CREW RECORD #454786-Eli Jones

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Full Name: Eli "Jessie" Jones

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Blood Type: AB+

General Occupational Role(s):

Medical Doctor/Surgeon

Security Officer/Brig Physician

Quartermaster (recommended)





Eli was born on [REDACTED] as it was sieged by pirates, his real mother and father were killed as the escape pod him and his mother was in was launched from the station. A Private Military Corporation named Lyondell happened upon Eli's escape pod where he was taken in and mothered by a Maria Jones, the PMC's Medical Doctor and only Surgeon. Not much is known about Eli's childhood and teen years, except that he was trained in the field of medicine by his mother and mentored by the some of the soldiers in combat and comradery. When Eli turned 18 he was enrolled into Lyondell's ranks as a Combat Medic where he served for 10 years, being in 2 tremendous battles called [REDACTED] and Operation Clowning Pass. During a patrol on the planet, KELT-2Ab Eli stepped on an IED mine, which in turn maimed his right hand and leg. The limbs were too damaged to save so they were amputated in order to save Eli's life. With the PMC's not willing to spend big bucks on prosthetic limbs, Eli was honorably discharged and put back on the [REDACTED] colony for about 12 years, where he was believed to be working in the black market and had gained some syndicate ties. After a while, he resurfaced when he tried to murder an NT Representative for unknown reasons. The murder was attempted by shooting the Rep with a semi-automatic pistol to the chest and head, the NT Rep, who we shall not name for safety reasons, survived with moderate injuries and memory loss, he was let go for those reasons. Charged with attempted murder and serving 8 years in prison getting out on parole, Eli did odd jobs and went back to dealing in black market goods for a good 3 years, where he was caught and charged with the stealing and selling of military grade, experimental laser weaponry, where he was apparently acquitted by what was a fraudulent judge. Eli also managed to get some civilian grade prosthetic limbs, from what we can sense was a stolen Shellguard Munition transport, believed to be on purpose to fix his disabilities. After 2 years of underground service for unknown employers, he was hired by Nanotrasen for his plentiful job skills and experience, where he is stationed on the NSS Cyberiad, for now.





BIRTH PARENTS - Eli's parents were a Jessie Blair an English scientist, and Connor O'Neill an Irish bartender. By what records show, Jessie was "knocked up" by Connor and both were willing to take care of the child. During birth, the station was attacked by pirates. Connor died in an ensuing defense of the station, while his mother ran to the escape pods. The recovered station AI that gave us this info said that Jessie was badly injured, via a pistol shot to the abdomen. She and the unnamed child at the time were able to make it to the escape pods. The last thing the AI was able to give us was that Jessie was able to put Eli into a sleeper for rescue, while she bled to death in the pod.

ADOPTIVE PARENT - Maria Jones was raised on earth in a place that was called "Texas". She studied medicine and surgery at a prestigious school and passed with honors, sadly it was all for nothing. As the robotics age was coming, more and more human doctors were becoming less sufficient. So to save herself and get a job she enrolled in the only hiring combat group at the time, a small band called Lyondell. There she worked for about 35 years, finding and raising Eli and leaving the company about a year after Eli's accident. It is to believe that she is now living in a colony with a husband, but because of Lyondell and their protocols against us, we cannot investigate further.



Jessie Blair and Connor O'Neill - Biological Parents [DECIEST]

Maria Jones - Adoptive Parent [RETIRED]


Eli is to believe to have a child, possibly female, in her late 20's, early 30's, more investigation needs to be conducted, as it is to be believed that the child was born out of wedlock, during Eli's time with the PMC.


Advanced medical training and surgery.

Qualified for small, medium, and laser weapons.

Bar license.

Skills involving organization and delivery.

Employment Records:

PMC Lyondell - Associate

Operation Clowning Pass

Odd Jobs

Security Records:

Attempted Murder of an NT Rep/SERVED

Working in Black Market Goods/ACQUITTED

Medical Records:

Gunshot Wounds
Missing Limbs

Right Hand Mechanical
Right Leg and Foot Mechanical
Retinal Overlayed Eyes

Eli has problems distinguishing real things from fake, like costumes or weapons, he also has trust issues, and either trusts the wrong people or distrusts the right.

Personnel Photo (Appearance text):


Standing at right around six feet tall, having messy, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a goatee, this man reeks of smoke, his eyes are draped in darkness and he looks unwell. He talks funny like he seems to have a slight sense of humor.
You see something scribbled into his ID, but its too small to see.


(This was a commission from a friend of mine, no more stolen photos)

1606040169_Capture2.PNG.cc643249edbba9f9e636ba9bce145214.PNG  (SS13)


(Drawn By thatdanguy23, Thanks man)



Commendations [only to be added by admin]:


Reprimands [only to be added by admin]:



Other Notes:

Eli is very prideful and overprotective, if he senses danger, he will either hunker down and fight, or if the odds are against him flee to a more defensive position, he will protect close friends and colleagues at any cost. Eli will continue to act on his or others behalf, no matter the risks.

Edited by AceWhite27
Light edits to some things, Added background for Maria, and a middle name, for reasons, some possible RP options, and a third photo, Thanks again thatdanguy23!
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Update #1 - Updated the Bio and added a picture, also some color to live it up a bit.

Edited by AceWhite27

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Update #2 - Made spoilers so wouldn't take half the screen, Parent section rewrite to make sense, and added an in-game pic.

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Update #3 - Light edits, family subtab added, and an actual commissioned photo, yay!

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Update #4 - Light edits to some things, Added background for Maria, and a middle name, for reasons, some possible RP options, and a third photo, Thanks again thatdanguy23!


(I know I should be doing better things with my life, but this is basically the best thing I will ever create, I know, sad)

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