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  1. Thank you Malphystoh and necaladun, This also boils down to me being salty about others being salty. Here's to the adventures of Pirate Captain Jimmy Rogers.
  2. This pretty much sums up a fault of mine. I've made it a habit to stick my nose in the departments' business when I should just sit back a bit more.
  3. I'm glad to have someone who was there weigh in on this issue. This is really the crux of the issue, I believe. Jimmy as a character could be placed anywhere in terms of a job, really, though I've essentially based him as a captain for the "Pirate Captain" feel. His accent is eccentric, as well as the station-wide messages. Some players take this well, while others don't. While I don't care much about opinions since I'm playing for those that enjoy the character, there are some players who will completely disregard him. As a result, the heads act without regards to the captain. While this happens regularly with heads preferring an autonomous department, it still begs the question that it could be avoided with a different kind of character. This then boils down to what the expectations of a Captain are, as the heads of each department essentially can ignore the captain and continue working without much penalty (as long as no major SoP breaches occur). From this, I've developed a philosophy that the Captain's powers are quite limited in the end (besides having access to most computers and making big decisions such as calling an ERT, shuttle, and changing alerts). Therefore, while keeping Jimmy serious in his decisions, his eccentric attitude was developed to entertain the crew and myself. Ultimately my call about throwing the detective in a drunk tank was both invalid, and completely unnecessary, as the HoS could control the situation well enough. Certainly this is a learning issue on my part as well, as trying to find a happy balance between the two schools of thoughts on captaincy. I don't intend to meme, but there's room for RP. I may make a Captain character in the future as an IPC called "A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E" or something to that ilk. This character would take on the no bullshit personality and be there to preform his job and ensure the station's success. This would be an ideal captain, and maybe there I could preform without worrying about RP, and generally improve my captaincy as a result.
  4. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I took a few weeks off due to the fact that I didn't have a stable internet connection. I've been slowly getting back into the game, and I've felt like my last few rounds have been rockier than usual. I used to take the game/IC too seriously, and then I started focusing on the 'RP' elements about making an interesting character and seeing where they go, for better or worse. I guess it's just the atmosphere that gets me sometimes. I can't expect everyone to apply this ideology of character vs game since this is a high-pop med-RP server. Regardless, I think I'll stick with Jimmy for awhile longer, and maybe hop on some of my other characters like Squikibiki or make a new one.
  5. Hey friendos, Whenever I make a character, there's generally a gimmick or a quirk associated with them. Each typically stick with a certain department, such as scientist or engineer. My main character, Jimmy Rogers, is a pirate captain. I enjoy putting on a bad pirate accent and mismatching terms to fit the persona. Frequently, people are annoyed with this either due to the fact that they hate pirates or they rather have a 'serious' captain. While maintaining my character, I try and remain serious. I'm not the best captain, and I make mistakes, but I've seen far worse. Recently I made a bad call regarding a security situation. The detective was drunk, so I said to throw them in a cell. What resulted was half the bar getting arrested for trying to defend the detective and half the security team calling me incompetent for making an illegal order. Hindsight is 20/20, and I thought it was a fine call. Regardless, the rest of the round left a bad taste in my mouth, and the security crew wasn't a fan of me. Regardless, times like that make me think if I should throw Jimmy away in favor of someone who will do their job, well, that's it. I'm curious what you all think about this, and while I'll take your thoughts into consideration, I will probably not make any decisions on Jimmy as a result.
  6. I'm going to go discuss each reply chronologically, but I wanted to start with Jovaniph's for clarification. This is essentially what I'm asking for in a nutshell when it comes to faxes. I don't need a response for every single fax, but receiving the first fax from Centcom is crucial for the Representative, as personally, it let's me know that a GA is watching. I wanted to use this bit first to apologize for my comment about making a meme of subjective objectives, as I was starting to get tired after writing that first reply, and it was rude of me to to reply in such a way. In most of my experiences, I fax Centcom whenever a development occurs, whether it is being dealt with locally, or something that needs Centcom intervention. I consider the prior to be a status update that generally doesn't warrant a response, as it's known IC that the NSS Cyberaid is a rather expensive station. Every round has antagonists, and so Centcom intervention isn't needed every single round, but it's only logical that Nanotrasen and Centcom alike should be informed when a group of covert Syndicate agents have infiltrated one of their stations. As for faxing being a tool to use in extreme conditions, you didn't say it should ONLY be used in extreme cases, so I agree that is should be used in said circumstances, but I disagree that it should ONLY be a last resort. I'll concede that the faxes I used in my example are rather poor faxes all together, as I was probably just throwing words onto the paper without thinking about flow or structure in any way. Requesting a Centcom officer will probably be the first item on my starting fax, however I still hold that the information I had on the fax itself was relevant to the situation as it was a status update for the NSS Cyberaid. I tried to fluff up my faxes recently in an attempt to get more attention, but as you indicate in your reply, you, as an admin especially, would rather see concise faxes. I agree, and I'll also agree that the information I provided within the fax itself wasn't particularly useful, as you go onto say that it acts as a minefield for admins when trying to deal with the situation. Here's where we hit a problem, however. I understand that the admins shouldn't have to investigate, as that's the Representative's job. A fax including concise information, testimonies, pictures, and the like allows for an admin to judge the situation a whole lot easier. Yet, a Representative's incompetence shouldn't be met with an absolute cold shoulder. It's illogical for a Centcom officer (admin technically) to look over a fax, understand there is a problem, but outright ignore it due to the lack of proper evidence. If the officer deems the fax unsuitable as a means to take action, then a simple reply to the Representative could easily say, "Please provide a more thorough investigation before expecting Centcom assistance," or alternatively for poorly written faxes, "Please fax a more precise account of the situation to allow our officers to better understand the situation." It's not a matter of always getting Centcom intervention because of a fax, but rather a response from Centcom so we can either do our job better or focus on another aspect of the station. Thank you, and as mentioned, I sort of considered it to be a status update with room for Centcom to do something. This was the first time I ever managed to grab onto antag documents as a protag, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't goofing up all of Nanotrasen by taking the actions I did. I generally use prayer as a way for a joke because Ahelp seemed annoying, but I can switch back if it's not the right way to go. I wasn't asking in LOOC, and as I explained, I was showing it to some people in game. It was also an easier way to take a screenshot, as once the prayer itself is sent, it's replaced with, "Your prayers have been recieved," or something alike. I understand that admins can't always be available, as they are handling running the station. However, with admins online, Representatives shouldn't have to play a percentage game when it comes to a simple response. Communication is key, and when a "We're busy," "Denied," "Fix your fax," "Intervention granted," or any response from Centcom is warranted by the Representative, then it shouldn't be met with a cold shoulder unless the admins are THAT busy. You gave me examples of what you would do in my situation when I sent those three faxes. I appreciate that, and will be using it in future rounds. I assume that's what you personally look for when you respond to faxes. The problem is that I have to take into account the admins that are online, and that while you have your criteria, other admins may be different. I shouldn't have to roll the dice with faxes when the answer is rather apparent, but not communicated.
  7. I'm sorry if the faxes feel that way, as I don't know what else to do at this point other than directly asking. It's probably passive as hell, but if I had not been ignored, I wouldn't be so resentful. The prayer was originally sent through the prayer feature under the IC tab, but as the textbox would cut off the text, as well losing the text itself after sending it, I copied and pasted it into LOOC where I was talking with some folk.
  8. In order to provide an example, I played a round not too long ago where my faxes were ignored. I sent a total of three faxes, which are included here arranged from left to right from first fax to last. I sent a prayer after my first fax, and it was responded to, so I believe there were admins on duty at the time. In my first fax, you'll notice that I asked if there was an officer on duty. As mentioned in my first post here, I typically do that in order to see if an admin was online. Although I never received a response, I sent the second fax as a result of an SoP violation. Please note that I didn't request any heavy action, such as demotion or death-squads, but rather a pay cut. The final fax regarded a set of blue "Top Secret" documents, which are antagonist items. I believe each of these three faxes were at least somewhat tangible compared to an un-formatted letter. The admins were online, as I originally received spaghetti after my first prayer. Again, this further proves the redundancy of the NT Rep. (Bonus Second Prayer)
  9. I feel you. I didn't read the entire thread, and so I may have overstated my feelings. Still, I don't believe simply walking could work. There should be an actual holding function for hanging on.
  10. My dude, remember that this is 2d spritemens in space. If we really want realism, I expect a tiny hole in front of the bridge to obliterate that entire section of the station. Everything that isn't nailed to the ground should be sucked out into the vacuum of space. I don't believe walking, or "simulated" holding onto something would suffice over an actual grab function made for walls, tables, or anything the like. It's only a matter of paying attention when avoiding fastimos ridden areas. Edit: *vacuum over vacume
  11. Could Gateway Explorer be a job on the ID computers? For clarification, I don't know what the status is on making Gateway Explorer a job that you can set at the beginning of a round. Regardless, if there was a pre-set job on the HoP's computer, that would make life a bit easier instead of trying to make custom jobs for each of the five or so gateway explorers every round.
  12. Thank you for your responses, tzo and lizardzsi. I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to respond, so forgive me if I need to sleep for a for more hours and edit this post so it makes sense when I'm actually awake. I agree with the first two bullets as reasons to deny action for a station, but I don't believe either of these two are an excuse to outright ignore the Representative. If it isn't worth CC's attention, then a quick fax to the Representative stating something along the lines of, "We're not interested in minor offenses. Contact us once you have sufficient evidence of a major breach of the Standard Operating Procedure." A similar idea applies to OOC reasons, such as outnumbering a syndicate nuclear squad. Although no intervention from an ERT from CC is necessary, this should be expressed IC in a fax, such as, "We believe the situation is contained and do not see the necessity in allocating resources to fix a problem that's being resolved locally." That doesn't encompass every OOC balance reason, but my point still stands that some kind of fax should be sent. Not every Representative knows how to make a proper fax, and in this case, a reply should be made essentially stating that. If the fax reads for pages like a novel, ask the rep to cut it down. If it's vague, then ask for it to be made concise. If trying to deal with the rep is too time consuming, then simply say that there are no officers on duty that can handle the NSS Cyberaid's situation at the moment. The Representative isn't some third party. They are working for Centcom, and should be told directly when their work isn't at NT standards. As I mentioned originally, it is understood that admins are generally busy, or could be AFK as you mentioned. There's not much we can do either than assign more GAs or allow TAs to respond, but admin powers are beyond my comprehension and standing on the station. The bigger problem is that, when you mix the three bullets above with these two bullets, you have a Representative being ignored for a reason they might not be able to understand. Is the fax poorly written, or are the GAs afk? Is the situation too minor, or is trying to fix the situation unbalanced OOC? If the Command crew is waiting on the Representative to report back with what CC had to say, but there is no response, should the Representative assume that Centcom has abandon the NSS Cyberaid? I agree with the above. If the Representative is faxing about this, however, it shouldn't go absolutely ignored. There should be a reply simply stating that the problem the Representative has indicated should be resolved locally, without CC aid, and that the Representative should focus on bigger issues. That should only be four to five sentences right there, maximum. From that, the Representative knows how to poise themselves to be effective, and if they fail to do so, then they can be ignored. I agree as well. As indicated in the wiki, I generally update CC on a situation as it unfolds as well, but I don't expect a response for those. The problem, again, comes from being ignored. I have faxed in similar situations above and not received a response. If a major problem can be handled locally, then there would be no need to fax CC. However, if the Command crew has no intention on fixing the problem, then the Representative should fax Centcom. If CC isn't responding, then the Representative runs into a problem. The best example I have for this is when I had an HoS and Captain agreeing to the execution of a traitor who confessed to a murder and surrendered. While the execution itself was technically legal, killing a confessor would have serious implications. If any other criminals wished to confess, now they would know that it would not help them in any way, shape, or form. There were other complaints about the HoS, which I included in my fax to CC about the execution. This was one of the only times I ever had CC respond with actual action by sending an inspector from Centcom. The inspector would never come, however, and a meteor would destroy a majority of the security department, instead. Now, taking a step back, what if Centcom never responded? As the Representative alone, I couldn't forcibly stop the execution, and the Captain was on the HoS' side. I could have the heads vote on removing either the HoS or Captain, but even if I managed that, who would enforce the removal? Should I lead a rebellion against the two? That would lead to rule-breaking if I decide to include the average crew member as most of them would probably murder each other at the drop of a hat. The same sort of goes with other heads, since it's all of security, HoS, and Captain against five potential heads. My point is that, once a situation regarding heads reaches the level that it requires CC intervention, it is difficult to try and reason with the heads to a point where they would cooperate. I used to do something fairly similar, but instead I gave a grade to each department and turned in a report with an overall station status update. I stopped because I would NEVER receive anything from CC. Nowadays when regarding more specific SoP and station integrity situations, I receive faxes more often than before. The grades could have been considered minor in the eyes of an Admin, so now when you give a poor grade to medical because they were sloppy, you now have an angry medical crew and an empty fax machine to show for it. I would inspect more often in if had results, but I'm trying to fight for a response in the first place. I kinda like this as part of the station score at the end. A simple code to count how many tech disks are on the rep at the end. That's difficult, as what will stop me from making a meme out of it?
  13. Hello, and today I want to talk about a job I particularly like, but tends to disregarded due to the unavailability of the admins. What is the Nanotrasen Representative? As many of you are probably aware of, but bears repeating for those of us who are new here, the Nanotrasen Representative serves as an advisory role for the Command crew. As the wiki states, the Representative has no formal authority on the station itself, and should act as the eyes and ears for Nanotrasen's interests, such as inspecting for proper Standard Operating Procedure usage as well as ensuring that the station survives by advising the heads of staff. The Representative should also be informing Centcom (admins) via fax if there is any breach of the Standard Operating Procedure, or if there is a major threat to the station. A final note is that the Nanotrasen Representative costs 30 karma. What is the problem? The Nanotrasen Representative's job is circumstantial. In the rounds I have played as the Representative, I have noticed that most of my faxes go largely ignored. While it is understood that most faxes don't warrant a response due each specific fax's urgency, some of the faxes sent have been regarding a major station threat, such as an AI subversion, have been generally ignored. Even if the fax itself would be, "automatically filed away under the NSS Cyberaid's records," a basic response to a major threat should be a necessity due to the "major cost" of a station's destruction. Most of the time there may only be a few admins on at a time. Trial admins, from what I have heard, cannot respond to faxes. This leaves a heavier burden on the few working admins that may already be monitoring Ahelps, combat logs, and the round itself. Personally in my faxes, one of the last sentences asks if there is an officer on duty at Centcom that can oversee current NSS Cyberaid operations. This is a way for me to indirectly ask if there is an admin that will be looking over my faxes. I have only received two replies regarding an officer; One time an officer replied, stating he was on duty, while another said that there was no officers on duty at the moment. While the admins are busy, that leaves the Nanotrasen Representative with his/her advisory position, which I have enjoyed in the past, but have been ignored by the command staff occasionally. Nothing to rant on about with being ignored, but being ignored by both Command and Centcom leaves the Representative as a greytide with a command ID. The Representative has no authority aboard the station, unlike the Magistrate whom enjoys a stronger position on the station through their interpretation of Space Law. I mentioned that the Representative's job is circumstantial, and this could be argued for the Magistrate as well, but Security generally has at least one case per shift that involves the use of a Magistrate. A final note on the problem is that, if the Command crew has been failing hard enough to warrant a fax from the Representative to Centcom, an announcement from Centcom generally arrives before the Representative does anything. Fingers are pointing now at Command for doing a bad job, but now also at the Representative for not being able to reign in a Command crew that may not even listen to the Representative in the first place. All together, this forms the circumstantial redundancy of the Nanotrasen Representative. How do we fix it? The Representative sits in the role-play category, as most of the use the Representative can provide is through dialog. Reminding the Command crew to pay attention to the Representative is not productive. Admins generally have enough on their plates, and granting Trial Admins the ability to answer faxes may be a bit much as faxes potentially have round-changing effects. Allowing for a player to act as a games master who isn't an admin but can read and respond to faxes is unrealistic. So where does this leave us? The best recommendation I can personally give would be to either slash the karma cost, or don't make it a karma job at all. 30 karma is a bit much for a circumstantial job. All of the other karma jobs, excluding the Magistrate, do not require admin cooperation to function. Other than that, it's difficult to do anything else for the Nanotrasen Representative aside from trying to make jobs/objectives/go do this stuff around the station to make the job worth 30 karma. Discussion I'm going to strawman and say that someone will tell me to suck it up and play a real job, and to them I'll say to stop bullying me. In all seriousness, if you have anything to contribute, I would love to hear it. I will be making edits to this post if it becomes necessary. Example (11/7/17)