that would probably be better, just removing the ability to instantly inject someone with it would solve a lot of issues