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  1. I've seen Sophia around! Amazing work, REAL nice booties, yaya... May I...BORROW THEM FOR A MOMENT?
  2. Vespa. One heck of a squish! Pretty goopy.
  3. I'm gonna pop in my one from last month, while I work on the one for this month! May as well~! Sorry for beeeing bOOORING
  4. A commission done for Torque, two move posters, that I made up... uh, there's probably some spelling mistakes, but heck, here you go!
  5. Jay: Tries, Fails, tries Giki: Voxxy, Fixxes, Yaya?
  6. Qur! The warbling Skrell that makes me love the fact we have a sound for that emote every time I encounter them. GOOD STUFF. She's adorable.
  7. SO, I just spend 7 straight hours putting this together. I had possibly one of my favourite rounds, or at least my favourite involving an AI, yesterday night as CE. It was a custom event, a meteor shower, and then a Giant ass meteor heading towards Sec. So, as you can imagine, as CE, I had my hands... quite full... with trying to deal with everything. I got cargo to order as many meteor shields as their shuttle could carry, and tried my best to organize my WONDERFUL engineers into action. They were great. So, we managed to patch up the station with some help from CC, and sec opened up the giant ass meteor stuck in their armory to reveal an ash drake. But, it's my job to repair the damage AFTER it is done, so I didn't get involved much. However, the highlight of the game was when the starting AI stopped... well, working. It was still present, but it didn't wipe itself. So the RD had to make a new one, and a plucky little scientist volunteered- Ava. So they took out her brain and stuck it in an AI core, and brought it to upload, much closer to bridge. I had finished with most of the repairs that needed doing, and I'd never really... talked with an AI much, as I've never had the luxury of being actually in the same room as them (much). So I decided to talk, and I knew Ava was quite a good conversationalist. It got... pretty philosophical. At first I actually thought you could take the brain back out of the AI, but after trying to do that 'decommission (try every tool you know of to de-construct it then realize you can't and just harm-welder it to death0 the previous AI, I realized it wasn't actually possible to go back to ones fleshy organic form after you get AI'd. Ava slowly turned from their normal Vulpy self to something much more synthetic, which was fun to role-play out. Asking what would happen if they had different laws, they being unable to give any sort of opinion if they wanted their laws changed or not, just finding out the limits there were being an AI after the freedom of being a crew-member. Ava questioned if Giki would decommission her like she did the other AI, and some other pretty hard question. Perhaps the most major thing is that you're not getting payed anymore, and you become less of a crew-member and more of an object. Laws also influence you, so you could never be sure if you're actually you anymore or not... It's pretty spooky if you think about it, and quite a unique problem to the usual 'Non-post-organic AI'. Anyway, at the end when the shuttle was called, I asked the RD if i could add a new law. Law 15- "You are still the Vulp you once were, don't forget that." or something to that degree, so Ava could still hold on to that personality of hers without being overcome by the torrent of synthetic signals and directives. Though an Ion law came in right after saying 'You need week berries to survive but we... fixed that. ANYWAY it was a TERRIFIC round and honestly I'm so glad I stayed up way past a reasonable hour to play it. Ava is best Vulpai.
  8. Nurn'Kal looks like THAT? I can see why people join the cult then... I hope at least one of those photos got Zeke's good side.
  9. Eyyy. I love Greys. They're always a fun race to interact with. This one is ooooof Gemini! Ionward's character! They are QUITE a talented artist, so I was so glad to get an art trade with them. Heck. YEAH.
  10. Gikikigi woke up unpleasantly, to the sound of booming meteors across the station. She fell off her chair with a 'SKREK' and fumbled to put her Magboots on. No Hardsuit needed for this Vox. She blinked a few times, aiming to remove the grogginess, she heard her com speak with her Kin's, Nesikriti's voice. 'Damage reports!' To be frank, she had no idea what the damage was, but it probably wasn't great. She responded with a "Will go checks now!" Before rushing off towards where it looked like the impact was most dire, picking up some metal on the way. Oh, how convenient, walking past cargo she saw that there was a few people being dragged out of a room exposed to space. She activated her magboots with a grimace, and headed inside. She looked about. Okay. Looked like a damaged window and plating... Oh! And a Diona. Giki blinked, this Engineer responded... Quickly, apparently. "Haves you got this handleds?" She asks A Wind Over Void @Lonelyspaceman. Obviously not. "Skrek..." She mumbled to herself, before moving to the window and hurriedly trying to construct a wall, magboots keeping her in place. "CEs, is.... Seeings a bit of damages. Probably a few mores inco-" And just on queue, two more booms could be heard around the station. Who knows where they had landed. Probably somewhere important. Giki moaned in frustration. "Cargos is beings repaireds, buts... Will needs to do it quicklys." She prefered talking Vox when she could get the chance, so she spoke directly to the CE with Vox Pidgin "Skreea chreik cik kag gaiek sh shea RCD co gih onk CE, kikikikiki You'll probably need to use that RCD of yours CE, kikikiki." @TheMaskedReaderShe chuckles to herself, before finishing off the wall. Turning back to the Diona, a bit more work needed to be done. She smiled, or at least, smiled as much as a Vox could. "Enjoyeds the void bathings yaya? We needs to be goings fixing!" She nods enthusiastically. Nod x8.
  11. VULPS! Vin and Sam, two different Vulps. Here they ARE just chillin'
  12. AWWW HECK YEAH This is great! Yaya! Likes very much is goods. SECURITIES VERY SERIOUSES. (Maybes lets you go if you promise you nots bad)
  13. An aaaaaaaaaart trade! Phoebe, nice purple hat. Keepin' an eye on those halls... I wonder what could be lurking around the corner. Probably nothing. Just another relaxing day outside bar...