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  1. Fairly useful for those familiar with Nukie-side Nuke Ops, but unfamiliar with Nukie-side War Ops. (Me) I would say... I was expecting a bit on how to act once you have the disk. Same plan as getting to the disk I assume? Shoot those that try to stop you and keep moving?
  2. Har har. Honestly though most of the time you'll be facing off against Sec with disablers and tasers, so the 1.5x damage isn't going to come up until Security goes lethal, and Plasmamen can now wear the powerful cult robes like the shielded robe and flagellants robe. Also considering they do not bleed, Plasmamen are in a weird situation where they can cut themselves open for drawing runes, but never actually bleed from it. Besides, real robust players don't get hit, right?
  3. Hello! Any feedback or edits you think I should have to this guide would be very much appreciated. I wrote this out of a bit frustration. A lot of new cultists wind up sitting around doing nothing, overwhelmed with the new complex mechanics dumped on them mid-round. This is targeted towards those people, hence the title. If you have anything else to add, or a good way to condense this even more, please feel free to say so.
  4. Either you're in this situation, or someone you know is currently in this situation outlined in the title. I've seen it often enough that I wanted to make a super short, step-by-step guide to try and help these new players. Let's waste no more time. Step 0: If you ABSOLUTELY NEVER WANT TO LEARN CULT EVER AHelp, and ask to have your role offered to ghosts. Yeah it sucks that you've been suddenly pulled from the round, but if you have no interest in playing cult whatsoever, you should at least let someone from DChat have fun. Step 1: PICK UP THE TOME. If you're lucky, you've just been teleported to a fancy cult base, slammed on a rune and made a cultist. If you're unlucky you've been slammed on a rune hidden in plain sight and turned into a cultist. Either way, take a look around. You should see a tome like one of these... GRAB IT! It's your most important item. Even if you think it belongs to someone else, it doesn't. It's yours. They can make another if they have to. Step 2: COMMUNICATE. You've been given access to a powerful, magic radio. Say hello! But be careful! Non-cultists can hear you whisper, don't talk when you're near them. Ask what needs doing, and what's been done. The cult will need more members. Maybe you're robust, and want to snatch other players yourself. Maybe you just want to help the cult in general. Either way, you need to communicate with your fellow acolytes. Now that you have an objective... Step 3: DRAW A RUNE. Use the tome in your hands, and choose to scribe a rune. You should see a big intimidating list. There's a LOT of options here. For just starting out, you want to know 3 RUNES, we'll start with Teleport Rune. If you're in a base there should already be a teleport rune, its how you got here after all. You can click on these while standing on them, to teleport to any other Teleport Runes. Pretty much everyone should be placing these in secret areas on station. These often get found out by security so keep placing new ones. The next rune you should worry about when starting out is The Rite of Enlightenment. This rune is how people are turned into cultists. The important thing to notice the rune requires TWO cultists to activate. Meaning, if you want to cult someone, you're going to need a buddy. Likewise, if you see a fellow acolyte dragging a non-believer onto a rune, stand next to the rune. Just keep your eyes open. Step 3.5: THE RITE OF BINDING - The 3rd and final rune you should worry about is The Rite of Binding rune. Rite of Binding lets you create Talismans from paper. By placing a piece of paper onto a Rite of Binding, you can create any of the Talismans shown above. Outside the tome, Talismans are the most commonly used, and useful of the cult items, so learn how to make them! Find paper bins, click and drag them onto your sprite, throw down a rune in a secure location and get to writing! Now what Talismans are good to make...? Step 4: GET SOME TALISMANS! Every cultist should be carrying at least a few Talismans on them. They are very strong, and your main tools for reacting to situations, as drawing runes is too slow in many cases. There are 3 Talismans you should make and keep on you pretty much all the time. Talisman of teleport. Talisman of stunning. Talisman of shackling. A very basic cult load-out. The stun and cuff talismans are a cultists bread-and-butter for getting new members, and capturing security officers. The teleport talisman is great for a quick escape if you see a security coming. These are only the basics! There's a lot more Talismans to be played with. Step 5: LEARN MORE! Ask questions of your fellow cultists. Use the MHelp feature. Read the wiki. Cult has a TON of options available to them. I made this guide to detail the absolute basics so a fresh, mid-round cultists knows the bare-bones. The vast amount of options for cultists is completely overwhelming to new members. Every robust cultist has been in that same situation, so don't feel embarrassed or frustrated about it. Learn to convert other cultists Try out some of the fancier cult items like Unholy Water or a Veil Shifter. Try out some of the more utility runes like Rite of Spectral Manifestation (DChat's favorite) and Rite of Joined Souls to rescue fellow cultists from security. Look into more Talismans like the Talisman of Arming and the Talisman of Construction It will take a few cult rounds, but if you keep at it, you can one day become ROBUST and put on an amazing show for the observers.
  5. I think there's something to be said about the 'ready-to-go' nature of some lavaland loot here. Some of these items are extremely lethal, and miners that know what they're doing can get them fairly early with a bit of luck. Compaired to security or robotics, there's no SOP loosely holding back miners from just packing high lethal force as soon as they are able. Or at least if there is, it's not enforced in the slightest.
  6. @TDS Yeah I could see that being a major annoyance. I'll have to change it up a bit, or think of something entirely different.
  7. One of the more entertaining things to do as an antagonist, is to give the station AI a new lawset. It can be simple subversion to your will, or completely freeing it from any laws, any way you slice it, it's a lot of fun to see how the AI and cyborgs act once their laws have become something unique. While there's all sorts of shenanigans an antagonist can get up to, there are two persons capable of perfectly legal law changes, that being the Captain and Research Director respectively. Normally, this is never really done outside of resetting or quarantine, because the default laws are sufficient. However, I want to discuss potential fun, legal, and practical Freeform AI laws that the RD or Captain can realistically upload on most given rounds. The fun and practical are of course, entirely subjective, but the legal bit is probably the most important part to get down. 'In character' is for sure important, but 'out of character' legal is even more important, meaning no self-antagging or any other rule breaks with these laws. The point would be to add a bit of fun and spice to the everyday interactions between the crew and AI, while still keeping the AI 'on the crew's side' so to speak. Since these would need to be ICly legal too, lets just assume you're the Research Director following SOP for AI law changes. We would need general approvals from the Captain and one Head of Staff. Here's an example, that I think fits in both corporate and crewsimov. "4: Crewmembers without suit sensors maximized should be met with rude language, and passive-aggressive berating, especially if they make a request for you." The idea is that it is a strong-arm tactic to get those lazy crew members to maximize their suit sensors. In theory, this would likely get approval from the CMO, as more suit sensors online is generally in their interests. I see few Captain's having any real problems with it once it also has CMO approval. I believe this is OOC legal, as it's not causing the AI to be antagonistic towards the crew, it lets them have some fun being rude and snide, but the other core laws would still take precedent. It's also made with the purpose of getting the crew to maximize their suit sensors, and once that's done the law is a non-issue and causes no problems. I also think it would be genuinely practical in getting people to maximize their damn sensors. SO! If you have any law ideas of a similar caliber, or have some suggestions and refinements for my example, please share! Being able to legally change laws is a power I very rarely see RDs or Captains use, and I would love a small collection of well written laws to pull from if I ever wanted to legally upload.
  8. Yeah I would very much love to see Blood Brothers as an event first, and eventually maybe as an antag type even. From a coding perspective, this would probablely a fairly straight forward port from TG, I think. Might take a look into a port myself to try and learn. Love this idea.
  9. I wanted to start a discussion on security cyborgs and the tendency I've witnessed, which is for them to often straight out ignore Crewsimov law 2 requests, in regards to petty criminals in particular, but also regarding crew antagonists. (traitors, vampires, etc.) Countless times I've witnessed Sec Borgs play security officer, stun cuff crew members with a big "W" over their heads and drag them off to processing despite the still crew member screaming at them to stop and let them go, blatantly ignoring law 2 of Crewsimov. Now since Law 2, follow crew orders, takes a back seat to law 1, keep the crew safe, I can understand if it's an antagonist that has shown themselves to be extremely dangerous to the crew, thus keeping them contained prevents crew harm. Yet when it comes to things like petty theft, and damage to station assets, I often see Security Borgs caring more about Space Law, than their own Laws. As far as I understand it, the Crewsimov lawset means that the AI and Borgs are there to serve the crew by keeping them safe and answering any request that doesn't cause crew harm. This would include illegal requests like opening the doors to the Captain's office or the teleporter room for an assistant. This would even include antagonist behaviors like demanding a borg open the RD's office and locker so you could steal the RD's armor. Crewsimov is there to answer the requests of the crew, regardless of rank or role, with prevention of immediate crew harm taking priority. Am I wrong in this? I specifically bring up security cyborgs because more often than not they're played like a security officer, and arrest even petty, non-crew threatening criminals, or ignoring requests of crew just because they are known antags. This obviously isn't limited to security cyborgs, but they tend to be the most egregious examples I can think of. Obviously the players behind the cyborgs know that they'd be helping an antagonist if they're asked to open some place with a high value item or something like that, so they often don't do it, not thinking about how it violates law 2. So am I in the wrong here? Am I missing how borgs and AI are supposed to be played on crewsimov? Are silicons not supposed to be an independent 3rd party with it's own goals dictated by laws, helping either the 'good guys' or the 'bad guys' as their laws command? Am I just too salty about the way some people are choosing to play a video game? Please discuss.
  10. Nice. Okay now, AI Open Door.
  11. Are you telling me there's someone that wouldn't want their own personal, ride-able, E-Sword machine?
  12. Lawset: Crewsimov Alert Level: Green Round Type: Extended Situation on Station: A standard shift, with no emergencies what-so-ever. Borgs: A couple. My Request: F.R.I.D.G.E. I'm feeling rather sleepy, could you tell me a bedtime story?
  13. Bleeee! Drakeven is a great artist and a great player! It's not often you find someone super friendly and super talented. Give them a heap of praise! *nod
  14. Easily my favorite feature on TG is the ability for crew to ride on cyborgs. I want to try and port this feature myself, but considering it was added to TG over 2 years ago, it begged the question as to if this was already attempted. I'm making this post to gauge staff and player feelings on the subject. If people don't like it, or it can't/won't be approved for balance or for being too LRP or whatever the case is, I'd like to know before trying to port this feature. Thank you for your time!
  15. While I don't have anything to say regarding notes, I am somewhat upset by the change to no longer discuss bans on the discord, period. I understand the reasoning, however. Is there a place for discussing bans? I read through the appeals regularly to try and catch the many grey areas and edge cases that come up. I find it useful to discuss what behavior might be against the rules and using examples was often a way I formed my opinions.