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  1. Medbay got an update: Added a blood transfusion ward Moved Paramedic into Medbay proper Added another maintenance entrance Remapped Chemistry Slightly expanded Psychologist's office The image was also updated. @Hylocereus I tried to incorporate some of your feedback.
  2. As you may or may not have noticed, for a little over a day the Medbay has been replaced with a new layout. This has been part of an effort to get more testing and feedback-gathering done for the remap in order to make sure it doesn't have any large issues, should it get merged. The prolonged test was there to make sure it covered every timezone and gave a chance for most daily players to see and hopefully experience it. With that, I would be interested in gathering your thoughts on the layout, good or bad. So let 'em rip, I want to hear what you have to say, though, I would strongly prefer more thought-out posts than "I love it" or ">filling maint with unimaginative large rooms with no rhyme or reason", and suggestions for any improvements are extremely welcome. You can find the PR here. If you are a bit less patient, here is a direct, large comparison, but may have a few errors: Before: After: Do note, I am doing this entirely on my own behalf and I cannot guarantee whether the feedback provided here will help with the merging, or if the PR will get merged at all, as that decision is entirely up to the Heads and Maintainers.
  3. Spacemanspark has been promoted to Game Admin! FreeStylaLT has retired from his position as Head of Staff. Birdtalon has retired from their position as Mentor.
  4. Welcome our new batch of Trial Admins: GuiltyBeans Sothangel Marsmond PurpleGenie56 ZomgPonies has returned to his Coder rank. Norgad has been removed from his Mentor position due to inactivity.
  5. Heroo2012 has returned to his position as Game Admin! ZomgPonies has returned to Staff as a Senior Admin! Fethas has been promoted to Senior Admin! Twinmold has been promoted to Senior Admin! New Senate has been assembled: SkyPing FalseIncarnate Kluys Rumiluntti
  6. Your a fool you know that.

    I will now get everything ready and I will no longer be banned.

    Also we will play the traitor game.


    "Also, I might even play a little game called the traitor.

    One team is the admins and one team is the traitor.

    Now, what is the admin's duty you may ask..

    Well Well Well my friend they are tasked with ultimately FINDING THE RIGHT traitor.

    And if one of the admins fail with finding the right traitor then they will get there admin tank removed because of abuse. So don't screw up.

    And the traitor's job is too ultimately to destroy the station but at the same time make sure nobody knows who did it.

    And it'll get harder and harder with twists and turns."



  7. [03-11] Spacemanspark has been promoted to Trial Admin! [03-28] Jedr has decided to take a break and has retired from his rank as Game Administrator.
  8. We're talkin' about the map here, guys. Sloth down. The most ideal way to make a map would be to both incorporate lore and gameplay into a seamless blend, not emphasize one or the other. Beyond that, @Jovaniph Why do you think the tunnel doesn't make sense?
  9. After the recent PR that changed up all of Cyberiad's maint there has been seemingly mixed or otherwise conflicting feedback regarding it, with some being fine and even liking the changes, with others disliking it quite heavily, unfortunately said feedback has been spread out among Discord, OOC and some PR comments. That is where this thread comes in. We would like you to say what you think about the new map changes, be it positive or negative. This should help us assess what to change or otherwise improve with the current Maint. Please make sure to keep your criticisms (or praises) as objective as possible. Make sure to state your reasons as well.
  10. I am currently working on a brig remap. All of it, maint included.
  11. Necaladun has been re-instated as a Head of Staff! Welcome back. Kluys has replaced Regen on the Senior Senate. Scrubmcnoob has been promoted to Game Admin! Jayfeather has returned to Staff as a Game Admin! Qinetix has decided to take a break and retire from his position as Game Admin. Anticept, Pazneria12, Captain Cardgage, Saul Argon, Rapidvalj, ExGame, Lazyspongie, Codydozer, Birdtalon, Xantholne, BrandonSacawv, Onutsio, Mass595, Coldud13, Someguy9283, Warior4356, DaKittaX and Anoonki have successfully joined the Mentor team! Unfortunately, shortly after their acceptance, Saul Argon, Lazyspongie, and Mass595 were removed from their ranks due to various circumstances. Norgad has returned to his position as Mentor! RomanaTColgate has decided to take a break and retire from their position as Mentor.
  12. We have received various concerns regarding clarity, details and unread rules being upheld by players and Staff alike, so we decided to do a full revision of each and every single rule. The thread has been changed and we all highly suggest you have a re-read of them!
  13. As a matter of policy, Bans, especially Permabans, are put in place to protect the server and its players as much as they are to punish rule breakers. The best interest of the server is taken into consideration when a Ban is deliberated, and what Ban is applied depends on a variety of factors, including player behaviour, attitude, Notes, and more. As such, the following should be considered guidelines to direct a Ban decision, not a rigid checklist for transgressions. Temporary Bans Tempbans are put in place for (mostly) minor transgressions. Players breaking a Rule they were already warned over in the past, acting in a disruptive (but not overtly malicious) manner, or just generally being disrespectful when being PMd over a minor issue are all examples of what could warrant a Temporary Ban. In summary: A Rule was broken, but to a minor-to-medium degree and without major impact. Timers: Temporary Bans can be as long as an Administrator wants them to be, but are mostly kept to these categories: 60-120 minutes (1 Hour - Full Round): Applied for cases of continued vitriolic behavior in chat, usually to the point where it begins to bother other players, especially if an Admin had already warned the player to calm down, or as an exceptional “time-out” option. Do note, that continued escalation will lead to harsher punishment. 1440 minutes (1 Day) - 4320 minutes (3 Days): This tier is the most flexible one, as it can depend on a variety of factors, such as the severity of the offense, the behavior of the offender (whether he is respectful, apologetic, hostile etc.) in PMs and his previous history. The worse those aspects of the offender are, the longer the punishment. 10080 minutes (1 Week): For cases of repeated offenses that the offender already has a history of, or as a final warning to step up their behavior, as another offense would be a Permaban. Note: Due to the amount of time involved in Shuttle Transit, a Temporary-to-Permanent Ban may be applied without warning in cases of Shuttle Grief. Temporary Jobbans Temp Jobbans operate on the same principle as Temporary Bans, but specific to incompetence at a specific job. They are used to give players time to read up on materials about a given job before playing it again, and used only when malice is not involved, and the player is clearly simply too inexperienced to play a given job. This punishment can also be applied to players who deliberately try to be apprehended by conversion Antagonists, or team-based Antagonists (Nuclear Operatives, Cultists, Shadowlings, Xenomorphs and Abductors) acting against their objectives in a non-malicious manner. Permanent Bans Permanent Bans are two-fold, as they are used both as a punishment for extensive rule breaking, and as an immediate tool in specific circumstances. To explain: Situations warranting an instant Permaban: Any instance of ERP, sexual commentary, or anything similar; Toxin Bomb, Atmos, Engine or any other type of Grief that affects a large amount of crew; Any ban evasion (Job or otherwise). The original banned account is also noted down in the Ban Reason; Insulting an Administrator, or the Server Staff as a whole; Disconnecting from the game in the middle of a PM conversation, regardless of what led to the conversation in the first place. Other situations warranting a Permaban: Long-term, repetitive rule breaking with no signs of improvement. This is usually coupled with an extensive Notes list; Multiple Bans in the previous month, especially if the past offenses were similar to the current one; Any indication that the player will not stop repeating their behaviour, or outright defiance; Generally, any player that is breaking the Rules in such a malicious, disruptive manner that the server, as a whole, would be safer without them. Permanent Jobbans Like Permanent Bans, Permanent Jobbans are placed when someone is acting in an intentionally malicious, disruptive manner in a specific job, such as deliberately releasing the Tesla/Singularity as an Engineer, ignoring Space Law as a member of Security, or deliberate malpractice in Medbay. Players that warrant a Permanent Jobban do so because they are deliberately causing harm to others by abusing their job and its access, or deliberately and maliciously acting against the objectives of team-based Antagonists (Nuclear Operatives, Cultists, Shadowlings, Xenomorphs and Abductors). Special Circumstances: Disconnecting as a member of Command without informing the Administrators warrants an immediate Permanent Jobban from Command; Similarly, disconnecting as the AI without informing the Administrators warrants an immediate Permanent Jobban from the AI position.