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  1. From my perspective, the amount of Karma something costs does not nessasarily correlate to the amount of RP that role is worth. Sure, some extremely roleplay based roles such as Magistrate or Nanotrasen Rep are locked behind a high karma thresh-hold, but I think the people who want to roleplay will be spending their karma on those roles, rather than less roleplay orientated jobs like Mechanic or Bluesheild. I think it's much the same for races. Someone interested in roleplay may pick up a Vox, and those who are not will pick up something else. Different jobs and races serve different purposes. Some people don't want to talk in Vox all shift, but want to be unique from Humans. Heck, the second most roleplay orientated race in my opinion, IPC, is one of the cheapest species unlock. People will unlock things in order of their preference, and I think raising the Karma price for Vox would just be a waste. It's a nice thought though, and I find myself agreeing with Kyet in the sense that the Karma system can have some issues, but this doesn't seem to be the thread to address them specifically.
  2. Aw, well it's good to see you. I'm sure you'll fit in very well >:^)
  3. Welcome! I've seen you around and about, I think, that's a lot of characters so I'm sure I have.
  4. Aw, welcome! A real life bartender eh? Your over the counter charm must be incredible! I look forward to seeing you in game! Cute profile picture, by the way. (Also yes, glory to Pizza dog.)
  5. Oh, I think I've seen you too! Gosh gosh, I'm sure you'll do well, it' s nice to see new people. If you need any help at all, please feel free to ask us!
  6. Drakeven


    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time in Spess! This is a very welcoming community, so we'd be happy to help if you have any questions.
  7. Natalya! A neat space Russian with a habit for catching criminals. I love the effort she puts in to her backstory, and it's always a pleasure to roleplay with her. I had some great times as sec drinking on green in the bar while talking to Nat. Fun times. Da!
  8. YOU BROKE THE CHAIN OF OUR SONG I'm not making the number go up in protest.
  9. On the elevelth day of spessmas, Nanotrasen gave to me... Two Skreeing Vox And A dead clown in security.
  10. Sophia is a Vulp on the station Who made many a culinary creation If you do bad She'd be perfectly glad To explode you out of frustration.
  11. ...Three? But really, actually a different number. but if we pretend to keep the number low the won't try to SMITE us
  12. I... I don't remember who the admins were when this Tip came about... but... Good to know there's a consistent stream of good advice coming from our Tips. This one was very important. Yaya. Bonk.
  13. Grandpa Henry illicits a feeling of Cargonia like no other. The improvised, thrown together yet intensely robust nature of it is just represented so well in this man. The reason why antags sometimes fear cargo techs with shotguns held together with tape, piping, and an irrepressible wrath that their safe haven of cargonia has been intruded on and insulted. Hail Cargonia!