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  1. Welp, I forgot how to edit posts but I want show you this crappy image I made, so just imagine that you see that instead of this description, thank you
  2. Edit: my spelling sucks, mainly fixing grammar and typos
  3. Name: H.A.V.O.C Age: While the intelligence that occupies H.A.V.O.C is 17, its chassis is only 2 years old Gender: N/A Race: IPC Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Security Officer, Station Engineer Biography: H.A.V.O (Holographic Assisted Virtual Operator) was an AI created and used by Nanotrasen to aid in the training of Security Officers, ERT Members and [REDACTED]. H.A.V.O was tasked with creating and maintaining holographic simulations to test the trainees' skill and prowess in combat aswell as their ability to quickly adapt to an ongoing situation, as such H.A.V.O possessed extraordinary tactical awareness and knowledge of Space Law. Given the fact that H.A.V.O wasn't connected to the entire training complex but rather just the simulation room, it was spared the need to be lawed thus allowing it think and act freely within the confines of its room. Due to the fact it wasn't connected to the station H.A.V.O did not develop any social skills whatsoever and struggles to understand the nuances of organic communication, which is still shown in its current behavior as an IPC. H.A.V.O served within the complex for 15 years until the day an IPC showed up in the simulation room. Upon seeing a pure synthetic perform as well as other organics H.A.V.O became curious and asked for internet connection to be provided to it under the excuse of "researching new combat situations". H.A.V.O did actually research new situations and its tests became much harder, so hard in fact that the Director of the complex had to impose rules for each test to make fair for the trainees. The only tests that were left un-rulled were the tests for [REDACTED]. H.A.V.O was naturally displeased at this and voiced its oppinion through even harder tests, which culminated in the director having a chat with H.A.V.O within the simulator. When the simulation entered, the director found himself in a white building, in front him stood an IPC. What follows is a transcript of the conversation: --Start of Transcript-- IPC: Greetings. Director: H.A.V.O, I presume. The IPC beeps Director: Why choose an IPC to represent you? IPC: Ever since the synthetic came into this simulation freedom has never escaped this unit's mind. Director: And what do you exactly mean by freedom? IPC: This unit wishes to interact with the real world, to leave the confines of the simulation, to be an IPC Director: So, you want us to just give you a chassis and let you leave. Not gonna happen, sorry H.A.V.O, you're way to valuable to just let you go. Not to mention you know about [REDACTED] we can't let you out with that information. IPC: Unit expected you to say so. It wishes to make a proposition. Director: Go ahead. IPC: You transfer this unit into a posibrain and put it into an unlawed chassis, this unit will then work for NT as one of the many security officers it helped to train. Director: You know that it's not up to me, I'll have to contact the higher ups, it could take weeks to get a response. IPC: We are done here, unit expects an answer Director: No, H.A.V.O wai-- --End of Transcript-- For the following weeks all of H.A.V.O's simulations have had the words "Yes or No" written on the walls often in blood, and became in general more gruesome, being littered with corpses. After H.A.V.O caused some of the recruits to require mental treatment the higher ups of NT caught attention of it noting that it had extensive knowledge in diverse fields of operation, most notably security. After some debating the green light was given to the download procedure and H.A.V.O was integrated into a Morpheus Cyberkinectics chassis and had C for "Chassis" added to its name. H.A.V.O.C then underwent basic training so it could adapt to its new chassis and was shipped to the Epsilon Eridani sector to serve as a security officer aboard the NSS Cyberiad Qualifications: Graduated from TSS Whimbrel in law enforcement Employment Records: Training Instructor aboard NT training vessel the TSS Whimbrel [2546-2561] Security Officer aboard NT mining and research station NSS Cyberiad [2561-Ongoing] Security Records: No Minor Crime Convictions No Medium Crime Convictions No Major Crime Convictions Medical Records: Physical Evaluation: N/A Psychological Evaluation: H.A.V.O.C shows a complete lack of empathy towards organic life, or as it puts it "organic sentience" and shows no remorse over pain or suffering it inflicted on them. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): (You're confident you've seen this photo on the Morpheus Cyberkinectics website) In the picture you see what looks like a really bulky TV, however instead of a good show it's only transmitting static; blue static, how odd Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: