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  1. OP already ruined the thread by not posting any photos. Now we're eight replies in and still no photos. It's doomed.
  2. Good ideas. I'd like to see zipties stackable and no break upon assisted removal. Additionally, I agree that cable coils should be nerfed to break upon removal. Honestly, in my opinion it'd be like this- Handcuffs- longest time to put on, but hardest to resist out of. Zipties- stackable, medium time to put on, easier to resist out of than handcuffs, does not break on assisted removal Cable cuffs- fastest time to put on, easiest to resist out of, breaks upon assisted removal
  3. I'm just not sure if it's needed. While I wouldn't go as far as to call it "powercreep", I just don't see much utility in the change. The magistrate can conduct nearly all of their business in the brig, bridge, or their office and doesn't often seem to need to announce things to every crew member. Additionally, issues with security not obeying their judgements or breaking space law should be faxed to CC.
  4. @Coldflame it was not five seconds, and you were simply walking to the brig. You did not stop to reply, and so I sent a follow up message to ensure you saw the original PM. My contact with you regarding that situation was not me looking for security officers to punish, the situation regarding you harmbatoning people for no reason was adminhelped. I don't unfairly target security, as I'm sure a review of the punishments I've given out will support. As far as the context-less discord quote you've provided, it was in reference to a changeling round in which a group of changelings were using armblades, chiton armor, and shields. Specifically, the quote was debating a point about "loud" changelings (obvious, whatever) engaging with security. Additionally, I don't have a negative outlook towards security. I used to play security a lot and I still play magistrate sometimes. I don't have a particular bias towards antags or security when it comes to administration.
  5. Add any ballistic or thrown weapon to the counters.
  6. Not really a fan of this. As someone who plays Magistrate semi-often, I can say that the current Attempted Murder statute is sufficient. It essentially assumes intent based on the suspect putting the victim into crit, which works the best for our server and the limitations of the game, in my opinion. Two hours rounds don't always allow the time needed to properly investigate a crime and determine if the intent of the suspect was murder. Additionally, the limitations of the SS13 forensics system can also prevent that determination. By using crit as the bar between aggravated assault and attempted murder, we simplify the distinction to allow for easier gameplay.
  7. BrandonSacawv


    Welcome to paradise!
  8. Swarmers are a major event. This is the same category as terror spiders, abductors, meteors, and other deadly events. I don't see anything wrong with them.
  9. Personally, I like the new version more than the old version, but can see that another new version or major overhaul on the current version would improve things. As someone pointed out above, our old version just isn't suited for such a heavily populated server. This is magnified by how important maint is for certain antags. Revert? Not a fan. A new version, implemented after being tested and verified that it won't have the issues of current version? Sure.
  10. One tip I can give for captain is to avoid a common pitfall many captains fall into. You need to find a balance between direct action and delegation. It is important to remember that your individual heads of staff should be assumed competent to run and manage their departments. Additionally, to properly run their departments, they need to know what is going on in their department. This is to say that it is generally a bad idea to be micromanaging individual departments. If something needs to be done in a department, it is generally best to delegate it to the appropriate head of staff. On the flip side, it is important to be able to recognize a deficient head of staff or a department that is performing poorly. When these are locate, it's a good idea to consult a second opinion like that of the NT Rep as to what the appropriate action should be. Obviously, if the head of staff or department in question is acting extremely negligent, the situation may call for immediate action.
  11. Title of Event: Saw, in space! (or Would You Rather) Pretense (if you want me to message the station prior) Central Command sends an update to the station's crew stating that one of their diamond-tier donors, a local space aristocrat (with a fancy name), is looking for contestants for a reality show. It is also detailed that the aristocrat is looking for ten volunteers from non-critical occupations (assistants mostly would work best as to avoid impacting the station) and that the winner will become the heir to the aristocrat's fortune. Equipment Necessary(Style of equipment, flavor, surroundings what do you want?): Aristocrat: older man, fancy clothes, and a cane should do. Additionally, a shuttle will be needed to ferry the contestants between arrivals and Central Command. Finally, the admin construction area will be used as the location for the games and will need to be set up with a separate chamber for each round along with a starting area (where the contestants wake up), a victory room (luxurious wood floored room with plush furniture and maybe a fireplace) where the winner will receive their prize, and a observation room where the aristocrat will observe the game and use intercoms to communicate with the contestants. Plot (if one exists): After all set up is complete, the pretense CC report will be sent, and the aristocrat will arrive on his shuttle at a arrivals docking port. Ten contestants will be allowed onto the shuttle, at which point the outer door will be bolted (perhaps the aristocrat has a remote with access) to prevent further people from boarding. Once on the shuttle, all ten contestants will be required to strip naked and all of their belongings besides their ID will be placed into a locked closet. Then, all ten contestants will receive a different colored jumpsuit (ten different colored jumpsuits would be already placed in a locker on the shuttle). At this point, either all ten contestants will be asked to blindfold and handcuff themselves (perhaps the aristocrat is rather paranoid and wishes to keep the location of his space mansion a secret) OR they will all be knocked out by N2O / other means and blindfolded and cuffed. Once all of these steps are complete, the shuttle departs for Central Command. Once the shuttle has arrived at Central Command, the contestants will be teleported or otherwise moved to the starting area in the game chambers and the aristocrat will be placed in the observation room. At this point, the aristocrat will inform the contestants to remove their handcuffs and blindfolds via intercom and they will each deposit the items onto a table or into a locker. Once all of the contestants have done this, the door to the first game chamber will open and the contestants will be told to enter it. From this point forward, each room is a round of the game and one person must be eliminated each round. By eliminated, I mean they will suffer more gruesome and immoral deaths as the rounds progress. Each room will be a different type of puzzle or morality-based game where the contestants will decide who lives and who dies. Eventually, in the last game chamber, one of the two remaining contestants will perish and the victor will continue into the victory room. In the victory room, the victor will find the aristocrat, and will be presented with a choice. They can either leave through the exit (takes them to the shuttle, allowing them to go back to the station empty handed), kill the aristocrat and go back to the station empty handed, or take the winnings (the aristocrats fortune) and go back to the station. Prize for Completion? (If yes, then explain): A large fortune of cash along with some other swanky items that a rich space aristocrat might hold dear. Custom Sprites/OGG's? (If yes, provide me a link, or request from something you've seen before from me): As of right now, I don't believe any custom assets would be required. However, if location based midis are possible, some spooky scary tone-setting music would work. I'll look for some stuff and edit this.
  12. Hello, I'm a very long standing ArmA 3 guy. Mostly life servers, but I'm down for tac ops and stuff. Not a huge fan of Epoch or BR tbh, but I'm down for doing scenarios and other shit.