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Name: KR4-3SHA


Age: Date of construction and activation unknown

Gender: Feminine Chassis

Race: IPC 

Blood Type: Oil

General Occupational Role(s):

Primary: CMO or Paramedic

Secondary: Chemist, coroner, geneticist, therapist, or AI



"She" is an IPC with a feminine chassis. There no records as to where she came from nor any memories of it. There is a serial number branded on the left side of her torso that reads "KR4-3SHA". She appears to be constructed unprofessionally using a variety of scrap parts; a mixture of older Xion and Morpheus parts,  as well as a few limbs that are of makeshift design. She regularly consumes Servo and Ultra Lube in an attempt to mitigate the damage caused by friction in her poorly constructed joints.

Her posture is rigid. She has a long ponytail of thicker wiring that looks similar to dreadlocks. She has one thin red eye scanning back and forth that goes from antennae to antennae. She lacks much of her plating, leaving her frame wiring, and other internals exposed.

She is completely devoid of emotion, speaking everything plainly as if stating a command.

She has been programmed with extensive medical knowledge that she uses to treat organic humanoids, however she views them as flawed, inferior creatures. Still, she feels it is her sole purpose to "repair" organics.

While off station she simply stands in departures at Central staring into the distance silently while awaiting the shuttle to arrive for her next assignment. She frequently arrives on station with graffiti off her chassis that was applied while she is in this "sleeping" state.



"Unit is proficient in the repair and deconstruction of organic humanoids via standard, advanced, and unconventional medical procedures." *pings*"


Employment Records:

"Unit has been assigned the roles of: Chief Medical Officer, Paramedic, Chemist, Coroner, Geneticist, and Therapist, as well as being uploaded into the NSS Cyberaid's Artificial Intelligence core." *emits an affirmative blip*"



Security Records:

"ZZZZT%#ERROR. DATABANKS CORRUPT. *emits an irritated buzzing sound*"

Nanotrasens security database indicate this IPC has been involved in syndicate activities, however they appear to have no recollection of this, suggesting they are either hacked and/or their memory is wiped upon completion or failure of tasks.


Medical Records:

"Units chassis is of female design. Diagnostics indicate that limbs are prone to malfunction and require regular maintenance . Lubrication can reduce joint friction and prolong the need for maintenance. *emits a negative blip*"


Personnel Photo:



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5 minutes ago, LordSplinter said:

Never saw that character, honestly.

I unlocked IPC months ago, created her, and initially only used her a handful of times. I didn't start regularly using her until just a week or two ago.

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2 hours ago, Buford said:

Is this your younger sister?


"Unit is unaware of who it's manufacturer is. Unable to verify request. *beeps*"

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On 7/25/2017 at 4:15 PM, Vargh said:

Damn, i didn't know it was you

"Unit is unfamiliar with gooey humanoid with an unusually strong jaw." *emits an affirmative blip*"

This is fun lol

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Just now, ZN23X said:

"Unit is unfamiliar with gooey humanoid with an unusually strong jaw as well. *emits an affirmative blip*"

This is fun lol

I remember helping you a lot of times, like fixing you and beign friendly, i like that IPC, also i'm going to had the Strong Jaw thing to my flavor text brb

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