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  1. Hell yeah they are, and sometimes I don't use them as clouds. They can make wonderful 'dirty' brushes, if you have them on the right opacity you can just make it a bit of a different colour to make something look a bit less new.
  2. You shouldn't. It's... beautiful (I think we use the same cloud brushes) (ᵃˡˢᵒ ᵏᶦˡˡ ˡᵃ ᵏᶦˡˡ)
  3. Ahhh I love this! My poor girl! She tries her hardest :'D amazing work with the hair!
  4. Oh wow. That's so neat! WOW!
  5. Dayana Shaffer! Very good slimeperson. My first round as HoS was eventful, but I managed to hold it together... That is until I had a troublesome Doctor asking if I wanted to get any implants. Well, obviously I wanted to try out those neat new Non-drop and rebooter things, but I was suspicious. We had no brig doc. So, I decided I'd get a PAI to watch over me. Great idea. (Not great) So, I get my implants and go to get some surgery. Apparently I got an extra implant free of charge. That PAI didn't... help much... She said these words as I got back up, missing that green flashy 'Mindsheild' of mine. So my first round of HoS was also my first round being Mindslaved. Go figure. Fantastic work by Day though, she managed to play me like a damn fiddle, and I helped her win by calling the warden in and watching as she gunned them down in cold, slimy, blood. *squish (She also mind-slaved me again like one round later to the tune of Rock the Casbar. Apparently I'm that easy.)
  6. Drakeven

    Rsik's Art

    Wow! Your work is incredible! I really love it! Awesome new character, the bone necklace is hell yeah
  7. Kikeri!!! FOOOR @gangelwaefre ... I just realized I can tag people. That's neat! Anyway, I've had a ton of nice interactions with Kikeri, she's a real nice character and her actions are so... descriptive, I suppose. Cute. This is a moment I had with her while we were building a BSA (that we couldn't test-fire before the shuttle launch because of that TROUBLESOME CE ) and then I accidentally threw myself into space. Kikeri showed me how to save myself, by throwing things, and then when I got back I see her wandering around in space around the BSA. Vox. With their pressure-suit skin and everything... Gosh, they're neat. It's going to be hard to decide between Vox and Slimepeople when I do try and get a race... Vox are real cute, but also, *squish
  8. If I saw that enlist poster I'd be in the space navy at once.
  9. My girl!!! GOSH thank you so much~!
  10. How the turns have tabled How the turns have tabled....
  11. Gosh this is cute! Mech bab!
  12. It's! Zeke! Your favourite drunk Skrell. PhantasmicDream was kind enough to do an art trade with me, so this is my part! They did such a good job! Ah! I hope you like it, Dream.
  13. Maybe we should have a thread for each character? That sounds like a good idea!