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  1. Noticed a lot of similarities between Dave/Nera, so I used one of his poses and similar costume. Hooray.
  2. Friend noted some similarities between Orphea (New HoTS person) and my Nera, so I decided to draw her in the costume. Novakid character I've been playing in Starbound through Frackin' Universe. Real shitty camera hours.
  3. It's been awhile since I posted here! Not that I've progressed much since then. I have a few things I want to post. Chronologically, here we go. Two of Nera. My new sketchbook can't take much of a beating, so the second one is kind of fucked up. My fault. And the mechanical pencil, I swear. One of a pokemon trainer design I made up. She bundles up in things with lots of fur underneath, usually. Gotta get toasty. Meenah from mostly memory, so her hair isn't true to the original. Yeah, Homestuck. I get it. Oof. But she's cool. Haven't been able to draw much. Lack of ideas, I suppose, don't feel like drawing my characters as often because of some things. So for now I'll probably draw more Homestuck characters to get back into the groove. Maybe soooon.
  4. So it turns out that all summer long I just decided to have an art block instead! So here, have another Dia. This is a placeholder redesign for the timeskip we went through but it's there, nonetheless. And also a few notes on the side when I reviewed the drawing.
  5. Made some stuff for my sword girl nera. she's pretty cool. and a little persona cut in thingy cause i wanted to use the template for something actually decent
  6. One of my way older characters who I still like, my devil Lao Sha-Khan
  7. Told you it was the last one. Im really enjoying this drawing, but my handwriting is less than desired, to say the least. When I figure out how to merge the layers text creates in firealpaca, I'll be sure to update this image though.
  8. Last fucking bust I swear they're not even anatomically correct, someone stop me I need to change the colors and some aspects of the design around, too similar to a certain detective, but otherwise im happy with it.
  9. Been some time since I updated this topic. Here's a chemist sue pic in which I tried to get hands to work but lack of foresight made it really hard to get any good looking ones in, so I said eh! Figured I spent enough time on the drawing so I just left feet/hands as is. Tried to get more shading in though.
  10. Decided to practice some level of shading along with not using black for lineart. I think it turned out fairly well!
  11. Better. It's my boy Chameleos (very large image, in hindsight) I also really appreciate the comments on the art style! Not many people really comment on how it looks, so I never knew the sort of 'impression' it gave people. I don't like posting without dropping a drawing, so here's the character im using in lieu of the one with the scarf earlier. It's also my best working with digital art so far, even if the original was on paper! holy shit a lot of my chars have freckles reallyneedtogettoworkonhowtoactuallyusecolors also her body is really tiny
  12. While my contributions aren't huge, I've also found that playing a weirdo really ups enjoyment factor for yourself and helps break the mold in terms of the typical hardass oranother neutral omnipotent character as previously mentioned. Countless captains blur together in my memory as most sit in bridge and talk the same, but I'm sure if we shared a round, even if you did fail in a big way, you'd be a memorable character because..guess what, YOU'RE DIFFERENT! We need difference in how characters tackle things. My attempt at making things marginally unique is facing things as a font of optimism rather than stalwart robustness. Any attempt at variation, in my book, is a good one.
  13. Hello! This probably will be my last post with decent quality images for a bit! Or any, my laptop is getting repaired, so yeah. This time I did some redraws of Sue, my character. Lots of improvement since the last two pictures I showed. Missing hands edition! Here's civi sue without a costume. Here's a roboticist Sue in a mech. Pardon the shitty surroundings, they were a last second afterthought when they PROBABLY shouldn't have been.and ramblings, it seems I can't stop talking even when I'm not talking. I feel like her hair goes through a redesign every time i draw her but whatever.
  14. Thanks a lot! It was intended to be pretty friendly, but eerie. On that same topic (and i need to chill with drawing this char butohwell) here's another. I wanted to lay out a full design for reference in other pictures. The differences between the two hands are pretty jarring BUT HEY I'LL GET AROUND TO IT Otherwise, I wanted to get a really roughed up feel with the clothes and bandages, thus gave her a worn coat and a bunch of bandages, some of which are just plainly for aesthetic. The scarf is only there really for an attempt at balancing both sides. Hopefully, the friendly smile in all this turned out to be a little more unsettling because of everything else being all messed up.
  15. hey. my girl Dia Kiribi this time--I posted a redesign earlier and decided to go further with it. Camera quality is slightly less bad. I wish I made the body bigger and didnt angle it so badly, but all in all I don't think its that bad.