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Cultie Krichahka

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Probably one of the most fun and 'intense' shifts I took a part in. Apparently Krichahka was going to be a humble QM on that round, making cargonia great again. But what the crew didn't know is that the vox who they thought to be a meek follower of the inviolate, was brainwashed into following a death cult, whose objective was to spread blood over the station. Before I could even get to work, the crew did the job for us and by being their usual self, the station was flooded with blood and other bodily fluids that the dustlungs keep spreading around the halls.
Well, onto phase two then: bring the slaughter to the crew, by summoning slaughter demons. But first, we need to build up our numbers: luckily the other cultists were a cargo tech and a shaft miner: Cargonia will be great again indeed...

While trying to juggle the cargo orders and take little visits to the mining station, I managed to switch off communications there, to start growing our numbers there, untill all the miners were working for us (unfortunately nobody else really knew what to do, and due to the limited time I could just point to out the guidelines and the wiki). I decided that this will be our base of operations, the northern separated section of the mining asteroid, which can be accessed via a chute. Little did I know how handy this would become later. Now, only one person was in cargo, who was still blind to the ultimate truth. One busy little bee, toiling in cargonia, performing his duties diligently. A nosy little dustlung, who called over comms to me, that he found a paper with strange red writing, which might be in 'voxxian'. Chad Wolf.

I rushed back to the station, trying to play it cool, and I was afraid that someone must have dropped a talisman, and Chad found it. I half expected security to be there, but the only thing that greeted me, was Chad's goofy grin... which was wiped off his face with a stun talisman, and a ride to the mining station. Now, cargonia was unified, and thus the converting could truly begin. A roboticist here, a civilian there, they were dragged off one by one, and enlightened. Meanwhile Chad was doing his part as well, and the mini-base we made in mining was growing, and producing talismans and gear. Suddenly, a nosy security pod pilot appeared outside and was entering through the airlock... but the Gods were favoring me, and space wind knocked him down, making him easy pickings. But then, a borg and the HoS appeared, to the rescue. Dragging off the pod pilot, I ran, screeching as disabler shots found their mark, but I managed to reach a rune to teleport along with the captured pilot. They almost got me, but not quite. We were not really ready to fight security, and the others didn't seem too willing to enter the fray, so I did what I had to do for the Reaper: the pod pilot, Rynnt Oenthe was butchered and given a new form: a wraith, to pummel his former comrades. Taken the chute back to the main mining station hub, with sword in hand and a powerful construct by my side, we tore into sec trying to stop us. One officer was pummeled to death, the other had his head chopped off, and Krichahka was then finally tazered. But then (former) Rynnt stood over my body to protect me from the blows, giving me enough time to get back into the fight before being caught again and cuffed... Only for me to dash into the chute again, to be transported into the northern hab, to our base. The HoS gave chase, and I got separated from Rynnt (probably died, never seen him again) and after jumping back into the disposals a few times, while the HoS followed suit, I managed to uncuff myself. When he fell face-first out of the chute, I greeted him with a baton to the face, and a cuff. Alex. Skrekking. Rockwall. He was mine. And he would be my next wraith bodyguard. Sec was mostly out of commission, and although ERT was called, now was the time for me to return to the station.

Chad was not idle meanwhile, along with the rest of the cult, and by the time I arrived, there were enough followers to bring the slaughter forth. Unfortunately I got separated by an armed scientist, and was dragged off, but some quick talking, and the help of the former HoS I was free again, to be greeted by my fellow followers to summon the slaughter demons. The crew and a few borgs arrived, but just as soon as they could disperse the crowd, the summoning was complete. And the crew knew the name of our Lord. Command didn't see any other choice but to bring an end to the cult, along with the station by nuclear detonation.... little did they know they played right into our hands with it, granting the Reaper the ultimate sacrifice.

Once a peaceful and friendly vox, but now a harbinger of death, who played part in sacrificing all those lives.




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