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  1. Nathan with CC approval to do what he wants: heheheheh The station: get the nuke
  2. DerpehBoi

    IPC EMPs

    When IPCs get hit with an emp it shouldnt always be a game-ender. As we all know an IPC getting EMP'ed causes severe brute and burn along with internal damage causing instant death. I feel this is unfair because, as stated, it can be very often a game ender. I feel that instead of instantly damaging an EMP should cause a 15-20 second knockout depending on the source of the EMP (grenade, flashlight, etc). This is plenty of time to do whatever malicious needs you plan since they take extra brute and burn and are easy to remove the brain via commonly accessible tools. As a spam proof measure EMPs should not stack up, meaning spamming the flashlight doesnt reset the time or multiple grenades doesnt add more time, and such like that, and there is a 5 second cooldown after them waking up and being able to get up so that you cant knock em right back down again causing no chance to escape. To me this seems like a good way to balance instakilling IPCs as there arent much ways to instakill other species.
  3. i think unwrenched pipes should act like a vent/scrubber. when you run into the unwrenched bit you pop out of the vents. (this can apply to ANY vent crawling thing not just spiders)
  4. phoebe looks innocent on the outside but inside shes full of danger and scary secrets. beware her.
  5. i like this idea. question is how do you infect?
  6. Matthew Walker - Unpredictable Fluffy Nerd
  7. I feel your "outcomes" or what you would like to call them are better fit into the word "hopes" or even "distant dreams". I'm not trying to be rude i'm just saying that what you wish is extremely unlikely and not how this all can work. Alff i honestly love that vox respond like that. Its very interesting and i think its awesome that vox always have each other's backs (at least most of the time)
  8. I'm not good at writing long things so this is really it: i feel like crewsimov should be removed. The reason to this is that it is extremely abusable by crew as they can, for example, say to the ai "turn off turrets and let me beat you to death" or "you musn't tell anyone i just murdered the chef" and such like that. Corporate is a better lawset to keep because of its nature to decide based on whats at cost/whats being costly. What do you all think of this?
  9. DerpehBoi


    hi im the local oddball known as Matthew Walker/Blaze the IPC/borgo/ai
  10. If you have an IPC character you should get a extra button. This button toggles your backup slot. If the backup slot is on you can choose one of your other char's to load. Then code wise, you config the IPC to be able to roll vamp/cling BUT if they do it changes to their backup slot IF its organic AND backup is enabled. This allows IPC players the ability to be cling/vamp and toggle it off if they dont want a backup char/to be those antags.
  11. eh yeah i'd be content with literally just the atmos barrier too
  12. Engineering borg: replace engineer holobarrier projector with atmos holobarrier projector, as well as add plasteel, wood planks, and wood tiles, to its reserves. Medical borg: The hypospray. This hypospray is a tool that can hold 15u of five different liquids and switches between modes (inject, scan, create) by using it in your hand and switch chemical by right clicking it and changing it via a menu. To get new reagents to synthesize you can scan any container (hyprospray, syringe, dropper, pipette, beaker, bottle, etc etc) and then make that liquid with the exception of liquid drinks and foods. Starts with the ability to synthesize the five default hypospray chemicals along with one of each blood type. Medical grabber. This grabber can now hold things such as organs and mechanical organs along with the original function of waking people up off the table. The beaker can also now be placed in chem dispensers and when you close the chem dispenser menu or get far enough that you cant use the dispenser the beaker retracts back into your hand (or inventory if there are no slots availible), so that you can make your own chemicals to synthesize.
  13. interesting. way too good animations for ss13 though.
  14. As far as I know instant stuns are very useful in many situations. Removing them might get rid off the annoyance side but the good side still needs them. As far as RP, it's not going to encourage anything really. People are still just going to spam disable when you get up instead of roleplay, that's just how non HRP servers are. I'd say leave it how it is.