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  1. I have no idea, but I'd go out with a moral lesson.
  2. We could just stick the server on extended for a month. I'm pretty sure that would remove all "validhunting".
  3. Only posting because this wasn't the correct number for the count.
  4. Actually they do. Some members of the community understand the balance of gamemodes, that the shift has X max doctors because if everyone was a surgeon, then there'd need to be say twice as many antagonists to account for that. Some do it for realism. Some do it for roleplay. Some do it for rules. Some don't do it, and when they're found out, get corrected. When I play, my character knows one department (and often then, only a specific part of it) and has a very minor knowledge of first aid (how to use what's in a med kit) and Space Law. People die in medbay because I've taken them there as an Engineer/Security Officer/Scientist/Support/Civilian but I won't treat them because my character doesn't know how. I'll try and find a medical staff member to take care of them, but they often just die whilst I go looking. This is a part of the game Spacemanspark, the role playing side of it. Making up your own identity and playing that every round isn't role playing, it's just playing. Role playing is where you play to a specified role in a certain setting.
  5. Fixed. Also report that to admins when you see it to that extent, it's against the rules.
  6. This isn't tolerated at all. Admins can see all looc, and I personally pounce on this faster than a cat on a red dot laser. If you ever see it, ignore it, and send an admin help. Continue to act as if they hadn't said anything in looc. We have a low tolerance for this kind of behaviour. Using OOC to influence IC is not tolerated, because the aggressive player isn't roleplaying, they're taking it personally.
  7. ^ This. Related to the above, usually suffixed by "If not i want him permabanned"
  8. Confirmed working in practice as of October 2014, when I personally tried this on another, willing vox. I wonder if you'd want to have vox-specific anaesthetic tanks in surgical?
  9. If admins chain-post do we get to start counting numbers..?
  10. The same system that allows you to open airlocks by walking into them instead of using your hand. See
  11. As I consider myself to be a "good" security player, here's my three rules to being a good officer. Always tell someone what they're charged with, preferably before you arrest them. Always tell them what's going to be happening to them. A search, interrogation, immediate prison sentence. Always confirm the charges when giving someone a sentence, along with any durations. "Shitcurity" is perhaps my most loathed term in all of ss13 for the simple reason that the ratio of good/bad players is the same in security as anywhere else, but your expectation of what the ratio should be is much much higher. Essentially shitcurity doesn't exist, only shitexpectations and shitstereotypes - almost always held by people who flat out refuse to play security.