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  1. A PR to add an organ based capabilities system was shot down by the IPC community recently. It would have been a prerequisite to such a system, allowing for customization of body parts with upgrades.
  2. So yeah, its been said but.. This is just rabid vulpkanin. I mean we could like, give them powers and make it a game mode, sort of an alternative renamed vampire.....
  3. @Breenland SM is set to go, just waiting on a mapper. Current plan is to beg @FreeStylaLT
  4. Would be neat, but our atmospheric system is way older then TGs,. We only support the base 4 gasses.
  5. I don't really know why a station owned by a single corporation would do this, its a bunch of extra work for the transfer of something that does not have value. So I spent some time trying to think of a multiplayer RPG that did not have an economy. I thought the Boulders Gate/Icewind Dale series from late 90s, but they had market places. TG is massively popular and we are talking about a port of their system. Considering every multiplayer RPG I can think of has a persistent economy, and TG has a persistent economy. I just don't see this as an issue.
  6. So the problem, is that as we appear to be defining it, an economy exists to allocate scarce resources. A non-persistent economy, does not do that, effectively all it would do would be to limit how much of a resource someone could get in game. Yes, it would. But in doing so, its not so much a fairer distribution of resources, so much as it is a random distribution. I think any efforts to make an economy without persistence are a waste of time and effort. Without persistence, resources are not scarce except for perhaps immediately scarce for that round. Without any sort of actual (persistent) scarcity, we would have to significantly introduce scarcity by artificially reducing supply of key items for any of the changes to have a meaningful effect. (Station gets two medkits)
  7. We are trying to make more mechanical incentives to roleplay. Or at the very least, not have mechanics that act as a disincentive to roleplay.
  8. They are not reiterations but we don't really define what happens between shifts, or how everyone is back the next shift after the station was destroyed. Relationships persist between rounds socially, which heavily implies that the rounds are not just repeats of the same day. This is the major point, and we kind of just hand wave the inconsistencies. My general rule of thumb, is outside of everyone dying and if one person is an antag, it's remembered.
  9. The data is not easy to parse. If anyone has elite spreadsheet skills and way to much free time drop me a message on discord.
  10. This would be pretty easy for us to deal with, we just need to have certain things cost something. The easiest way to not have to deal with debt, is to not sell things to people without money.
  11. Legit plane. So for perspective, Donald Trumps personal jet (the 757 with the big TRUMP written on it) is a 1991 757-200 Two are up for sale right now in California with 80,000 hour (its been more then two decades) both have an asking price of 9.5 Million USD. Sure, you would need to fix up the interior, maybe new engines, but um..... A G650 is a serious plane.
  12. So if you do want to do it, just ahelp first. Worst thing that can happen is you get a no. My general intervention plan for self-antaging that is not violent or seriously screwing over someones round is to look the other way assuming. 1) No salting over ahelp when caught by security 2) No salting over LOOC (This is worse then ahelps, I can brush off salt in ahelps with no issue, you don't get to mess with other players) 3) No screams of shitcurity or about security taking your voxygen, don't disarm spam and disposal their stun baton, I will not be impressed by your robustness. 4) Nobody ahelps it. If you don't think you can go with out 3/4 ahelp first. While making more opportunities for tiding way ups the chaos and should probably not be endorsed, but we are far looser on tiding then we could be.
  13. Yeah for clarification, its very context dependent. On slow rounds, especially if you ahelp, you are going to get an amazing amount of latitude in thieving. The problem is, most people go full tide on red alert. When security is too busy dealing with the actual antags to respond to the break in and an officer getting his taser and baton stolen. Even if no major thefts occurred, I have been disappointed many times when ghosting. We fly around and watch, especially if things look like antag activity. This is not to catch people, its because its more interesting to watch. I have seen plenty of breakins, long security chases with much disarm spam and a ton of officers. Finally they get the tide, I go back to watching antags and then... without warning... *bwoink*
  14. OK, so If I see any non-antags doing this, I am going to assume they are self antaging and if they cant offer an amazing RP explanation of why they were breaking two major laws under space law (in the same 3xx category as beating someone into crit) they will end up with a warning on first offence and depending on notes, I may ban them.
  15. So, to be kind of the no fun allowed police. Breaking into high security areas as a non-antag is not the kind of thing I think we want to encourage at scale.