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  1. Its a sprite of the rules thing. As an admin, what I am looking for, is two things. 1) Is this clearly a case where the antag found a way to contrive a situation so they could murderbone. A classic example of this, is committing your crime in the hallway outside the bridge, so you can murder half the crew and security for being witnesses. 2) Was this a case where the Antag tried to be stealthy, had a plan, and it just went wrong? Things go wrong, sometimes you have to clean up. If thats OK or not, I primarily base on if the Antag planned to do so in a stealthy manner, or just had a total disregard for how it went down. An antag plays responsibly, and is known to play responsively is going to get away with a lot more witness murdering. Since its not just part of being an antag to them. If its just part of the experience of being an antag, killing people who are not, and have nothing to do with your objectives. Then yeah, not OK.
  2. Sorry for the late response. can help identify if it is having problem.s Tonight, it was due to things breaking.
  3. A good portion of the staff wants to move the server back in a more medium RP focused direction. I think that will involve loosing some of the player base to servers that more closely mirror what they expect. I think we would be fine with that. Regardless of popularity, making any major PR changes in the future will be DOA if this does not happen. We are obviously hear and listening, but if the response is "No, everything is fine." Well, if I don't think its fine, then I disagree? We don't really need people to say "No" we need alternatives. Because otherwise the response to feedback of "No, everything is fine." is "Yes, its not fine."
  4. Or something else. Best story I have is a janitor slipping people on blob, and we told some of his victims it would be OK to space him. We also jobbanned him from janitor. But in general, people often view OOC warnings on behavior as something they can ignore or argue their way around. They seem to work way better when handled IC, as that also lets people observing them know the behaviour has a consequence.
  5. If you ahelp someone is being a jerk, with context, you may get permission. This is doubly so for graytide and self-antaging.
  6. I agree with a good portion of this. I somewhat agree with species being more interesting. I think we have slipped in that regard, and its hard to claw that back. Changes to SR and NO_CLONE species are an example of the difficulties of tweaking species stuff. This is partially from adopting a more action oriented playstyle, which places a higher emphasis on balance at the cost of uniqueness. You can't have species be more powerful then baseline (humans) , as that will cause salt and be abused, and if they are less powerful, they will just get murdered all the time, generating additional salt. The heavy restriction on speech, boring antagonists, and to some extent the "over moderation" are because we don't want to become this We walk a fine line and its hard to pull as many mechanics from TG as we do, with as high pop as we have and not fall into the "REEEEE."
  7. Exactly this, the lack of downsides on death, makes the struggle to keep someone alive on the new system a questionable use of time.
  8. I really like it, some things will need to be worked out if/after its merged, but its an ongoing process.
  9. Yeah.... I don't remember this being a thing.
  10. Very nice, We are aware of the duplicate resources as @Fethas hhasFet been discovering them while cleaning up the codebase, you may want to make sure you are working with a recent resource commit as she has been fixing everything related to some of our broken resource issues. But yeah, we shouldn't have duplicate resources, that's a quality control oversight and is not intentionally done as far as I know.
  11. Frequency is an interesting question. I assume you want to lower the sample rate. I don't actually know.. It could be tried across all the files as a lowpass filter and we could see if anyone noticed the lower frequency limit.
  12. For sure, The DMI issue has been identified, so if that turns out fine, I think this is entirely good to go on the icon front. The metadata itself should be fine as long as you respect the property for it. As an example, the bees.dmi icons for bees has This is an ordered list starting at pixel (0,0) and moving across with each frame being 32x32 It is 100% safe to copy this metadata out, do whatever you want to the dmi as a png file, including rewriting all the metadata. Then just re-insert this property. Audio is difficult as you described. But I would say, yeah, lets do this. #Edit# OK, so probably should add, the property I am talking about is the compressed text metadata (zTXt). You can copy that directly and it will all just work, assuming the pixels 32x32 (or whatever) were not moved in some way.
  13. Considering that the servers are setup to play a game, and not steal all your personal information, many, many times better.
  14. No, we have basically no graphical processing capability. However adding a graphics card on the server running byond would make it more then capable of doing so.
  15. We have 3.256TB of storage, although most of it is not used. We have a 2GB database, and perhaps 100GB of log files. This is somewhat hard to answer as individuals may have more then one account. However in the last 30 days, we have been connected to with 3760 unique byond names. If we only count byond logins from different IP addresses (ignoring shared addresses) we have had 3654 unique players in the last 30 days.