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  1. Atmos code ladies and gents. The codebase is a true treasure. The code literally shits on everyone unwrenching pipes every shift in the server and you don't even know it!
  2. I can tell you from personal experience, you aren't too far off with your assumption.
  3. That's what I implied with the chip though. To remove nanites just like that seems impossible as they're on a microscale and impossible to pinpoint with human capabilities, so a chip that controls them to remove seems like a more suitable, fair and balanced idea.
  4. Except it really doesn't. EMPs deactivate them temporarily, as where removing them deactivates it forever. I'd also imagine it to be pretty hard to remove tumors with a flashlight, let alone a penlight, the game doesn't always makes sense, so it'd be just about alright if you can remove nanites with a hemostat. Just imply it's a chip and if said chip gets removed, all spreaded nanites die off due to losing connection with said chip. And just stun-cuff-remove wouldn't really work either. You can always include abilities for the AI that can tamper with an infected persons mind, like having them have a one time free ability or something,
  5. However to give this an effective countermeasure I'd like to propose that - just much like terror spider eggs or sling tumors - that they can be removed via surgery. This may sound a little strong now, but it'd be just realistic and reasonable for surgeons to be able to remove the nanites entirely. Cost should be a factor here. Nanites should be easy to be put into the victims head at low cost, though harder to activate in order to control someones will. You could also put it on a timer similiar to borers where it takes a specific time for someone to be converted to the AIs will.
  6. This thread can't be serious lol
  7. Honestly, you might as well throw this suggestion in for Doctor and Engineer. I see an equal amount of bad doctors and engineers who really don't know what they're doing and it's just a pain most of the time because if they don't know what they're doing while most of the station counts on them, then it's just no fun for anyone. I personally don't really have any idea of how to counteract this, because how is anyone going to learn the ropes or basics of a job if they're unable to play it? At the same time, what I said above. It's kind of a pickle.
  8. When Central cuts your oxygen supplies and instead sends all of their available flora reserves to the station. Just another day in Science Department. I mean, really, what did the Research Director think could go possibly wrong if the intern is told to fetch a new supply of Plasma for Toxins? The aftermath of the one time I accidentially put a backpack into a bag of holding which then, in return and due to a bug, still spawned a Singularity, eating half of Medbay. Robotics also just released their new mixtape and tried uploading it to their latest batch of Cyborgs. The result and following feedback was pure fire!