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  1. Hope everything goes well for you, you did great. o/
  2. I noticed a typo, it should be "Gender: Female"
  3. Going to bump this up, as I feel this is a big drawback to the server at the moment and antags are even more boring since relisting.
  4. I've never liked seeing people name themselves after very popular characters, it's quite immersion breaking and discourages people thinking up unique characters when they can just call themselves "Nathan Drake" or something and be fine, also agreeing with Shadey's point that it drops RP quality. It's just a personal preference of mine and I'm sure many don't share it, though.
  5. Going to be the 9000th person to say raiders, they're the worst. By far.
  6. Oh, I forgot, Bulma Briefs for best NT Rep. And J.O.N.A.S. for best pAI. Alissa Bennett and Slade for best civs.
  7. I vote whoever Renomaki plays as best in everything best HoS is pretty much nobody, there's no good ones anymore but if I had to choose then I choose Sergey since I saw him as HoS once even though he usually plays sec officer best CMO is Heather Somna, best doctor too best CE... people play CE? best Captain can go to Neil because he has a funky beret and gave it to me once best RD is Jack Price, he's a total nerd, no competition best scientist is dave because you just know it's him when you hear an explosion and the server crashes best botanist is NYMPH, nobody can defeat the apple crash the rest of my votes can go to whoever claims them as long as you don't use tildes
  8. As I've not seen any discussion on this topic in a long while, I've decided to bring it up once more personally, as I believe it's quite a large issue the server has that can be improved upon greatly with the help of the community. The role of the antagonist is, in my opinion, to drive the round and make it more entertaining and enjoyable for other players. Why then, is the only objective that could reasonably allow this, hijack? Unlike the majority of the other objectives, hijack allows the antagonist to pursue a general goal and have a large variety of methods to achieve this, all of which could lead to the round becoming substantially more interesting. The others? Not so much. For instance, the average objective I see is steal a certain objective and escape. By no means am I suggesting that antagonists should always have a license to murder everyone; but they should certainly be a threat. I don't see how the vast majority of the objectives give antagonists much leeway in being able to make the round more interesting, which tends to make this server's antagonists incredibly boring compared to other servers, which I believe have reworked the objective system to provide more general goals, allowing the antagonist to fulfil their actual purpose, not merely steal an object and proceed to continue the rest of the round as if nothing happened, everyone else oblivious that anything even happened at all. Furthermore, this would address a problem many have expressed concerns about in a recent thread regarding the problems this server is facing, a lack of danger. Giving antagonists more freedom, and more general goals would make them a real threat, something to actually worry about during your shift other than that breached window which is ever so slowly releasing oxygen into your workspace - maybe it'll reach you in 30, 60 minutes. I feel an overhaul of antagonist freedom and the objective system would be a very beneficial update to the server and its environment, how about all of you?
  9. I really think those commenting on the Vulp cliques are failing to understand that this really isn't restricted to just their race at all. It's simply more noticeable due to the amount of them who are active members in the community, compared to the other races. IPC's for example can be just as bad if not worse at times, especially in regards to the 'sticking together and backing each other up' thing with Synthetica and all. Hell, I'd actually say in the past humans were the worst offenders of it, not so much now but certainly before, they definitely were on the same level as Tajarans, except those two races simply got more hate because they're played frequently by furries. Yes, a large portion of the furry community is god awful, but plenty are perfectly nice people from what I've seen. And yes, I can say that pretty confidently considering I played one of the most cliquey human characters and was directly involved in it. Do I regret it? Not really, we always interacted with everyone else, it wasn't a closed off thing. Cliques only really become a problem when they close off interaction from everyone else, they'll always form naturally so I don't consider them an issue until they reach that point, which unfortunately a few of them have. I do agree on the point others have made that the game should really feel more dangerous, LINDA reduces lag a lot but atmos is just the most boring thing now, almost zero danger involved compared to the lethality of ZAS, if it's possible to increase the risk of atmos at all without too much performance cost it should be done. More updates to make the station less of a worker's utopia with zero things to be worried about other than the occasional antagonist would be incredibly beneficial to the server.
  10. Wouldn't you say boring roundtypes and the grief security receives is more of a problem with the game in general, though? I wouldn't say that's specific to this server, and security stepping out of line is dealt with pretty firmly by us.
  11. People like Rossi and Arthur who think this is some furry paradise run by dictator admins and coders who decide everything are just a joke, and they know it. I'd say the largest problem facing Paradise is being more inclusive to new players and improving role-play standards, especially to maintain the 'medium RP' description this server has. Action is great and all, but it's roleplay that makes this game what it is. Not an easy task, but not impossible. Cliques also tend to be an issue here and while not inherently bad can cause issues if they don't involve new players, and a few in particular have been very bad abusers of that. New content should also be added more frequently to keep up with other servers in that regard, that's down to coders though.
  12. g'day mayte, welcome to the forums
  13. I personally think the issue of shitcurity is largely overstated and used by players who simply don't want to be caught for breaking the law. The performance of Security also greatly relies on the skill of the HoS to keep a team organised and under control, which isn't an easy task & can be very stressful, not a lot of people can do that well. A couple days ago for example, when I decided to be masochistic and go HoS while adminning, I had a really good team and we were extremely effective at doing our jobs and keeping the occasional shitter under control (had to arrest one of our own officers, nobody is above space law.). Security can also be a very stressful job and therefore the officers may not be up for dealing with more people just looking to mess with security for fun, which a lot of people do, so that would explain why quite a few seemingly tase and cuff very quickly. As for your point earlier in the post Soman, being a good security officer is not "ignoring SoP and space law and not letting it stop you getting a criminal". Just no. ALWAYS follow SoP and space law.