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  1. Should be top of the wiki for all the people who have never played cult before to teach it to them.
  2. Lavaland stuff is completely unbalanced with the rest of the station items. In my opinion it is extremely overpowered that suddenly someone can even just pull out a katana and start hacking away if they are an antag or a target of an antag. I do not think its really fun and it also makes Gateway pointless as the items you can find in the Gateway are a joke compared to lavaland. In addition resources seem to be really bi-polar. Either all the miners die (which has become rarer) and so there are no resources or what recently has happened with 8 or so people going miner and most of them knowing what they are doing is that resources become abundant and it has a negative affect on any antags anyway. The last times I have seen xenos or terrors at least 2 gygaxes or durands have been ready to crush them within minutes. The fact that there is a mech every round now almost guaranteed for security really tilts the favor against antags and I barely seen multiple-objective vampire/clings succeed at their objectives if they get found out.
  3. As someone who has played a lot of AI, I wish that CC would maybe experiment around with AI law changes as well sometimes. Tyranny to make sure command actually tries to stay in control instead of just standing on the bridge like deer caught in a headlight. Crew really messed up and DS has to be sent in? One crew, antimov, asimov and oxygenistoxic lawsets should be utilized. In the few cases that people are allowed to "leave" the station under quarantine for an evacuation the AI is often left on quarantine (if they were changed at all) which means they even have to stop ERT and DS from leaving the station. This should be adjusted in my opinion. Core laws might be good for specific cases such as you want the AI to be on crewsimov but security is incapable of terminating the persons ID and therefore Crew status so something like "crew who commits murder is no longer crew" should be a decent law to put in.
  4. As a rather "new" player, what were the issues in the past?
  5. These are so nice. Also they are always so friendly. Do you have anything a little darker as well?
  6. General Security Problem. There have been so many field executions lately that borgs even ignore the Crewsimov thing and will harmbaton even if your ID is not terminated. I saw an unpowered Vampires brain get cut out like 15 minutes into the round yesterday so do not expect too much from Security at the moment.
  7. The sec borg 100% does not need a buff. They are strong already and if illegals are researched you get a lethal option. The sec borg is stronger than a normal officer in almost every regard if you ignore speed & lack of hands.
  8. Having played a lot of low tier spiders I think one of the most annoying things is for the natural health regeneration to take effect. You literally will just stay in pipes/vents or in a safer area and have to wait to heal to do something useful again. Try a passive regeneration in a certain radius maybe. Give them a stronger attack but also make them slower so they have to be defended especially against ranged attacks.
  9. I have not played a lot of terrors myself but just a few thoughts: Gray: Give them something like the assassin holopara ability -> 1 hit is extremely strong and targets a random limb. They become very hard to spot as you suggested. Weaken their general attack. This gives them more of a finisher/support role and not a combat role. They should try and target armed crew members and cripple them for other spiders to finish off or chase down high value targets with a deadly finishing attack. White: Remove the ability to infect slimes, depending on how much work xenobiology did and how fast people weld it up it just is a silly amount of spiders that spawn from there. I think monkey are fine especially as the only ones that tend to stay alive are the ones in virology. No comment on what they can spawn. Mother: Remove the suicide-attack and make them into a heal/supporter. Maybe give them the ability to revive a spider every minute or so. This would make butchering spiders more relevant as well. I have not really played the other ones so I do not have any comments on them.
  10. In the end I really do not caer what you want to call it and yes it does not have to be syndicate. But the idea was to have same objectives but as teamwork with no contraband items or special abilities. I feel like 3 people with different department access and what not can achieve more than 1 person with 20 TC and its probably more fun.
  11. To be fair we do not even have to code it in. If there is an admin online they could just replace the existing goal with something special as well, just for fun. I know a lot of engineers/CEs have actually stopped playing that department just because the goals are too repetetive
  12. Borers as antags does not sound very good to me. It would be a constant struggle of controlling a person and them taking control back. But yes they are very boring at the moment. Some smaller objectives that are abductor like would be fun, even such things as send an assfax to CC or steal as many shoes as possible.
  13. I may edit this as I am asking someone to read over it again and help clear things up. I will edit this comment if I am 100% finished. Name of Event: Blood Brothers One Sentence Description: Team-Syndicate-Antags with no TC or uplink. Map Changes: No Will this work with the standard NSS Cyberiad map. Just remember that anything requiring mapping changes is unlikely to be organized any time soon. Code Changes: No(?) Will have to force this via admincommands I assume. Will this work with the standard Paracode base. Again, anything requiring coding changes is a long way off. Suggested Number of Players: 60+ What type of population level would this be best for? Just remember that paradise rarely drops anything below 30, even when invisible. Events for smaller player numbers may not be possible. Full Description of Event: Ooc: Security has it too simple. Every Antag can be identified somehow and there are appropriate reactions for it. Space law is VERY often not applied unless its murder or grand theft often confirming EoCs and once a guy is in perma its rare to get out. The idea is to have Syndicate Agents with no uplink or access to contraband (except for random loot) and instead of relying on gear, they have to rely on each other to achieve their objectives. The objectives are normal antag objectives. The teams should be 2-3 people with 1 objective per person. Teams may have to kill other agents, however they should be considered a TEAM ANTAG like Cult and are under no circumstances allowed to fight each other or sell each other out unless its part of a plan (going to perma to kill their target). There should be no way the individuals can be linked to any other antag type except for their objectives. In comparison to a normal round this would feel like something strange and dangerous is happening while at the same time there is 0 evidence of any agents being on board. IC: The syndicate has noticed that the expense of PDA Uplinks and highly-expensive equipment is not working out as they hoped. Often a desperate agent would reveal themselves too early and put other Agents in jeopardy. They have decided on project Blood Brothers. These trained agents were psychologically manipulated from a very young age going through excrutiating training and work together with their assigned partners. They prefer death over defeat and have learned to rely on each other in all situations. They have gone through countless simulations expertising in stealth, breaking in, combat, sabotage and disguise. In case they fail NOTHING can link them to the syndicate and they will just look like some random gang. The NSS Cyberiad holds countless valuable objects that the Syndicate is interested in and with the recent regular agents failings and the consequences they have suffered they have decided to run a trial-mission on the Cyberiad. Welcoming Message/Objectives Example: You are Fridge Quirin the Scientist. You were sent to the NSS Cyberiad by the Syndicate with your BLOOD BROTHERS. Your BLOOD BROTHERS are "TORQUE" and "KAHTICHA". You are a TEAM ANTAG and are not allowed under any circumstances (unless it is planned to accomplish your objective) to sell your BLOOD BROTHERS out to Security or reveal yourself as a Syndicate Agent. You are NOT allowed to reveal that you are a Syndicate Agent under ANY circumstances. These are your objectives: #1: Steal the HoS Gun. #2: Kill The Virologist Krikachik. #3: Steal a hand teleporter. #4: Make sure ALL of your BLOOD BROTHERS survive until the end of the shift. Notes: No document exchange, No die a glorious death. #4 has to be survive until end of shift or escape with shuttle/escape pod.
  14. It does not say anywhere that Cyborgs have a SoP or have to follow it. This is also making it more and more difficult because the subject of conflicting orders comes to mind. A lot of people will say AI law 2 shut up and you have to do it until it has to do with crew harm, does it still apply afterwards? They did not specify the length so is it over after 1 second? Does it only apply to them? For me, the AI feels like a third entity on the station, one that really only cares about its laws (while not breaking server rules) so the priority should go like this 1. Server Rules 2. AI commands / Laws (AI going obviously against laws should probably be ahelped) 3. Space Law (reporting most crimes probably goes with all standard lawsets) Yes NT did ship it over for a specific purpose, but Crewsimov states nowhere that the AI has to follow rank, thats what the standard NT module is for. Also NT decided to have an anti-mov and oxygenistoxicforhumans lawset lying around in the AI upload... figure that out. Even ERT and DS ignore the fact that Quarantine Lawsets exist and I have been killed once as AI for disobeying a CC order as I was upholding quarantine when an evacuation (in a terrospider or xeno round) was happening. Funnily enough people have stronger opinions about both the starting modules and want to constantly change them as Crewsimov is too abusable and Corporate can make an AI act like an asshole. There are a lot of things that are not clarified on the wiki and may need to be better explained and updated. I say, let the AI stay a third party that mostly assists, but has its own interests as well.
  15. This is an interesting one as I have never been on TYRANT lawset. The shift is almost over, the shuttle is called and will be taken to a Secret Syndicate Base. While the crew publicly stated to support you there were a lot of voices of doubt if this is a good idea. An announcement plays: Crew go to Escape immediately or you will be punished. Knowing full well that the AI is serious about this most if not all crew come to escape. Stragglers and slow movers are physically restrained and moved to Escape. A display has been built and a camera has a livefeed to the outside. If you are close enough to the windows you see the vox strapped to a chair on a single tile of metal built to Space. A hologram of an emotionless AI-Face appears. "We may be moving off station, but this is the fate you will receive if you dare oppose US again." Moments later the shuttle arrives... nothing of the vox remains as he never existed.