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  1. Let's get this back on topic you nerds.
  2. Yeah making the implant EMP vulnerable would make sense (though it would just give antags even more incentive to EMP synthetics) it could potentially inverse their effect for a time making them cause brute and burn damage instead of healing it, or maybe it could just be shut down for a long period of time.
  3. I've had this idea brewing for a while now and I figured it's finally time to put it on paper. The idea was spawned from the thought that IPCs should have some way of being ever so slightly more resilient (Controversial I know) and my initial thought was essentially like a healing virus, it's still essentially that but more fleshed out. "A micro repair nanite factory capable of repairing both organic and synthetic damage" Stats: Heals Brute and Burn damage equivalent to the same speed of toxic comp with no downside however this applies only in synthetics, when implanted in organics it heals at 50% of that speed with no Toxin damage buildup, it also reduces the amount of bleeding caused by IB and is capable of fully repairing internal component leaks in synthetics given enough time. Requirements: Bio 7 (Due to the potential power of this implant) This implant is obviously heavily favored towards IPCs but it still has use for organic crew (also considering toxic comp is unusable in its current state) as a safe way for minor health regen. I'm not an expert of balance so this is open for change.
  4. Okay, to respond to the two posts about the constructs dropping a brain, that was essentially stated in the OP in that the body is left un-revivable state, the constructs on death would essentially drop a brain that doesn't need surgery to re-implant. Also as MrMagolor stated more often than not the stones are used on sec members as the cult effectively has no way of turning them (without going through the hassle of a surgery) as well as being very rewarding to do so.
  5. Updated once more, the shield if possible could have a high chance of blocking taser and disabler shots, discouraging use of them but still allowing them to potentially eliminate the threat. As a side note this is meant to be more a purchase for the team and not the typical shit "one man army" nukie you see far too often, this is a team mission, having more support equipment would encourage working more effectively.
  6. Yeah, I forgot to put its combat capabilities in the OP, edited it now to include those details, whoops.
  7. Again, as with most of my other ideas I thought this up on the Discord. Item name: Ballistic Shield Folds to fit in you bag While folded blocks 40% of incoming ballistic and melee attacks While deployed takes up both hands While deployed blocks 100% of ballistic projectiles and frontal melee attacks 0% resistance and block chance for energy weaponry (Crowd Control equipment exempt) If possible add a 75% chance to block taser electrodes and disabler beams The shield is also capable of shoving crew members and causing a short stun When used to attack the shield does minor damage but does extra damage to currently stunned targets (something along the lines of "Donk op x crushes greytide under their shield") The purpose of this would be to spice up the rather dull meta of "Order combat shotguns because energy weapons are pointless" of war ops and it would provide more challenge for the crew as they would have to actually strategize more.
  8. Noted, though I've seen a handful of rounds where people are sharding before the final push for the summon rune. Obviously when this applies to wizard rounds it doesn't really matter but I was thinking more for when cultists start to shard a number of crew members, effectively removing them from the round entirely with no chance to return to what they were doing, at least with being a cultist you can still in theory play the game normally and simply support the cult with your mere presence. I didn't point this out in the OP but more often than not I've made or seen constructs almost hindering the cult because they get all pissy that they don't get to play the game normally anymore. Man, I rant too much
  9. So a little while back I was thinking how if you get soul stoned by a cultist or a wizard you have no chance of ever getting back into the round again my proposal is this. Soul stones no longer dust bodies they are used on, instead the body is left behind in an unrevivable state. Using a soul stone filled with a matching soul will return the soul to the body allowing them to be revived again. Upon death constructs and shades will drop a "Soul Fragment" which can be used on the victim's body to restore it. This would still allow a player to return to the round after being the victim of a stoning, now obviously there's the issue of people running to their deaths as a construct so that they can get fixed but just like how shadowling thralls aren't allowed to let themselves be deconverted this would be something that has to be enforced. All in all I feel like this would overall make being a construct less of a shit experience as you still can return to the round again afterwards.
  10. This is a minor meme but I still feel like it would make for a neat feature and giving even more utility to being able to regrow limbs. Since actually losing a limb takes a lot this probably wouldn't matter too much.
  11. That is true, but at the same time, if a traitor is effective enough in general, sec may turn to lethals regardless, and traitors have access to many options for combat that are outside of the uplink. I will take this into consideration though, thanks for your input.
  12. Alright, I've shown this off on the discord but I figured I should post this here to help get it some attention “First Aid Manual” (Name subject to change) “Boss that’s a severe injury, it’s not going to heal on its own.” 11TC (Cheaper than two bone injectors and also low enough to be paired with CQC for ultimate references and fairly expensive due to its great utility) Teaches the user how to treat severe injuries on their own Burns upon use like the CQC manual Allows the user to treat critical injuries such as breaks and IB temporarily Set bones will not cause any damage and effectively function like a splint but applicable to any limb or region of the body and are temporarily immune to being broken again via injury Treated IB will be stopped and prevent the user from coughing up blood and the user will temporarily be immune to being inflicted with IB again via injury Treated injures will return to a normal status after around 15-20 minutes (Subject to change)\ The purpose of this item is to reduce the effect of the typical “Oh, I got hit by one shotgun pellet in the leg and now I’m fecked because breaks and IB are the worst thing to deal with as a wanted antag” situation that we all know and hate. Any feedback is appreciated and will be taken into account.