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  1. Amazing. Can i ask what text font you used?
  2. I agree actually. It shouldnt be a predictable thing. And yeah bullets should embed.
  3. fair point but it doesnt make since to have internal bleeding as its literally their body
  4. remove slime IB and make them bleed a gel like substance the color of their body
  5. so im not the only one who notices how little chaos most vulps get into?
  6. 11 ascended shadowlings gibbing all the clowns
  7. Name: Matthew Johnson Age: 23 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: AB+ General Occupational Areas(s): Service Command Security Biography: Matthew Johnson is a human male born on the planet known as "Earth". He has been traveling around the galaxy locally since he was 17 and when he hit 20 he decided to go into distant galaxies. He has experience in multiple areas and generally blends in with the crowds. He has also been known to previously been employed for the Syndicate as a internal agent designated with assisting with the take down of multiple facilities. Previously caught by Sol-Gov agents where we was interrogated, dissociated from the syndicate and given compensation for money and housing he previously needed to perform shady work for in return for working as internal affairs agent for Sol-Gov operations. Shortly after his contract ended he found himself upon Mars where he was employed by Nanotrasen and assigned to the Cyberiad. Qualifications: Medical, Drink Making (mixology), Law, Command Employment Records: Shellguard Munitions: Combat Medic Waffle-Co: Factory On-Site Medical Sol-Gov: Internal Affairs Security Records: Arrested by Sol-Gov for attempting to detonate Earth's main orbital station's self destruct system. Brought in for processing where was found to be a Syndicate agent. Medical Records: None Personnel Photo(Appearance text): A 5'9 human male with side swept light blonde hair. He has black eyes and is seen wearing a NT hoodie with a orange jumpsuit and headphones. He appears to be smiling while holding something behind his back. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: He is right handed He likes banana honks, boogers (the drink), irish car bombs, and triple citrus. He can be unpredictable and tends to shout and get upset when something goes bad. Attempts to be (somewhat) friendly. Tries his best not to get in too much trouble. Enjoys the company of Slime People, Vulps, and Unathi, more than other species. Has one adoptive relative, "Jack Johnson", Vulpakanin. Hates spiders and will either run or try to beat one up (then run when he realizes he's failing).
  8. @ID404NotFoundI've seen mocha a few times. Hes not very talkative so i dont know much about him. But alfie is a pretty cool guy.
  9. DerpehBoi


    Import the surgeries and traumas from /tg/ and maybe add some more. They are very interesting and I love the possible variety.
  10. Share your best moments on paradise whether its from the forums, discord, or game! Here's one of mine that I managed to screenshot
  11. Cheers! Feel happy to greet me if you see me (Matthew Johnson). I'm changing species frequently to try and find one that suits me.
  12. DerpehBoi


    Sounds quite interesting to me. I think that heads should be able to choose an amount from department funds (this gives department funds an actual purpose other than aesthetic.) Each head can only take from their department funds. Each head can also only give funds to those in their respective department. And for the captain's funds he gets paid 15% of each fund amount whenever a department earns said funds (the original department gets 100% worth still that way they get full pay but the captain only receives a portion). And finally add more ways to get department funds due to there being few ways. More ways relating to job progress eg each gold slime created along with a $250 pay to department funds every 10 minutes in case the goals are being struggled with.
  13. I like this idea because it makes sense that if they can fit in vent pipes why cant they enter and exit directly.