Antagonist Token Guidelines

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In extreme circumstances, Antagonist Players may receive what is known as an "Antag Token". This is a one-use token that can be redeemed by the player to be turned into a non-round-ending Antagonist in any given round of their choosing (this means most Antagonist, apart from Nuclear Operative, Wizard, Blob or Cult). Examples of such circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • The entire server crashing for unrelated technical reasons, forcing a round reset;
  • The entire server crashing due to Administrator action (such as variable editing gone wrong);
  • The Antagonist's round being irrevocably ruined via unintended side effects of Administrator action (such as an Event gone wrong);
  • Unforeseen bugs and/or glitches that cause a player to be removed from the round in some manner

Do be advised, however, that Antagonist Tokens are never guaranteed, and are ultimately at the discretion of the Server Staff to distribute. When technical issues occur, finding who the Antagonists were and compensating them is not a high priority. If Antagonist Tokens are to be given, the Server Staff will let people know via a server-wide announcement.

The Server Staff also reserves the right to refuse to redeem a token in the current round, or for a specific Antagonist type in that round, if it is ongoing. Generally, it's best to ask to redeem the Token before a new round begins, or in the round beforehand.

Antagonist tokens, when they are given, can be redeemed on traitor, changeling or vampire roles at the discretion of admins. Note that when you try to redeem it, the admin is free at their discretion to deny its usage for that round, or offer only one or more of the roles.

For example, if the server were to crash when you were a nuclear operative and you were lucky enough to be given a token, this does not entitle you to a nuclear operative antag, rather the three above roles. Repeated ‘fishing’ by asking for your token to be redeemed and then asking to hold onto it when the offered roles are not to your liking may lead to your token being removed.

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