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  1. You won't catch me arguing with the server owner over whats what, but I just thought it should be known what was found. All the same, I made the changes to the map and removed the HOP for the Vault and Upload. Let me know if there are any other discrepancies. IAA *cough* *cough* that one I feel is also contentious, but who knows.
  2. @Leanfrog I have gotten conflicting reports about this, On discord people in the past and recently have said that HOP does have access to those locations, having tested it in game. If they shouldn't then I would remove them, though to my knowledge it is accurate as is.
  3. Oh nice suggestion, I see how that could be confusing. For the gateway, I didnt include it as major because it wasnt explicitly mentioned in def on the wiki. But Its pretty clearly a command area, and so it makes sense being major. Being that I have no good reason not to, I'll mark it as major. Also I didnt mark ntrep and blueshields as major for the same reason, though logically they should be. I'll change those to major as well. As far as marking the IAA full access, to be honest it would be a pain. I havent marked the full access for a number of roles for pretty much that reason. But also for the reason it would -arguably- diminish intelligibility with clutter. Most low pop roles I didnt mark, so I will just stay in keeping with that for IAA.
  4. If you have been on the discord in the past few days you might have caught me developing this map, I thought I would make a forum topic just so there is a centralized location for discussing the choices I took in making it. Since its a map of areas that are to be considered trespass or major trespass there is some room for discussion. The map's the latest version can be found here -> https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/File:AccessTrespassMap.png Here is the wiki entry for major trespass : "Being in a restricted area without prior authorization. This includes Security areas, Command areas (including EVA), the Engine Room, Atmos, or Toxins Research." So that is all pretty clear, though these are some areas I think ought to be considered: Gateway [command], ntrep and blueshield Offices [command], Surgery [dangerous tools], Virology [pathogens], and lastly Xenobiology [dangerous]. I made some judgement calls on all of those and people on the discord helped me decide as well. I would love to hear your thoughts! Also I am not acutely familiar with every role's access, and I am sure I forgot some roles somewhere or other mistakes. If you notice any part of the map in terms of access that is wrong I would love that feedback as well. NOTE: I decided not to mark out the full range of access for single person roles so as not to clutter the map. Though for command roles I still want to remain accurate. Thanks!
  5. So yeah, I made maps of all the station's Cabling, piping, and disposals. As of now I added them to the page 'Maintenance' and replaced the redirect to Locations with a 'see also:'. https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Maintenance Would making these maps publicly available be a detriment to the game? I am sure we'll see more creative ways of sabotage with them known and easily accessible. Maybe only link to it from the engineers tab??? So do we even want them on the wiki? Otherwise I might just make a post here and call it there. But that is also a better question I have; Where and how should they be integrated into the wiki if doing so is alright? I think probably the engineers/atmospherics pages, then also possibly antags? Also tell me if you think they could be improved in any way, Thanks.