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  1. I just decided to view the forums a bit for once,and I just discovered people were making a lot of character art here,it looks good,really good -coming from a cavemen that can only draw advanced stickmans-
  2. VII-ken: make eksplosions bigger Azer-Kani : Make Sec better
  3. Greetings,Mr Shaw Having your person to serve as a captain is certainly something special and strange, to say the least, having to serve you a pie made of my own Unathi kin and human meat is a horrifying experience, but I wanted to free the HoS’s time by doing the "delivery" .... Not long after I discovered that the chief was asking for a person I know to bring in Unathi corpses for cooking, discovered this at the same time that my friend was a cannibal, that was bringing in the corpses, so first question Are you the one ordering those meals made from my own kind ? Second thing, many crew members have spoken of you to me as a childish, foolish Man-child,perhaps the excessive licking of the microphone might have been the final straw, your "flexing" and annoyance of the crew might have added to this...opinion of you and with all due respect I have for you,Mr Shaw,I find myself sadly agreeing to them so second question Are you planning on changing your manners to those of a worthy Captain,Mr Shaw ? Sincerely- Security Officer,Azer-Kani Unako