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  1. I would really like it if there were different flavours of alerts that could give different departments increased/decreased power as a result. Like black alert giving executive power over to engineering in the same way red alert does to security. Or something.
  2. I like the greys because they're sexless turbonerds who don't understand love. Their weaknesses also aren't crippling.
  3. make the clown shoes slip HARDER because THAT shit is funny
  4. Admins can't even free up civilian slots manually. It's such a headache to have someone ahelp "why are there no jobs available" since they're a low hour account and the remaining jobs are all time locked or whitelisted.
  5. I should mention that the mechanic is meant to be making pods for the crew. The fact there is mining equipment for pods doesn't mean that the mechanic is meant to do mining. That said though, allowing the mechanic to create mining equipment from metal and glass seems fair, as i can't imagine it'd outperform a ripley or a KA too much.
  6. I'd rather that the chef and bartender shared the same fridge
  7. oh look, it's clint eastwood and fallout boy
  8. It's almost like space pods were never finished or something.